Judges 7
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1And NeduBaal, who is Gedun, arose early, and all the people that were with him, and camped at Eyn Khadar, and the camp of Midian was to the North of Gabath Hill in the valley

2And LORD JEHOVAH said to Gedun: this people with you are too many for me to deliver the Midianites into your hands, lest Israel will boast and will say, “My hand is what gave me victory!” 3Now call into the ears of the people and say, “Whoever is afraid and fainthearted shall stay by himself and he shall return from the Mountain of Gelad.” And twenty and two thousand of the people returned and ten thousand were left

4And LORD JEHOVAH said to Gedun: “Still this people is too many. Send them down into the water and I shall test them for you there, and whomever I will tell you, ‘He shall go with you,’ he shall go with you, and whomever I say to you, ‘He shall not go with you’, he shall not go with you” 5And he took the people down into the water, and LORD JEHOVAH said to Gedun: “Everyone who laps the water with his tongue like a dog laps, stand them together, and everyone who kneels on his knees to drink, stand him as one” 6And the number of those who were lapping with their hands to their mouths was three hundred men, and all the remainder of the people knelt on their knees to drink the waters 7And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Gedun: “With these three hundred men who were lapping the waters by their hands to their mouths I shall save you and I shall deliver the Midianites into your hands, and all the people shall depart, each man to his place” 8And all the people took their provisions in their hands and their trumpets and he sent away all the sons of Israel, each man to his inheritance and to his tent, and by the three hundred men he was comforted, and the camp of Midian was beneath him in the valley

9And it happened in that night, and LORD JEHOVAH said to him: “Arise; come down to the encampment, for I have delivered it into your hands 10And if you are afraid to go down, you come down and Pera, your young Manservant, to the encampment 11And you shall hear the thing that they are saying, and then your hands shall be strengthened.” And he came down to that encampment and Pera his young Manservant to the Chief of Fifty who was in the encampment 12And Median and Ameliq and all the sons of Raqem fell into the valley like many locusts and there was no number to them and to their camels, like the sand that is upon the beach of the sea, a multitude 13And Gedun came and he saw a man reporting to his neighbor a dream and he said to him: “I saw in my dream, a cake of rye bread rolled into the camp of Midian and it came onto the tent and it rolled above and the tent fell” 14His companion answered and said to him: “This is nothing but the sword of Gedun, son of Yoash, the mighty man of Israel into whose hand God will deliver the encampment of Midian”

15And when Gedun heard the telling of the dream and its interpretation, he worshiped and returned to the encampment of Israel and said, “Arise, because LORD JEHOVAH has delivered into your hands the camp of Midian!” 16And he divided the three hundred men into three divisions, and he put horns into all their hands, and empty pitchers, and lamps within the pitchers 17And he said to them: “Watch me and thus do; behold I am going inside the camp; just as I do, do likewise 18And I will sound on the trumpet, I and all the people who are with me, and you sound also on the trumpets at the surroundings of all the camp and say: ‘The sword for LORD JEHOVAH and for Gedun!’”

19And Gedun entered and a hundred men who were with him at the head of the camp in the middle watch and they securely set the guards 20And the three hundred Leaders sounded with the trumpets and they broke the pitchers and they seized the lamps with their left hands, and horns to sound in their right hands and they called out, “The sword for LORD JEHOVAH and for Gedun!” 21And they stood, each man in his place around the camp, and all the camp ran and they cried out and they fled 22And they sounded out the three hundred horns and LORD JEHOVAH put the sword of a man against his fellow man in all the camp and all the camp fled unto Bayth Shabtay and to Tsedrath and unto the edge of Abel Mekhula that reaches unto Yatbath 23And the sons of Israel cried out from Naphtali and from Ashir and from all Manasheh and pursued after Midian

24And Gedun sent Messengers into all the Mount of Aphreim and he said: “Go down for a meeting of Midian and seize the waters unto Bayth Bara that are upon the side of the Jordan.” And all of the house of Aphreim shouted and they seized the waters unto Bayth Bara of Jordan 25And they captured two Princes of Midian, Aureeb and Zeeb, and they killed Aureeb in Tsur and Zeeb they killed at Bayth Qabrab, and they chased Midian, and they brought the heads of Aureeb and of Zeeb to Gedun at the Crossing of the Jordan

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