Judges 1
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1And it happened after Yeshua son of Nun the Servant of LORD JEHOVAH was dead, the sons of Israel asked of LORD JEHOVAH and they said: “Who will go up for us against the Canaanites at first to fight with them in battle?” 2And LORD JEHOVAH said: “Yehuda will go up. Behold, I have delivered the land into his hands” 3And Yehuda said to Shemuun, his brother: “Go up with me into my portion and we will fight with the Canaanites, and I will go also with you into your portion.” And Shemuun went with him 4And Yehuda went and LORD JEHOVAH delivered the Canaanites and the Perezites into their hands, and they killed ten thousand men of them in Bezeq with the sword 5And they found the Master of Bezeq in Bezeq, and they fought with him and they killed with the sword the Canaanites and the Perezites 6And the Master of Bezeq fled and they chased after him, and they caught him and they cut off the thumbs and big toes of his hands and of his feet 7And the Master of Bezeq said: “Seventy Kings whose thumbs and big toes of their hands and of their feet were cut off were collecting bread from under my table according to what I have done, so God has rewarded me.” And they brought him to Jerusalem, and he died there

8And the sons of Yehuda fought in Jerusalem and they subdued it and they struck it with the mouth of the sword and its towns they burned in fire 9And after that the sons of Yehuda went down to fight with the Canaanites dwellers of the mountain and the south and the plain 10And Yehuda went against the Canaanites who dwelt in Khebruun and the name of Khebruun from before was Quryath Arba, and they killed Shishi and Akhiman and Tulmai, sons of the giants

11And they went from there against the dwellers of Dabir, and the name of Dabir from former time was Quryath Sephra 12And Kalab said, “Who will attack Quryath Sepra and will destroy it? I shall give him Aksa my daughter as a wife” 13And Athneil son of Qanaz defeated it, the brother of Kalab who was younger than he, and he gave to him Aksa his daughter as a wife 14And when she entered, she desired to ask from her father a field, and she came down from the donkey, and Kalab said to her, “What is with you, my daughter?” 15She said to him: “Give me a blessing, for you have given me that in the land of the south. Give me a place of irrigation of waters.” And Kalab gave to her the higher place of irrigation and the lower place of irrigation

16And the children of Qain, father in law of Moses, went up from the City of Palm Trees with the children of Yehuda to the wilderness of Yehuda that is in the south of Adar, and they went and they settled the people 17And Shemon went with Yehuda his brother and they struck the Canaanites who dwelt in Tsuphath, and they destroyed it, and they called the name of the city Kharma destruction 18And Yehuda conquered Aza and its borders and Ashqeluun and its borders and Aqruun and its borders 19And LORD JEHOVAH was with Yehuda and they possessed the mountain, because they did not ravage those inhabiting the valley, because they had chariots of iron 20And they gave Khebrun to Kalab as Moshe had said, and he killed and destroyed from there three sons of the giants 21And the Yebusites who were dwelling in Jerusalem did not destroy the sons of Benjamin, and the Yebusites have dwelt with the children of Benjamin in Jerusalem until today

22And they of the house of Yoseph went up, even they to Bayth Eil, and LORD JEHOVAH with them 23And they of the house of Yoseph stayed in Bayth Eil, and the name of the city from former time was Luz 24And the garrison saw a man going out from the city and they were saying to him: “Show us which is the entrance of the city and we will make peace with you” 25And he showed them the entrance of the city, and they struck the city with the mouth of the sword, and that man and all his family they let go 26And the man went on to the land of the Khethites and he built a village, and he called its name Luz, and that is the name of the city until today

27And Manasheh did not destroy Bayth Shan and its villages, or Tanak and its villages, or the inhabitants of Dur and its villages, or the inhabitants of Abinam and its villages, or the inhabitants of Magdu and its villages, and the Canaanites who were dwelling in that land were not made subject 28And when Israel was empowered, it subdued the Canaanites by taxes and did not destroy it

29And Aphrim did not destroy the Canaanites who dwelt in Gazar, and the Canaanites stayed among them in Gazar

30And Zabalaun did not destroy those inhabiting Qetron and the inhabitants of Yahlil, and the Canaanites stayed with it and they were subjected by taxes

31And Ashir did not destroy those inhabiting Aku or the inhabitants of Tsidon, or Khabel, or Yezbel, or Khelaba, or Aphaq or Rakhub 32And Ashir dwelt among the Canaanites, dwellers of the land, because he did not destroy them

33And Naphtali did not destroy the dwellers of Bayth Shemesh or the inhabitants of Bayth Anath, and they dwelt among the Canaanites, dwellers of the land, and dwellers of Bayth Shemesh, and dwellers of Bayth Anath, and they were subjected to them by taxes

34And the Amorites, the children of Dan, removed them to the mountain, because they did not allow them to go down to the valley 35And the Amorites were persuaded to dwell in the land of Khades in the mountain in Alun and in Shalbin, and the hand of the house of Yoseph was strong, and they were subjected to taxation 36And the border of the Amorites from the ascent of Aqroon, from the precipice and above

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