Habakkuk 2
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1On my place I shall stand when I tread on the rock and I shall look and I shall see what he speaks with me, and what he returns to me for my reproof

2And LORD JEHOVAH answered me and said: ”Write the vision and write distinctly on tablets that whoever reads it will run with it

3Because the vision has been for its time and the end comes and does not lie, and if it delays, you should not lose hope for yourselves, because it comes quickly and does not delay

4And his soul is not pleased with evil, and the righteous one shall live in the faith

5And the insolent and greedy man is not satisfied because he has enlarged himself as Sheol, and like death he is not filled; he gathers to himself all the nations and he brings to himself all peoples

6These all shall take up against him a proverb and a parable and a riddle and they will say: ”Woe to him who gathers to increase to himself what is not his! How long will a cloud of filth prevail over him?

7Behold, suddenly will arise those who bite you, and those who trouble you shall awake and you shall be prey for them

8Because you have plundered many nations, the nations shall plunder you which were left from the blood of man and the rape of the land, of the city and of all its inhabitants

9Woe to him who commits fraud and collects evil to his soul and sets his nest in a high place that he may be saved from evil

10You have devised shame for your house! You have plundered many nations and you caused your soul to sin

11Because the stone from the wall bellows and the nail from the wood answers

12Woe to him who builds the city in blood and he fashions the city with evil!

13All these things are from LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts; the nations shall be afflicted in fire and the peoples shall labor in futility

14Because the Earth shall be filled to know the glory of LORD JEHOVAH as the waters that cover the sea

15Woe to him who gives to his neighbor to drink the dregs of your passion and makes him drunk that he may look at their nakedness!

16You are filled with disgrace from honor; drink also and be weary! He shall return to you the cup of the right hand of LORD JEHOVAH, and shame for your honor!

17Because the violence of Lebanon shall cover you, and the plundering of the animals shall trouble you, from the blood of a son man, and the rape of the land, of the city and of all its inhabitants!

18What is the profit of the carved image of its carver, its maker or the smelter, and false doctrine, because the heart of its maker trusts upon him to make a dumb idol

19Woe to him who says to wood: “Wake up, and to deaf stone, Get up! They are worthless and they are overlaid in gold and no spirit is in them

20And LORD JEHOVAH is in the temple of his holiness. All the Earth shall be shaken from before him!

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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