Habakkuk 1
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1The vision that Khabaquq the Prophet saw

2How long, LORD JEHOVAH, will I cry, and you do not hear, and I cry out to you because of extortionists, and you do not deliver?

3Why have you shown me evil and deceit, and I see plunder and evil? Judgment was before me and the Judge accepts a bribe

4Because of this the Law has grown feeble and judgment did not proceed in equity, because the evil did extreme evil to the righteous, and judgment went out when it was perverse

5See, insolent one, and gaze and be astonished and marvel, because I do work in your days and you will not believe if a man will tell you

6Because, behold, I raise up the Chaldeans, an insolent and bitter people that goes into the breadth of the Earth to inherit tents that are not his

7He is strong and is feared and his judgment is from him and the vision goes forth

8His horses are swifter than eagles and more severe than wolves of the evening, and his horsemen shall fly and his horsemen shall come from a distance and they shall fly as an eagle that hungers for food

9All of them are coming for plunder; the appearance of their faces is severe and they gather prey like sand

10And he mocks at Kings and he scoffs at Leaders and he laughs at all fortress cities, and he heaps up earth and he seizes it

11But this shall change his spirit and it will pass, and his army will be condemned by his god

12Because you are from the beginning, LORD JEHOVAH my God, The Holy One! You are without law, LORD JEHOVAH! You have given it for judgment and you formed me for its tribute

13Pure are your eyes and they see no evil and you cannot look at evil. Why do you gaze at the insolent, and you are silent when the Evil One swallows the righteous?

14And you have made the children of men as the fish in the sea and like creeping things that have no Leader

15For everyone is taken up with a fish hook and is dragged in a net and gathered in a net, and when one gathers he rejoices and exults

16And he sacrifices to his net and lays incense to his dragnet, because by them his portion is made fat and his food is choice

17Because of this, he always casts his net and he kills peoples and he has no pity

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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