2 Kings 9
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1And Elisha the Prophet called one of the sons of the Prophets and said to him: “Wrap your loins and take a horn of oil in your hand and go to Ramath Gelad. 2And enter there and see there Yahu son of Yamshi. “Go in, stand him up from among his brothers and bring him to the bathroom within an inner room. 3And take the horn of oil and pour it on his head and say to him: “Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: I have anointed you that you will be King over my people Israel”, and open the door and escape and do not stay.”

4And the young man, the Prophet, went to Ramath Gelad. 5And he came in and he saw the Generals of the army as they sat, and he said: “I have a message to relate to you, General.” And Yahu said to him: “To which of us all?” And he said to him: “To you, General.” 6And he stood and entered into the bathroom, and he poured the oil on his head and said to him: “Thus says LORD JEHOVAH, the God of Israel: I have anointed you that you will be king over the people of LORD JEHOVAH over Israel. 7And you shall strike those of the house of Akhab, your Master, and avenge the blood of my Servants the Prophets, and the blood of all of the Servants of LORD JEHOVAH from the hand of Izabeil. 8And I shall destroy all the house of Akhab, and I shall destroy from Akhab him who pisses on the wall, and him who binds and looses in Israel. 9And I shall make him of the house of Akhab like the household of Yorbaam, son of Nebat, and like the household of Baasha, son of Akhiah. 10And dogs shall eat Izabeil in the inheritance of Yizreil, and there is none who buries!” And he opened the door and fled.

11And Yahu went out to the Servants of his Master, and they were saying to him: “Peace! Why did this crazy man come to you?” He said to them: “You know the man and his madness!” 12They said to him: “You are lying. Tell us!” He said to them, “So he said to me: thus says LORD JEHOVAH: I have anointed you that you will reign over Israel.” 13And they hurried and they took each man his garment, and they placed them under him on the seat of the stairs, and they sounded on the shofar, and they said: “Yahu is king!”

14And Yahu, son of Imshi, rebelled against Yoram, and Yoram was holding onto Ramath Gelad, he and all Israel with him from before Khazail King of Edom. 15And Yoram the King returned to be healed in Yizreil from the wound with which the Edomites wounded him when he fought with Khazail, King of Edom, and Yahu said: “If your souls are willing, do not go out to escape from the city to go and show it in Yizreil.” 16And Yahu rode and he went there because Yoram was lying there, and Ekhazyah the King of Yehuda went down to see Yoram.

17And the Watchman stood on the tower of Yizreil and saw the chariot of Yehu as he came, and the Watchman said: “I see chariots!” And Yoram said: “Take a chariot and send to meet them, and he will say, ‘Peace!’ 18And a rider of a horse went to meet him and said to him: “Thus says the King: peace!” And Yahu said: “What do you have to do with peace? Turn behind me!” And the Watchman told and said: “The Messenger arrived unto them and he has not returned!” 19And he sent another horseman to them and said: “Thus says the King: “Peace!” And Yahu said, “What do you have to do with peace? Turn behind me!” 20And the Watchmen told and said: “The Messenger has arrived unto them, and he has not returned, and the driving is like the driving of Yahu, son of Imshi, for he is driving speedily.”

21And Yoram said: “Harness the chariots!” And Yoram, King of Israel, went out and Ekhazyah, King of Yehuda, each man in his chariot, and they went out to meet Yahu, and they found him at the inheritance of Nabuth the Yizreilite. 22And when Yoram saw Yahu, he said to him: “Peace!” Yahu said to Yahu: “What is the peace of the whoredom of Izabeil your mother or of her many witchcrafts?” 23And Yoram returned and fled and said to Ekhazyah: “Treachery, Ekhazyah!” 24And Yehu filled his hand with a bow and struck Yoram between his arms, and the arrow went out from his heart, and he slumped over in the chariot. 25And Yahu said to Bar Deqar his mighty man: “Lift and throw him into the inheritance of Nabuth the Yizreilite, because I remember when we were riding, I and you, and we rode after Akhab his father, and LORD JEHOVAH spoke this matter against him. 26‘But the blood of Nabuth and the blood of his sons I have seen at evening, says LORD JEHOVAH, and I shall pay you in this inheritance, says LORD JEHOVAH.’ And now, take and throw him into this inheritance, according to the word of LORD JEHOVAH!” And they threw him into the inheritance of Nabuth the Yizreilite.

27And Ekhazyah, King of Yehuda, saw, and he fled on the road of the Garden House, and Yahu pursued after him, and said also after him: “Kill him!” And they killed him in his chariot at the Ascent of the Mound that is by the side of Nebalam, and he fled to Magdu and died there. 28And his Servants took him and they brought him to Jerusalem, and they buried him in a grave with his parents in the city of David.

29And in the eleventh year of Yoram, son of Akhab, Ekhazyah was made king over Yehuda.

30And Yahu came to Yizreil, and Izabeil heard and she painted her eyes with black lead and girt her head, and she looked out from a window. 31And Yehu entered into the gate, and she said: “Is it peace, Zamri, killer of his Master?” 32And he lifted his face to the window and said: “Who is with me?” And two or three Eunuchs appeared to him.

33And he said: “Throw her down!” And they threw her down, and some of her blood sprinkled on the wall, and horses came in and they trampled her. 34And he went in and he ate and he drank, and said: “See to her, this cursed one, and bury her, because she is the daughter of a King.” 35And they went to bury her, and they did not find her except only her head and her feet and a portion of her hands. 36And they returned and they told him, and he said: “It is the word of LORD JEHOVAH that he spoke by the agency of his Servant Elyah who was from Tashbi which is in the inheritance of Yizreil: ‘Dogs shall eat the flesh of Izabeil. 37And the corpse of Izabeil shall be as dung on the face of the Earth in the inheritance of Yizreil, and there is no burier, so that they will not say, “This is Jezebel.”’

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