1 Kings 18
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1And it was that they were there for many days, and the word of LORD JEHOVAH was on Elyah in the year third saying: “Go, appear to Akhab, and I shall give rain on the face of the land.” 2And Elyah went on to appear to Akhab, and the famine was severe in Samaria. 3And Akhab called Oubdaya his Steward, and Oubdaya was worshiping before LORD JEHOVAH greatly. 4And when Izabeil killed the Prophets of God, Oubdaya brought a hundred Prophets and hid them, fifty men at a time in a cave, and he sustained them with bread and with water. 5And Akhab said to Oubdaya: “Go walk in the land to all springs of waters and to all the torrents; perhaps we will find grass and we will save the horses and the shemules, and we will not be deprived of the animals.” 6And they divided for themselves a road on which to pass through. Akhab went on one road alone and Oubdaya went on the other road alone.

7And Oubdaya was on the road, and behold, Elyah met him and he recognized him, and he fell on his face and said to him: “You are my Lord Elyah!” 8He said to him: “I am.” And he said to him: “Go, say to your Lord: ‘Behold, Elyah!’” 9And Oubdaya said: “What have I sinned that you deliver your Servant into the hand of Akhab to kill me? 10Living is LORD JEHOVAH your God! There is not a nation or a kingdom where my Lord has not sent to seek you, and they said, ‘He is not here”, and he made the kingdoms and the nations swear that surely they had not found you. 11And now you say to me: ‘Go say to your Lord, behold, it is Elyah!’ 12And when I go from your presence, The Spirit of LORD JEHOVAH will pick you up and will carry you where I will not know, and I shall go on to show Akhab, and we will not find you, and he will kill me, and your Servant is in awe of LORD JEHOVAH from his childhood! 13And I have not shown to my Lord the thing that I have done when Izabeil killed the Prophets of God, for I took some of the Prophets of LORD JEHOVAH, a hundred men, and I hid them fifty men at a time in a cave, and I sustained them with bread and with water. 14And now you say to me: ‘Go say to your Lord, Behold, Elyah!’ and he will kill me!” 15And Elyah said: “Living is LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts before whom I stand, but today I shall appear to him!”

16And Oubdaya went to meet Akhab and he told Akhab, and Akhab came to meet Elyah.

17And when Akhab saw Elyah, Akhab said to him: “You are the one who troubles those of Israel!” 18Elyah said to him: “I have not troubled Israel, but you and the house of your father, because you have forsaken the commandments of LORD JEHOVAH and you have gone after Baala! 19And now send, gather all Israel to me at the mountain of Karmela, and the four hundred and fifty Prophets of Baala and the four hundred and fifty Prophets of the idols, who are eaters at the table of Izabeil!”

20And Akhab sent to all the sons of Israel and gathered the men to the Mountain of Karmela. 21And Elyah came near to all the people and said: “How long are you divided into two divisions? If LORD JEHOVAH is God, go after him, and if Baala is, go after him!” And the people did not give him an answer. 22And Elyah said: I alone am left a Prophet for LORD JEHOVAH, and the Prophets of Baala are four hundred and fifty men. 23Let them give us two oxen and they will select for themselves one bull and they shall cut it in pieces, and they shall put on wood, and they shall not set fire to it, and I shall prepare one bull and I shall cut it in pieces, and I shall set on wood and I shall not set fire to it. 24And call on the name of your gods, and I shall call on the name of LORD JEHOVAH my God, and that god which answers by fire is God!” And all the people answered and they said: “You have spoken well!”

25And Elyah said to the sons of Baala: “Choose for yourselves one bull and prepare it first, because you are many.” 26And they took the bull that was given to them, and they prepared it, and they were calling on the name of Baal from morning and until noon: “Baala, answer us!” And there was no voice, also no one who answered, and they were fighting on the altar that they had made. 27And when it was noon, Elyah laughed at them and he said: “Call in a loud voice, because he is a god! Maybe he is in meditation, or perhaps is visiting a property, or maybe he is on a journey, or perhaps he is sleeping and he will be awakened!” 28And they called in a loud voice, and they fought, according to their custom, with swords and with lances, until their blood poured out upon them. 29And when noon passed, they were prophesying until the time of the offering, and there was no voice, also no one who answered, neither one who listened, and Elyah said to the Prophets of idols: ”Leave now, and I also shall make burnt offerings of peace.” And they departed and they went.

30And Elyah said to all the people: “Come to me!” And all the people came near to him, and he supported the altar of LORD JEHOVAH that was ruined. 31And Elyah took twelve stones according to the number of the tribes of the sons of Yaqob, he upon whom the word of LORD JEHOVAH was, and he had said to him: “Israel shall be your name.” 32And he built up the stones of the altar in the name of LORD JEHOVAH, and he made a trench about the space of two seahs of seed, and it went around the altar. 33And he collected wood and he cut the bull in pieces and he placed it on top of the wood. 34And he said: “Fill four cruses of water and pour it on the burnt offering and on the wood.” And he said, “Double it!” and they doubled it, and he said “Triple it!” and they tripled it. 35And the water ran around the altar, also the water filled the trench.

36And when he offered up the offering, Elyah the Prophet came and said: “LORD JEHOVAH, God of Abraham and of Ishaq and of Israel, today will be known that you are God in Israel, and I am your Servant, and at your word I have done all these things! 37Answer me, LORD JEHOVAH! Answer me and all this people shall know that you are LORD JEHOVAH God, and you have turned their perverse heart!” 38And the fire of LORD JEHOVAH fell and consumed the burnt offering, and the wood, and the stones, and the dirt, and the water that was in the trench it licked up. 39And all the people saw and they fell on their faces, and they said: “LORD JEHOVAH is God! LORD JEHOVAH is God!” 40And Elyah said to them: “Seize the Prophets of Baala, and not a man of them shall escape!” And they seized them and Elyah brought them down to the valley of Qishon, and he slaughtered them there.

41And Elyah said to Akhab: “Come up, eat and drink, because of the sound of the rushing of rain!” 42And Akhab came up to eat and to drink, and Elyah went up to the top of Karmela and he bowed on the ground and put his face between his knees. 43And he said to his disciple: “Come up! Look to the way of the sea!” And he came up and he gazed and said, “There is nothing!” He said to him, “Return” seven times. 44And at the seventh time, he said: “I saw and behold, a small cloud like the palm of a hand coming up from the sea!” And he said to him: “Go up, say to Akhab: ‘Ride and come down before the rain will stop you!’” 45And while he turned here and there, the heavens were clothed in clouds and wind and there was a great rain, and Akhab rode and he went on to Yizreil. 46And the hand of LORD JEHOVAH was on Elyah, and he bound his loins and he ran before Akhab until he entered Yizreil.

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