Strong's Hebrew: 5145. נֵ֫זֶר (nezer) -- consecration, crown, Naziriteship
5145. nezer
Strong's Concordance
nezer: consecration, crown, Naziriteship
Original Word: נֵ֫זֶר
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: nezer
Phonetic Spelling: (neh'-zer)
Short Definition: crown
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from nazar
consecration, crown, Naziriteship
NASB Translation
consecration (1), crown (10), dedicated (4), hair (1), Nazirite (1), separation (8).

נֵ֫זֶר noun masculinePsalm 132:18 consecration, crown, Naziriteship; — ׳נ absolute 2 Samuel 1:10 +; construct Exodus 29:6 +; suffix נִזֵרוֺ Psalm 89:40 +, נִזְרֵךְ Jeremiah 7:29; —

1 crown (sign of consecration; WeSkizzeu iii. 118 compare Syriac קדשא [], earring; see also GeiJüd. Zeitschr. x. 45 ff. on נֶזֶם):

a. of king 2 Samuel 1:10; 2 Kings 11:12 2Chronicles 23:11; symbol of royal power Psalm 89:40; Psalm 132:18; compare Proverbs 27:24; ׳אַבְּנֵי נ Zechariah 9:16 stones of a crown, diadem (probably; > We Now — who strike out, compare GASm — stones of charming, from use of precious stones as charms.

b. of high priest, הַקֹּדֶשׁ ׳נ Exodus 29:6, made of gold Exodus 39:30; Leviticus 8:9 (all P).

2 woman's hair (originally probably of long hair as sign of consecration, as in Nazirite vow, compare Numbers 6:19 below, and נָזַיר also WeSklzzen iii. 117, 107; Arab. Heidenthum 2, p. 143 RSSemitic i. 464. 2d ed. 483), Jeremiah 7:29 (of personified Jerusalem).

3 consecration

a. of high priest עליו ׳שֶׁמֶן מִשְׁחַת א ׳נ Leviticus 21:12 (P) the consecration of the oil of anointing of his God is upon him.

b. in Numbers 6 (P), specifically of Nazirite consecration (compare נָזִיר) : אֱלֹהָיו עָלָיו ׳נ Numbers 6:7, נֶדֶר נִזְרוֺ Numbers 6:5, ׳טָמֵא נ Numbers 6:12, ׳ראֹשׁ נ (because of unshorn hair) Numbers 6:9; Numbers 6:18; Numbers 6:18, ׳(כָּלֿ) יְמֵי נ Numbers 6:4; Numbers 6:8; Numbers 6:12; Numbers 6:13 ׳תּוֺרַת נ Numbers 6:21 b compare ׳עַלנֿ Numbers 6:21a; in Numbers 6:19 ׳נ = the hair of his consecration (compare Jeremiah 7:29 above).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
consecration, crown, hair, separation

Or nezer {nay'-zer}; from nazar; properly, something set apart, i.e. (abstractly) dedication (of a priet or Nazirite); hence (concretely) unshorn locks; also (by implication) a chaplet (especially of royalty) -- consecration, crown, hair, separation.

see HEBREW nazar

Forms and Transliterations
הַנֵּ֙זֶר֙ הַנֵּ֣זֶר ׀ הנזר נִזְר֑וֹ נִזְר֔וֹ נִזְרֵךְ֙ נִזְרֽוֹ׃ נֵ֔זֶר נֵ֝֗זֶר נֵ֠זֶר נֵ֣זֶר נֵ֥זֶר נֵֽזֶר־ נזר נזר־ נזרו נזרו׃ נזרך han·nê·zer hanNezer hannêzer nê·zer nê·zer- Nezer nêzer nêzer- niz·rêḵ niz·rōw nizreCh nizrêḵ nizRo nizrōw
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew 5145
25 Occurrences

han·nê·zer — 3 Occ.
nê·zer — 7 Occ.
niz·rêḵ — 1 Occ.
niz·rōw — 14 Occ.

Exodus 29:6
HEB: וְנָתַתָּ֛ אֶת־ נֵ֥זֶר הַקֹּ֖דֶשׁ עַל־
NAS: and put the holy crown on the turban.
KJV: and put the holy crown upon the mitre.
INT: his head and put crown the holy on

Exodus 39:30
HEB: אֶת־ צִ֥יץ נֵֽזֶר־ הַקֹּ֖דֶשׁ זָהָ֣ב
NAS: of the holy crown of pure
KJV: of the holy crown [of] pure
INT: made the plate crown of the holy gold

Leviticus 8:9
HEB: צִ֤יץ הַזָּהָב֙ נֵ֣זֶר הַקֹּ֔דֶשׁ כַּאֲשֶׁ֛ר
NAS: the holy crown, just
KJV: the holy crown; as the LORD
INT: plate the golden crown the holy after

Leviticus 21:12
HEB: אֱלֹהָ֑יו כִּ֡י נֵ֠זֶר שֶׁ֣מֶן מִשְׁחַ֧ת
NAS: of his God, for the consecration of the anointing
KJV: of his God; for the crown of the anointing
INT: of his God for the consecration oil of the anointing

Numbers 6:4
HEB: כֹּ֖ל יְמֵ֣י נִזְר֑וֹ מִכֹּל֩ אֲשֶׁ֨ר
NAS: the days of his separation he shall not eat
KJV: All the days of his separation shall he eat
INT: All the days of his separation All is

Numbers 6:5
HEB: יְמֵי֙ נֶ֣דֶר נִזְר֔וֹ תַּ֖עַר לֹא־
NAS: of his vow of separation no
KJV: of the vow of his separation there shall no razor
INT: the days of his vow of separation razor no

Numbers 6:7
HEB: בְּמֹתָ֑ם כִּ֛י נֵ֥זֶר אֱלֹהָ֖יו עַל־
NAS: because his separation to God
KJV: when they die: because the consecration of his God
INT: die because his separation to God is on

Numbers 6:8
HEB: כֹּ֖ל יְמֵ֣י נִזְר֑וֹ קָדֹ֥שׁ ה֖וּא
NAS: the days of his separation he is holy
KJV: All the days of his separation he [is] holy
INT: All the days of his separation is holy he

Numbers 6:9
HEB: וְטִמֵּ֖א רֹ֣אשׁ נִזְר֑וֹ וְגִלַּ֤ח רֹאשׁוֹ֙
NAS: him and he defiles his dedicated head
KJV: the head of his consecration; then he shall shave
INT: defiles head his dedicated shall shave his head

Numbers 6:12
HEB: אֶת־ יְמֵ֣י נִזְר֔וֹ וְהֵבִ֛יא כֶּ֥בֶשׂ
NAS: his days as a Nazirite, and shall bring
KJV: the days of his separation, and shall bring
INT: to the LORD his days A Nazirite and shall bring A male

Numbers 6:12
HEB: כִּ֥י טָמֵ֖א נִזְרֽוֹ׃
NAS: because his separation was defiled.
KJV: shall be lost, because his separation was defiled.
INT: because was defiled his separation

Numbers 6:13
HEB: מְלֹאת֙ יְמֵ֣י נִזְר֔וֹ יָבִ֣יא אֹת֔וֹ
NAS: the days of his separation are fulfilled,
KJV: the days of his separation are fulfilled:
INT: are fulfilled the days of his separation shall bring about

Numbers 6:18
HEB: אֶת־ רֹ֣אשׁ נִזְר֑וֹ וְלָקַ֗ח אֶת־
NAS: shall then shave his dedicated head
KJV: the head of his separation [at] the door
INT: of meeting head his dedicated and take hair

Numbers 6:18
HEB: שְׂעַר֙ רֹ֣אשׁ נִזְר֔וֹ וְנָתַן֙ עַל־
NAS: and take the dedicated hair
KJV: of the head of his separation, and put
INT: hair of his head the dedicated and put on

Numbers 6:19
HEB: הִֽתְגַּלְּח֥וֹ אֶת־ נִזְרֽוֹ׃
NAS: he has shaved his dedicated [hair].
KJV: after [the hair of] his separation is shaven:
INT: after has shaved his dedicated

Numbers 6:21
HEB: לַֽיהוָה֙ עַל־ נִזְר֔וֹ מִלְּבַ֖ד אֲשֶׁר־
NAS: according to his separation, in addition
KJV: unto the LORD for his separation, beside [that] that his hand
INT: to the LORD according to his separation alone to what

Numbers 6:21
HEB: עַ֖ל תּוֹרַ֥ת נִזְרֽוֹ׃ פ
NAS: to the law of his separation.
KJV: after the law of his separation.
INT: according to the law of his separation

2 Samuel 1:10
HEB: נִפְל֑וֹ וָאֶקַּ֞ח הַנֵּ֣זֶר ׀ אֲשֶׁ֣ר עַל־
NAS: And I took the crown which
KJV: and I took the crown that [was] upon his head,
INT: had fallen took the crown which beside

2 Kings 11:12
HEB: עָלָיו֙ אֶת־ הַנֵּ֙זֶר֙ וְאֶת־ הָ֣עֵד֔וּת
NAS: out and put the crown on him and [gave him] the testimony;
KJV: and put the crown upon him, and [gave him] the testimony;
INT: and put and the crown the testimony made

2 Chronicles 23:11
HEB: עָלָיו֙ אֶת־ הַנֵּ֙זֶר֙ וְאֶת־ הָ֣עֵד֔וּת
NAS: and put the crown on him, and [gave him] the testimony
KJV: and put upon him the crown, and [gave him] the testimony,
INT: and put and the crown the testimony and made

Psalm 89:39
HEB: חִלַּ֖לְתָּ לָאָ֣רֶץ נִזְרֽוֹ׃
NAS: You have profaned his crown in the dust.
KJV: thou hast profaned his crown [by casting it] to the ground.
INT: have profaned the dust his crown

Psalm 132:18
HEB: וְ֝עָלָ֗יו יָצִ֥יץ נִזְרֽוֹ׃
NAS: with shame, But upon himself his crown shall shine.
KJV: with shame: but upon himself shall his crown flourish.
INT: and shall shine his crown

Proverbs 27:24
HEB: חֹ֑סֶן וְאִם־ נֵ֝֗זֶר לְד֣וֹר [דֹור
NAS: Nor does a crown [endure] to all
KJV: [are] not for ever: and doth the crown [endure] to every
INT: riches Nor A crown all all

Jeremiah 7:29
HEB: גָּזִּ֤י נִזְרֵךְ֙ וְֽהַשְׁלִ֔יכִי וּשְׂאִ֥י
NAS: Cut off your hair and cast [it] away,
KJV: Cut off thine hair, [O Jerusalem], and cast [it] away,
INT: Cut your hair and cast and take

Zechariah 9:16
HEB: כִּ֚י אַבְנֵי־ נֵ֔זֶר מִֽתְנוֹסְס֖וֹת עַל־
NAS: For [they are as] the stones of a crown, Sparkling
KJV: for they [shall be as] the stones of a crown, lifted up as an ensign
INT: For the stones of a crown Sparkling in

25 Occurrences

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