Greek Concordance: ἀγαθῷ (agathō) -- 7 Occurrences
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ἀγαθῷ (agathō) — 7 Occurrences

Romans 12:9 Adj-DNS
GRK: κολλώμενοι τῷ ἀγαθῷ
NAS: what is evil; cling to what is good.
KJV: cleave to that which is good.
INT: cleaving to good

Romans 12:21 Adj-DNS
GRK: ἐν τῷ ἀγαθῷ τὸ κακόν
NAS: but overcome evil with good.
KJV: evil with good.
INT: with good evil

Romans 13:3 Adj-DNS
GRK: φόβος τῷ ἀγαθῷ ἔργῳ ἀλλὰ
NAS: are not a cause of fear for good behavior,
KJV: not a terror to good works, but
INT: a terror to good works but

Colossians 1:10 Adj-DNS
GRK: παντὶ ἔργῳ ἀγαθῷ καρποφοροῦντες καὶ
NAS: in every good work
KJV: in every good work, and
INT: every work good bringing forth fruit and

2 Thessalonians 2:17 Adj-DNS
GRK: καὶ λόγῳ ἀγαθῷ
NAS: in every good work
KJV: in every good word and
INT: and word good

1 Timothy 5:10 Adj-DNS
GRK: παντὶ ἔργῳ ἀγαθῷ ἐπηκολούθησεν
NAS: to every good work.
KJV: every good work.
INT: every work good she followed after

Hebrews 13:21 Adj-DNS
GRK: ἐν παντὶ ἀγαθῷ εἰς τὸ
NAS: you in every good thing to do
KJV: in every good work to
INT: in every good [thing] for

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