2350. thorubeo
Strong's Concordance
thorubeo: I disturb greatly, terrify, strike with panic
Original Word: θορυβέω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: thorubeo
Phonetic Spelling: (thor-oo-beh'-o)
Definition: to disturb
Usage: I disturb greatly, terrify, strike with panic; mid: I show agitation of mind.
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Cognate: 2350 thorybéō (from 2351 /thórybos, "tumult") – make a noisy upheaval, tumult. See 2351 (thorybos).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 2350: θορυβέω

θορυβέω, θορυβω: imperfect ἐθορύβουν; present passive θορυβοῦμαι; (θόρυβος); from Herodotus down;

1. to make a noise or uproar, be turbulent.

2. transitive, to disturb, throw into confusion: τήν πόλιν, to set the city on an uproar, Acts 17:5; passive to be troubled in mind, Acts 20:10 (others here adhere to the outward sense); to wail tumultuously, Matthew 9:23; Mark 5:39.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
make ado, agitate

From thorubos; to be in tumult, i.e. Disturb, clamor -- make ado (a noise), trouble self, set on an uproar.

see GREEK thorubos

Forms and Transliterations
εθορυβουν εθορύβουν ἐθορύβουν εθορυβούντο θορυβαζη θορυβάζῃ θορυβεισθε θορυβείσθε θορυβεῖσθε θορυβηθήσονται θορυβουμενον θορυβούμενον ethoruboun ethoryboun ethorýboun thorubaze thorubazē thorubeisthe thoruboumenon thorybaze thorybazē thorybázei thorybázēi thorybeisthe thorybeîsthe thoryboumenon thoryboúmenon
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Englishman's Concordance
Matthew 9:23 V-PPM/P-AMS
GRK: τὸν ὄχλον θορυβούμενον
NAS: and the crowd in noisy disorder,
KJV: and the people making a noise,
INT: the crowd making a commotion

Mark 5:39 V-PIM/P-2P
GRK: αὐτοῖς Τί θορυβεῖσθε καὶ κλαίετε
NAS: to them, Why make a commotion and weep?
KJV: Why make ye this ado, and
INT: to them Why make you commotion and weep

Luke 10:41 V-PIM/P-2S
GRK: μεριμνᾷς καὶ θορυβάζῃ περὶ πολλά
INT: you are anxious and troubled about many things

Acts 17:5 V-IIA-3P
GRK: καὶ ὀχλοποιήσαντες ἐθορύβουν τὴν πόλιν
NAS: formed a mob and set the city
KJV: the city on an uproar, and
INT: and having collected a crowd woke in riot the city

Acts 20:10 V-PMM/P-2P
GRK: εἶπεν Μὴ θορυβεῖσθε ἡ γὰρ
NAS: him, he said, Do not be troubled, for his life
KJV: Trouble not yourselves; for his
INT: said not Do be alarmed the indeed

Strong's Greek 2350
5 Occurrences

ἐθορύβουν — 1 Occ.
θορυβάζῃ — 1 Occ.
θορυβεῖσθε — 2 Occ.
θορυβούμενον — 1 Occ.

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