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61. agra -- hunting, a catch
... hunting, a catch. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: agra Phonetic
Spelling: (ag'-rah) Short Definition: catching, a catch Definition: catching, a ...
// - 6k

3803. pagis -- a trap, snare
... Feminine Transliteration: pagis Phonetic Spelling: (pag-ece') Short Definition:
a snare, trap Definition: a snare, trap (especially for catching birds) hence ...
// - 7k

2221. zogreo -- to catch alive
... Word Origin from the same as zoon and agreuo Definition to catch alive NASB Word
Usage catching (1), held captive (1). take captive, catch. ...
// - 7k

Strong's Hebrew
4434. malkodeth -- a catching instrument, a snare, trap
... 4433, 4434. malkodeth. 4435 . a catching instrument, a snare, trap.
Transliteration: malkodeth Phonetic Spelling: (mal-ko'-deth) Short Definition: trap. ...
/hebrew/4434.htm - 6k

2480. chalat -- to catch
... to catch. Transliteration: chalat Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-lat') Short Definition:
catching. ... root Definition to catch NASB Word Usage catching (1). catch. ...
/hebrew/2480.htm - 5k

6721. Tsidon -- a Phoenician city on the Mediterranean coast, also ...
... Or Tsiydon {tsee-done'}; from tsuwd in the sense of catching fish; fishery; Tsidon,
the name of a son of Canaan, and of a place in Palestine -- Sidon, Zidon. ...
/hebrew/6721.htm - 6k

6354. pachath -- a pit
... hole, pit, snare. Probably from an unused root apparently meaning to dig; a pit,
especially for catching animals -- hole, pit, snare. 6353, 6354. ...
/hebrew/6354.htm - 6k

7568. resheth -- a net
... net work. From yarash; a net (as catching animals) -- net(- work). see HEBREW
yarash. 7567, 7568. resheth. 7569 . Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/7568.htm - 6k

4170. moqesh -- a bait or lure, a snare
... Or moqesh {mo-kashe'}; from yaqosh; a noose (for catching animals) (literally or
figuratively): by implication, a hook (for the nose) -- be ensnared, gin, (is ...
/hebrew/4170.htm - 6k


The Translation of Living Believers.
... we read, "No man can come to Me, except the Father which hath sent Me draw him."
Therefore we submit that our Lord's words here point to the catching up of the ...
/.../pink/the redeemers return/3 the translation of living.htm

... The crowd followed us, eager to see more of the doings of the picture-catching box;
and she, fearing the defiling touch of the mixed Castes represented there ...
/.../wilson-carmichael/things as they are/chapter iv correspondences.htm

Jesus and his Brethren
... An old man, who was accustomed to catching trout in a certain stream, was asked
by one who had been fishing in vain, "Have you caught any fish today?" "Yes, Sir ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 43 1897/jesus and his brethren.htm

Missed Ends
... There were shrieks as they suddenly knew themselves falling, and a tossing
up of helpless arms, catching, clutching at empty air. ...
/.../wilson-carmichael/things as they are/chapter vi missed ends.htm

Appendix xvii. The Ordinances and Law of the Sabbath as Laid Down ...
... it had been thrown, but he was not guilty if he caught it in his mouth, since, after
being eaten, the object no longer existed, and hence catching with the ...
/.../the life and times of jesus the messiah/appendix xvii the ordinances and.htm

Of Lies are Many Sorts, which Indeed All...
... And upon ourselves, their masters, we bring this so great bane, that, for the sake
of catching heretics, we first become, which is certain, blasphemers of God ...
// lying/section 4 of lies are.htm

Prayer Out of the Deep.
... Has every suffering, searching soul which ever gazed up into the darkness of the
unknown, in hopes of catching even a glimpse of a divine Eye, beholding all ...
// of the deep/vii prayer out of the.htm

Letter vii. Tact --Unobtrusiveness.
... After catching the name the lady said: "Are you the wife of old Mr. C""?" Of course
everybody around who had any sensibility was pained and embarrassed by ...
/.../letter vii tactunobtrusiveness.htm

Prayer Incidents in the Life of Our Lord
... The spirit of Jesus was diverted, relieved and refreshed by their animation, catching
somewhat the contagion of their joy, and sharing in their triumph. ...
/.../bounds/the reality of prayer/viii prayer incidents in the.htm

San Josef
... all the races of the island going to and from town or field-work, or washing clothes
in some clear brook, beside which a solemn Chinaman sits catching for his ...
// last/chapter ix san josef.htm

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Catch.

2. (a.) Infectious; contagious.

3. (a.) Captivating; alluring.

4. (n.) The act of seizing or taking hold of.

Catching (6 Occurrences)
... Multi-Version Concordance Catching (6 Occurrences). ... Jesus said to Simon, "Don't be
afraid. From now on you will be catching people alive." (WEB DBY YLT NAS RSV). ...
/c/catching.htm - 8k

Gasp (5 Occurrences)
... 1. (vi) To open the mouth wide in catching the breath, or in laborious respiration;
to labor for breath; to respire convulsively; to pant violently. ...
/g/gasp.htm - 8k

Fishhook (1 Occurrence)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) A hook for catching fish. ... The Egyptian monuments
show that the hook was quite commonly used for catching fish. ...
/f/fishhook.htm - 7k

Snatch (14 Occurrences)
... snatch at a rope. 4. (n.) A hasty catching or seizing; a grab; a catching
at, or attempt to seize, suddenly. 5. (n.) A short period ...
/s/snatch.htm - 10k

Hook (10 Occurrences)
... 1. (n.) A piece of metal, or other hard material, formed or bent into a curve or
at an angle, for catching, holding, or sustaining anything; as, a hook for ...
/h/hook.htm - 15k

Catcheth (10 Occurrences)

/c/catcheth.htm - 9k


/c/catechist.htm - 12k

Zebedee (11 Occurrences)
... Jesus said to Simon, "Don't be afraid. From now on you will be catching
people alive." (WEB KJV ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS NIV). John ...
/z/zebedee.htm - 11k

Zeb'edee (11 Occurrences)
... manner also James and John, sons of Zebedee, who were partners with Simon; and Jesus
said unto Simon, 'Fear not, henceforth thou shalt be catching men;' (See ...
/z/zeb'edee.htm - 9k

Grasping (3 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (a.) Seizing; embracing; catching. 2. (a.) Avaricious;
greedy of gain; covetous; close; miserly; as, he is a grasping man. ...
/g/grasping.htm - 7k

Bible Concordance
Catching (6 Occurrences)

Luke 5:10 and so also were James and John, sons of Zebedee, who were partners with Simon. Jesus said to Simon, "Don't be afraid. From now on you will be catching people alive."

Exodus 9:24 and there is hail, and fire catching itself in the midst of the hail, very grievous, such as hath not been in all the land of Egypt since it hath become a nation.

Deuteronomy 32:11 As an eagle that stirs up her nest, that flutters over her young, he spread abroad his wings, he took them, he bore them on his feathers.
(See RSV)

1 Kings 20:33 Now the men took it for a sign, and hastened to catch it from him; and they said: 'Thy brother Ben-hadad.' Then he said: 'Go ye, bring him.' Then Ben-hadad came forth to him; and he caused him to come up into his chariot.
(See NAS)

Proverbs 23:28 She also, as catching prey, lieth in wait, And the treacherous among men she increaseth.

Ezekiel 1:4 And I look, and lo, a tempestuous wind is coming from the north, a great cloud, and fire catching itself, and brightness to it round about, and out of its midst as the colour of copper, out of the midst of the fire.



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