1 Chronicles 9:19
Shallum son of Kore, the son of Ebiasaph, the son of Korah, and his relatives from the Korahites were assigned to guard the thresholds of the Tent, just as their fathers had been assigned to guard the entrance to the dwelling of the LORD.
Cross References
1 Chronicles 9:18
he was previously stationed at the King's Gate on the east side. These were the gatekeepers from the camp of the Levites.

1 Chronicles 9:20
In earlier times Phinehas son of Eleazar had been in charge of the gatekeepers, and the LORD was with him.

Jeremiah 52:24
The captain of the guard also took away Seraiah the chief priest, Zephaniah the priest of the second rank, and the three doorkeepers.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


1 Chronicles 6:22, 23
The descendants of Kohath: Amminadab his son, Korah his son, Assir his son, . . .


Numbers 26:9-11
and the sons of Eliab were Nemuel, Dathan, and Abiram. It was Dathan and Abiram, chosen by the congregation, who fought against Moses and Aaron with the followers of Korah who rebelled against the LORD. . . .

Psalm 42:1
As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul longs after You, O God.

Psalm 44:1
We have heard with our ears, O God; our fathers have told us the work You did in their days, in days of long ago.

Psalm 49:1
Hear this, all you peoples; listen, all inhabitants of the world,

gates [heb] thresholds

Psalm 84:10
For better is one day in Your courts than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than to dwell in the tents of the wicked.

over the host

2 Kings 11:9, 15
So the commanders of hundreds did everything that Jehoiada the priest had ordered. Each of them took his men--those coming on duty on the Sabbath and those going off duty--and came to Jehoiada the priest. . . .

2 Chronicles 23:4-10
This is what you are to do: A third of you priests and Levites who come on duty on the Sabbath shall keep watch at the doors, . . .

keepers of the entry

1 Chronicles 26:7, 8, 13-19
Shemaiah's sons were Othni, Rephael, Obed, and Elzabad; his brothers were Elihu and Semachiah, also capable men. . . .

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