Psalm 60
Coverdale Bible of 1535 Par ▾ 

Victory with God
(2 Samuel 8:1–14; 1 Chronicles 18:1–13; Psalm 108:1–13)

1O God, thou yt hast cast vs out and scatred vs abrode, thou yt hast bene so sore displeased at vs, coforte vs agayne.

2Thou yt hast remoued the lode & deuyded it, heale the sores therof, for it shaketh.

3Thou hast shewed thy people heuy thinges, thou hast geuen vs a drynke off wyne, yt we slobre withall.

4Yet hast thou geue a toke for soch as feare the, yt they maye cast it vp in ye treuth.

5Sela. That thy beloued might be delyuered, helpe them with thy right hande, and heare me.

6God hath spoke in his Sactuary (which thinge reioyseth me) I wil deuyde Siche, & mete out the valley of Suchoth

7Galaad is myne, Manasses is myne, Ephraim is the strength of my heade, Iuda is my captayne.

8Moab is my washpotte, ouer Edom wil I stretch out my shue, Philistea shal be glad of me.

9Who will lede me in to the stronge cite? Who will bringe me in to Edom?

10Shalt not thou do it, o God, thou yt hast cast vs out: thou God, yt wentest not out wt or hoostes?

11O be thou oure helpe in trouble, for vayne is the helpe of man.

12Thorow God we shal do greate actes, for it is he that shal treade downe oure enemies.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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