Psalm 25:19
Consider my enemies; for they are many; and they hate me with cruel hatred.
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25:15-22 The psalmist concludes, as he began, with expressing dependence upon God, and desire toward him. It is good thus to hope, and quietly to wait for the salvation of the Lord. And if God turns to us, no matter who turns from us. He pleads his own integrity. Though guilty before God, yet, as to his enemies, he had the testimony of conscience that he had done them no wrong. God would, at length, give Israel rest from all their enemies round about. In heaven, God's Israel will be perfectly redeemed from all troubles. Blessed Saviour, thou hast graciously taught us that without thee we can do nothing. Do thou teach us how to pray, how to appear before thee in the way which thou shalt choose, and how to lift up our whole hearts and desires after thee, for thou art the Lord our righteousness.Consider mine enemies - See Psalm 25:2. It is evident that one source of the trouble referred to in the psalm was the fact that he had cruel foes, and that he was apprehensive of their designs. The train of thought seems to be, in accordance with the remarks above, that enemies actually surrounded him, and threatened him, and that this fact suggested the inquiry whether this was not permitted on account of his sins. this had led him to think of the sins of his past life, going back as far as his youth Psalm 25:7, as if these calamities, even in advanced life, were on account of those early offences.

For they are many - Who and what they were, we have now no means of ascertaining. See the notes at Psalm 25:16.

And they hate me with cruel hatred - Margin, as in Hebrew: "hatred of violence." It was such hatred as tended to violence; such that they could not restrain it. It sought his destruction, and was ready to break out at any moment.

16-19. A series of earnest appeals for aid because God had seemed to desert him (compare Ps 13:1; 17:13, &c.), his sins oppressed him, his enemies had enlarged his troubles and were multiplied, increasing in hate and violence (Ps 9:8; 18:48). Consider, Heb. look upon, as Psalm 25:18, to wit, with a revengeful eye, as Exodus 14:24 1 Chronicles 12:17 Psalm 104:32. For this general expression of looking upon is taken several ways in Scripture, and is to be determined by the context.

Cruel, Heb. violent or injurious, either without any cause given by me; or without any bounds, or in an implacable manner. Consider mine enemies,.... Or "look" (m) upon them; but with another kind of look; so as he looked through the pillar of fire upon the Egyptians, and troubled them, Exodus 14:24; with a look of wrath and vengeance. The arguments he uses are taken both from the quantity and quality of his enemies, their number and their nature;

for they are many; the hearts of the people of Israel, in general, being after Absalom, 2 Samuel 15:12; and so the spiritual enemies of the Lord's people are many; their sins and corruptions, Satan, and his principalities and powers, and the men of this world;

and they hate me with cruel hatred; like that of Simeon and Levi, Genesis 49:7; their hatred broke out in a cruel manner, in acts of force and cruelty; and it was the more cruel, inasmuch as it was without cause: and such is the hatred of Satan and his emissaries against the faithful followers of Christ; who breathe out cruelty, thirst after their blood, and make themselves drunk with it; even their tender mercies are cruel, and much more their hatred.

(m) "vide", Pagninus, Montanus, Musculus, Cocceius, Michaelis "aspice", Junius & Tremellius, Piscator; "intuere", Gejerus.

Consider mine {o} enemies; for they are many; and they hate me with cruel hatred.

(o) The greater that his afflictions were and the more that his enemies increased, the more near he felt God's help.

19. Consider] Behold, the same word as in Psalm 25:18.

with cruel hatred] Lit. a haired of violence, hatred inspired by and leading to cruelty. Cp. Psalm 11:5; Psalm 27:12.Verse 19. - Consider nine enemies; for they are many (comp. Psalm 3:7; Psalm 5:8; Psalm 6:7, 10; Psalm 7:1, 6; Psalm 17:9; Psalm 18:2, 17); and they hate me with cruel hatred. This would appear to point to domestic rather than foreign foes (see 2 Samuel 16:6-8). The verb לין (לוּן), probably equivalent to ליל (from ליל) signifies to tarry the night, to lodge. Good, i.e., inward and outward prosperity, is like the place where such an one turns in and finds shelter and protection. And in his posterity will be fulfilled what was promised to the patriarchs and to the people delivered from Egypt, viz., possession of the land, or as this promise runs in the New Testament, of the earth, Matthew 5:5 (cf. Psalm 37:11), Revelation 5:10.
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