Psalm 35
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1Judge my case, LORD JEHOVAH, and fight against those who fight against me.

2Take arms and a shield and stand up for my help.

3Draw out a sword and cause it to flash against my persecutors, and say to my soul, "I am your Savior.”

4Those who seek my soul will be ashamed and they will be put to shame; they shall turn their behind and they shall be put to shame, those who plotted evil against me.

5They shall be like dust before the wind, and the angel of LORD JEHOVAH will persecute them.

6Their way will be dark and it will be in a slippery place and The Angel of God will persecute them.

7Because they have hid snares for me and they have spread a net for my soul,

8Let evil come against them suddenly, and the net that they have hid will take them and they will fall into the ditch which they have dug.

9But my soul will exult in God and will delight in his salvation.

10And all my bones will say, "LORD JEHOVAH, who is like you? For you deliver the afflicted from his enemy, and the poor and the afflicted from him who plunders him by force.

11Evil witnesses stood up and they questioned me about something that I did not know.

12They paid me evil for good and destroyed my life from among the children of men.

13And I wore sackcloth in their sicknesses, and my soul was humbled by fasting and my prayer returned to my bosom.

14I have walked as a friend and a brother, and as he who sits in mourning, I was saddened.

15In my suffering they gathered and rejoiced over me, and they had gathered against me for a long time and I did not know it.

16In their boasting and in their scorning, they gnashed against me with their teeth.

17My Lord, they have lied and you have seen it; bring back my soul from their troubles and my only one from the lions.

18I shall confess you in the great congregation and I shall sing to you among the many nations

19For my enemies will not rejoice over me, nor the liars who hate me without cause, who wink with their eyes.

20And they do not speak peace, and they conceive deceit against the meek of the Earth.

21They opened their mouths against me and they said, "Aha! Aha! Our eyes have seen it"!

22You have seen, oh, God, and do not be silent, my Lord, and do not be far from me!

23Awake for my judgment, my God and my Lord, and see the defrauding of me.

24Judge me according to your righteousness, LORD JEHOVAH, lest they rejoice over me.

25Lest they say in their heart, "Our soul is contented, and we have buried him.”

26Let them be ashamed and they shall be put to shame together; those who seek my affliction and those who magnify themselves against me will wear shame.

27Those who seek my victory will praise and rejoice and they will say at all times, "Great is LORD JEHOVAH who is pleased in the peace of his Servant!"

28My tongue will confess your righteousness and your praises every day!

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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