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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(adv.) Not long ago; recently; as, he has lately arrived from Italy.
4373. prosphatos -- recently
... recently. Part of Speech: Adverb Transliteration: prosphatos Phonetic Spelling:
(pros-fat'-oce) Short Definition: recently Definition: recently, lately, newly. ...
// - 6k

5305. husteron -- afterwards, later
... afterward, last of all. Neuter of husteros as adverb; more lately, ie Eventually --
afterward, (at the) last (of all). see GREEK husteros. ...
// - 6k

4372. prosphatos -- freshly slain, generally new
... new. From pro and a derivative of sphazo; previously (recently) slain (fresh), ie
(figuratively) lately made -- new. see GREEK pro. see GREEK sphazo. ...
// - 7k

Strong's Hebrew
7138. qarob -- near
... Origin from qarab Definition near NASB Word Usage about (1), close (2), close relative
(1), closer (1), draws near (1), hand (1), kinsmen (1), lately (1), near ...
/hebrew/7138.htm - 6k

Of one who was Lately Cured of a Disease in his Eye at the Relics ...
... BOOK IV CHAP. XXXII. Of one who was lately cured of a disease in his eye
at the relics of St. Cuthbert. NOR is that cure to be passed ...
/.../bede/bedes ecclesiastical history of england/chap xxxii of one who.htm

Fragment v. For Lately a Certain Person, Beron, Along with Some ...
... Part II."Dogmatical and Historical. Fragment V. For lately a certain person,
Beron, along with some others? For lately a certain ...
/.../the extant works and fragments of hippolytus/fragment v for lately a.htm

But Lately, O Blindness, I Worshipped Images Produced from the ...
... Book I. 39 But lately, O blindness, I worshipped images produced from
the furnace? But lately, O blindness, I worshipped images ...
/.../the seven books of arnobius against the heathen/39 but lately o blindness.htm

When travelling lately through the Simplon
... I. When travelling lately through the Simplon. When travelling lately through
the Simplon"one of the great Alpine passes leading ...
/.../the cities of refuge or the name of jesus/i when travelling lately through.htm

Very Lately it Happened Thus: While the Bounty of Our Most ...
... Chapter I. Very lately it happened thus: while the bounty of our most
excellent emperors was? [380] Very lately it happened thus ...
/.../tertullian/the chaplet or de corona/chapter i very lately it.htm

"The Following is a Small Matter which I Learned Lately from the ...
... Dialogues of Sulpitius Severus. Chapter III. "The following is a small matter
which I learned lately from the narration of Arpagius? ...
/.../life and writings of sulpitius severus /chapter iii the following is.htm

To the Rev. A. Brandram
... of God, I shall be able to repair all, always provided I am allowed to follow my
own plans, and to avail myself of the advantages which have lately been opened ...
/.../borrow/letters of george borrow/to the rev a brandram 43.htm

Otherwise, if Everything which Goes against Origen and his ...
... against you, we must suppose that the letters of the popes Theophilus and Epiphanius
and the rest of the bishops which at their desire I lately translated are ...
/.../12 otherwise if everything which.htm

Entangled in the Land
... Thanks be unto God, certain of you have lately fled from your former bondage; but
the point I am to speak of is this"the great tyrant has not forgotten you ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 37 1891/entangled in the land.htm

The Warning
... Memories of infinite sadness were awakened by the words which had so lately rung
around His path: "Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord.;" but His ...
/.../chadwick/the gospel of st mark/chapter 14 26-31 the warning.htm

Lately (6 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (adv.) Not long ago; recently; as, he has lately arrived
from Italy. Multi-Version Concordance Lately (6 Occurrences). ...
/l/lately.htm - 8k

Late (24 Occurrences)
... 3. (v.) Existing or holding some position not long ago, but not now; lately deceased,
departed, or gone out of office; as, the late bishop of London; the late ...
/l/late.htm - 14k

New (1850 Occurrences)
... 1. (superl.) Having existed, or having been made, but a short time; having originated
or occurred lately; having recently come into existence, or into one's ...
/n/new.htm - 101k

Fresh (41 Occurrences)
... 3. (superl) Lately produced, gathered, or prepared for market; not stale; not dried
or preserved; not wilted, faded, or tainted; in good condition; as, fresh ...
/f/fresh.htm - 21k

Recently (8 Occurrences)
... (adv.) Newly; lately; freshly; not long since; as, advices recently received. ...
Micah 2:8 But lately my people have risen up as an enemy. ...
/r/recently.htm - 9k

News (453 Occurrences)
... 1. (n) A report of recent occurrences; information of something that has lately
taken place, or of something before unknown; fresh findings; recent intelligence ...
/n/news.htm - 34k

Newly (15 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (adv.) Lately; recently. 2. (adv.) Anew; afresh;
freshly. Multi-Version Concordance Newly (15 Occurrences). ...
/n/newly.htm - 11k

Now (15352 Occurrences)
... 1. (adv.) At the present time; at this moment; at the time of speaking; instantly;
as, I will write now. 2. (adv.) Very lately; not long ago. ...
/n/now.htm - 7k

Unsuspecting (9 Occurrences)
... Micah 2:8 But lately my people have risen up as an enemy. You strip the robe and
clothing from those who pass by without a care, returning from battle. ...
/u/unsuspecting.htm - 9k

Old (3966 Occurrences)
... vice. 7. (superl.) Long cultivated; as, an old farm; old land, as opposed
to new land, that is, to land lately cleared. 8. (superl ...
/o/old.htm - 101k

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Lately (6 Occurrences)

Luke 24:18
Then one of them, named Cleopas, answered, "Are you a stranger lodging alone in Jerusalem, that you have known nothing of the things that have lately happened in the city?"

John 13:10
"Any one who has lately bathed," said Jesus, "does not need to wash more than his feet, but is clean all over. And you my disciples are clean, and yet this is not true of all of you."

Acts 18:2
And found a certain Jew named Aquila, born in Pontus, lately come from Italy, with his wife Priscilla; (because that Claudius had commanded all Jews to depart from Rome:) and came unto them.

Deuteronomy 32:17
They sacrificed unto demons, no-gods, gods that they knew not, new gods that came up of late, which your fathers dreaded not.
(See NAS)

Isaiah 52:4
For the Lord God says, My people went down at first into Egypt, to get a place for themselves there: and the Assyrian put a cruel yoke on them without cause.
(See NIV)

Micah 2:8
But lately my people have risen up as an enemy. You strip the robe and clothing from those who pass by without a care, returning from battle.




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