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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(adv.) In an intimate manner.
4357. prosmeno -- to wait longer
... adhere to. 4357 (from 4314 , "interactively " and 3306 , "abide, remain") --
properly, (directly, intimately); ", ,. Word Origin ...
// - 7k

2853. kollao -- to glue, unite
... 2853 (from , "glue") -- to bond (cleave), adhere to (literally, " together"); to ,
join to; (figuratively) intimately connected in a soul-knit friendship. ...
// - 7k

3640. oligopistos -- little faith
... Jn 10:3,4,27). "Little-faith" (3640 ) describes someone dull to hearing the
Lord's voice, or disinterested in walking intimately with Him. ...
// - 7k

4874. sunanamignumi -- to mix up together, hence to associate with
... 4874 (from 4862 , "identified "; 303 , ", finishing a process"; and 3396 , "mix") --
properly, mix-closely-together to , "associate intimately with" (Souter). ...
// - 7k

4837. sumparakaleo -- to exhort together, pass. to be strengthened ...
... 4837 (from 4862 , "together " and 3870 , "to (exhort) -- properly, affirm together,
as people who are intimately joined heartily agree (used only in Ro 1:12). ...
// - 7k

Strong's Hebrew
4904. mishkab -- place of lying, a couch, act of lying
... from shakab Definition place of lying, a couch, act of lying NASB Word Usage bed
(25), bedroom* (3), beds (6), couch (1), health* (1), intimately* (3), lain* (1 ...
/hebrew/4904.htm - 6k

2713. chaqar -- to search
... A primitive root; properly, to penetrate; hence, to examine intimately -- find out,
(make) search (out), seek (out), sound, try. 2712, 2713. chaqar. 2714 . ...
/hebrew/2713.htm - 6k

5532a. sakan -- to be of use or service, benefit
... root Definition to be of use or service, benefit NASB Word Usage advantage (1),
ever been accustomed (1), intimately acquainted (1), nurse (2), profits (1 ...
/hebrew/5532a.htm - 5k

2145. zakar -- male
... Word Origin from zakar Definition male NASB Word Usage boy (2), intimately*
(3), male (56), males (19), man (4). him, male, manchild,. ...
/hebrew/2145.htm - 6k


Our Creation and God's Incarnation Most Intimately Connected. As ...
... On the Incarnation of the Word. Section 4. Our creation and God's Incarnation
most intimately connected. As by the Word man was ...
/.../select works and letters or athanasius/section 4 our creation and.htm

We Often Need More Teaching as to what is Most Intimately Ours ...
... Book IV. Chapter 7 [VI.]"We Often Need More Teaching as to What is Most
Intimately Ours Than as to What is Further from Us. But ...
/.../augustine/anti-pelagian writings/chapter 7 vi we often need.htm

The Church Tested
... Fortunately there was one already identified with the church for many years, who
had come to it as a boy, had been very intimately associated with Mr. Beecher ...
/.../griswold/sixty years with plymouth church/the church tested.htm

Importance in Luke's History of the Story of the Birth of Christ
... Some facts intimately concerning Elizabeth are mentioned in 1:24 and 41; and the
narrative carefully explains how these facts became known to Mary, 1:36 and 41 ...
/.../ramsay/was christ born in bethlehem/chapter 4 importance in lukes.htm

Ignorance of Evil.
... And being thus intimately present with the very springs of thought, and the first
elements of all being, being the sustaining cause of all spirits, whether ...
/.../newman/parochial and plain sermons vol viii/sermon xviii ignorance of evil.htm

The Central Solitude
... A very near friend of Dr. Brooks's once heard of a man who said that he knew Dr.
Brooks intimately; and this friend said: "No man ought to say that. ...
/.../peabody/mornings in the college chapel/lxxii the central solitude.htm

Christ all and in All.
... having been once introduced to them, you know them very slightly; other again you
know by having been acquainted with them for years, you know them intimately. ...
/.../moody/the way to god and how to find it/chapter viii christ all and.htm

Meditation and Reflection.
... of material things increases by the frequency of our relations with them"for instance
we know persons better with whom we are intimately acquainted than ...
/.../serious hours of a young lady/chapter xviii meditation and reflection.htm

In Our Last Chapter we Sought to Show that in Rev. . .
... In our last chapter we sought to show that in Rev.17 "the great Whore," and "Babylon
the great," though intimately connected, are yet distinct; the former ...
// antichrist/in our last chapter we.htm

Arrival at Benares.
... occupied. From Mr. and Mrs. Lyon, both of whom I had known intimately for
years in our own land, I received a hearty welcome. At ...
/.../chapter iii arrival at benares.htm

Intimately (6 Occurrences)
...Intimately (6 Occurrences). 2 Timothy 3:10 But you have intimately known my teaching,
life, aims, faith, patience, love, resignation, (WEY). ...
/i/intimately.htm - 7k

Near (3455 Occurrences)
... 3. (adv.) Closely; intimately. ... 6. (adv.) Close to one's interests, affection, etc.;
touching, or affecting intimately; intimate; dear; as, a near friend. ...
/n/near.htm - 9k

Intimation (4 Occurrences)

/i/intimation.htm - 8k

... soothsaying and idolatry, possibly because februation, or passing children through
the fire in the worship of Moloch, was more intimately connected with ...
/a/astrology.htm - 38k

Epistles (2 Occurrences)
... religion and ethics, applicable to a wider range of circumstances than those which
called them forth; and they appeal as emphatically and intimately to all ...
/e/epistles.htm - 80k

Job (60 Occurrences)
... Doubtless it was all the more intimately valued for this detachment from sanctuary
associations; it was, like Proverbs, a people's book; and especially among ...
/j/job.htm - 62k

History (57 Occurrences)
... isolated factor. Modern researches have shown how intimately this history
was interwoven with that of other nations. Already, between ...
/h/history.htm - 67k

Yoke (79 Occurrences)
... 18. (vi) To be joined or associated; to be intimately connected; to consort
closely; to mate. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. YOKE. ...
/y/yoke.htm - 40k

Neighbor (123 Occurrences)
... 4. (a.) Near to another; adjoining; adjacent; next; neighboring. 5. (vt) To adjoin;
to border on; to be near to. 6. (vt) To associate intimately with. ...
/n/neighbor.htm - 41k

Nearly (13 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (adv.) In a near manner; not remotely; closely; intimately;
almost. Multi-Version Concordance Nearly (13 Occurrences). ...
/n/nearly.htm - 10k

Intimately (6 Occurrences)

2 Timothy 3:10
But you have intimately known my teaching, life, aims, faith, patience, love, resignation,

Numbers 31:17
Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who has known man by lying with him.
(See NAS)

Numbers 31:18
But all the girls, who have not known man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.
(See NAS)

Numbers 31:35
and thirty-two thousand persons in all, of the women who had not known man by lying with him.
(See NAS)

1 Kings 1:4
The young lady was very beautiful; and she cherished the king, and ministered to him; but the king didn't know her intimately.

Psalms 139:3
Thou measurest my going about and my lying down, and art acquainted with all my ways.
(See NAS)



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