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2680. kataskeuazo -- to prepare
... exactly according to," intensifying , "to prepare , using a vessel, implement, or
tool") -- properly, prepare (make ready), skillfully using implements a tooled ...
// - 8k

3196. melos -- a member or limb (of the body)
... [3196 () was used in antiquity of instruments of war and implements ("working parts")
of a ship. Paul used it in relation to the various functions of .]. ...
// - 7k

Strong's Hebrew
240. azen -- implements, tools
... 239, 240. azen. 241 . implements, tools. Transliteration: azen Phonetic
Spelling: (aw-zane') Short Definition: tools. Word Origin ...
/hebrew/240.htm - 6k

2790a. charash -- to cut in, engrave, plow, devise
... root Definition to cut in, engrave, plow, devise NASB Word Usage devise (4), devises
(2), do (1), engraved (1), farmer plow (1), implements (1), plotting (1 ...
/hebrew/2790a.htm - 5k

3627. keli -- an article, utensil, vessel
... cargo (1), clothing (1), earthenware* (1), equipment (6), everything* (1), furnishings
(10), furniture (4), gear (1), goods (6), implements (2), instruments (14 ...
/hebrew/3627.htm - 6k


The Problem of Foreign Missions
... one crop and some to another; that seed must be put in for each particular crop
in one way and not in another; that he requires particular implements in each ...
/.../berkhof/new evangelism and other papers/the problem of foreign missions.htm

The Struggle for Life
... or boats. In leisure hours also, new virtues discovered themselves in
the earlier implements of war and of the chase. The twang ...
/.../the lowell lectures on the ascent of man/chapter vi the struggle for.htm

Caput xv.
... But since again the simple and variegated wisdom both clothes the naked, and
distributes certain implements to them to carry, come, let us unfold, according ...
// the heavenly hierarchy/caput xv.htm

... The idea that stone implements are an index to man in the beginning of his existence
is an unwarranted conceit; they may point to a degeneracy. ...

The Murket's Sacrifice
... The murket sat at his place in the work-room, but no papyrus scrolls lay before
him; his fine implements were not in sight; the ink-pots and pens were put away ...
/...// yoke/chapter xxxvi the murkets sacrifice.htm

May the Second the Happy Warrior
... Here is a portrait of the happy warrior! Let me first look at the warrior, and then
at the implements with which he fights. ... There are no implements like these. ...
/.../jowett/my daily meditation for the circling year/may the second the happy.htm

How Peace of Mind Should be Sought.
... For on this account one is anxious to secure and provide for one's self the implements
for any branch of work, not simply to possess them to no purpose, nor as ...
/.../cassian/the works of john cassian /chapter vii how peace of.htm

Swords Beaten into Ploughshares.
... They put up any of their implements as representations of Vishwa Karma, the architect
and artificer of the gods, (Vishwa means the World or the Universe, and ...
// daniel/chapter seven swords beaten into.htm

Man and Machinery.
... And this brings up the question of the comparative uses of Machinery"the foremost
place being assigned to those implements which are absolutely indispensable ...
/.../chapin/humanity in the city/discourse ii man and machinery.htm

The Dawn of Mind
... in the world. The wide geographical use of stone implements is one of
the most striking facts in Anthropology. Instead of being ...
/.../drummond/the lowell lectures on the ascent of man/chapter iv the dawn of.htm

Implements (7 Occurrences)
... Multi-Version Concordance Implements (7 Occurrences). Genesis 4:22 Zillah
also gave birth to Tubal Cain, the forger of every cutting ...
/i/implements.htm - 8k

Flint (12 Occurrences)
... Make thee knives of flint (the King James Version "sharp knives"), and circumcise
again the children of Israel the second time." Surgical implements of flint ...
/f/flint.htm - 14k

... This assessment of greatness was based upon comparative ignorance of such
fortifications and the want of war experience and the necessary implements of assault ...
/c/city.htm - 43k

Kit (3 Occurrences)
... kind of basket. 7. (m.) A box for working implements; hence, a working outfit,
as of a workman, a soldier, and the like. 8. (m.) A ...
/k/kit.htm - 7k

Onwards (9 Occurrences)
... Isaiah 18:2 That is sending by sea ambassadors, Even with implements of reed on
the face of the waters, -- Go, ye light messengers, Unto a nation drawn out and ...
/o/onwards.htm - 9k

Lamech (11 Occurrences)
... to draw this conclusion from his so-called "swordlay" (Genesis 4:23 f). He does
not put his trust in God, but in the weapons and implements invented by his sons ...
/l/lamech.htm - 12k

Gang (1 Occurrence)
... 4. (n.) A combination of similar implements arranged so as, by acting together,
to save time or labor; a set; as, a gang of saws, or of plows. ...
/g/gang.htm - 7k

Implicated (1 Occurrence)

/i/implicated.htm - 6k

Implead (1 Occurrence)

/i/implead.htm - 7k

Floods (37 Occurrences)
... Isaiah 18:2 That is sending by sea ambassadors, Even with implements of reed on
the face of the waters, -- Go, ye light messengers, Unto a nation drawn out and ...
/f/floods.htm - 17k

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Implements (7 Occurrences)

Genesis 4:22
Zillah also gave birth to Tubal Cain, the forger of every cutting instrument of brass and iron. Tubal Cain's sister was Naamah.
(See NAS)

Genesis 49:5
"Simeon and Levi are brothers. Their swords are weapons of violence.
(See NAS)

1 Samuel 8:12
and he will appoint them to him for captains of thousands, and captains of fifties; and he will set some to plow his ground, and to reap his harvest, and to make his instruments of war, and the instruments of his chariots.
(See RSV)

1 Kings 19:21
And he returned back from him, and took the yoke of oxen, and killed them, and boiled their flesh with the implements of the oxen, and gave to the people, and they ate. And he arose and went after Elijah, and ministered to him.

Isaiah 18:2
That is sending by sea ambassadors, Even with implements of reed on the face of the waters, -- Go, ye light messengers, Unto a nation drawn out and peeled, Unto a people fearful from its beginning and onwards, A nation meeting out by line, and treading down, Whose land floods have spoiled.

Amos 1:3
Thus says Yahweh: "For three transgressions of Damascus, yes, for four, I will not turn away its punishment; because they have threshed Gilead with threshing instruments of iron;
(See NAS)

Zechariah 11:15
Yahweh said to me, "Take for yourself yet again the equipment of a foolish shepherd.
(See RSV)



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