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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (v. t.) To break in pieces violently; to dash together with noise and violence.

2. (v. i.) To make a loud, clattering sound, as of many things falling and breaking at once; to break in pieces with a harsh noise.

3. (v. i.) To break with violence and noise; as, the chimney in falling crashed through the roof.

4. (n.) A loud, sudden, confused sound, as of many things falling and breaking at once.

5. (n.) Ruin; failure; sudden breaking down, as of a business house or a commercial enterprise.

6. (n.) Coarse, heavy, narrow linen cloth, used esp. for towels.

4431. ptosis -- a fall
... fall. From the alternate of pipto; a crash, ie Downfall (literally or figuratively) --
fall. see GREEK pipto. (ptosin) -- 1 Occurrence. (ptosis) -- 1 Occurrence ...
// - 6k

4500. rhoizedon -- with a rushing sound
... with a great noise. Adverb from a derivative of rhoizos (a whir); whizzingly, ie
With a crash -- with a great noise. (roizedon) -- 1 Occurrence. 4499, 4500. ...
// - 6k

Strong's Hebrew
4637. maaratsah -- an awful shock, a crash
... 4636, 4637. maaratsah. 4638 . an awful shock, a crash. Transliteration: maaratsah
Phonetic Spelling: (mah-ar-aw-tsaw') Short Definition: crash. ...
/hebrew/4637.htm - 6k

7582. shaah -- to make a din or crash, crash into ruins
... shaah. 7583 . to make a din or crash, crash into ruins. Transliteration: shaah
Phonetic Spelling: (shaw-aw') Short Definition: devastated. Word Origin a prim. ...
/hebrew/7582.htm - 6k

7667. sheber -- a breaking, fracture, crushing, breach, crash
... a breaking, fracture, crushing, breach, crash. Transliteration: sheber or sheber
Phonetic Spelling: (sheh'-ber) Short Definition: destruction. ...
/hebrew/7667.htm - 6k

7588. shaon -- a roar (of waters, etc.), din, crash, uproar
... 7587, 7588. shaon. 7589 . a roar (of waters, etc.), din, crash, uproar.
Transliteration: shaon Phonetic Spelling: (shaw-one') Short Definition: uproar. ...
/hebrew/7588.htm - 6k

7481. raam -- to thunder
... A primitive root; to tumble, ie Be violently agitated; specifically, to crash (of
thunder); figuratively, to irritate (with anger) -- make to fret, roar ...
/hebrew/7481.htm - 6k

7452. rea -- perhaps shouting, roar
... aloud, noise, shouted. From ruwa'; a crash (of thunder), noise (of war), shout
(of joy) -- X aloud, noise, shouted. see HEBREW ruwa'. 7451b, 7452. rea. 7453 ...
/hebrew/7452.htm - 6k

7267. rogez -- agitation, excitement, raging
... From ragaz; commotion, restlessness (of a horse), crash (of thunder), disquiet,
anger -- fear, noise, rage, trouble(-ing), wrath. see HEBREW ragaz. ...
/hebrew/7267.htm - 6k

7803. Shuthelach -- an Ephraimite name
... Shuthelah. Probably from sha'ah and the same as Telach; crash of breakage; Shuthelach,
the name of two Israelites -- Shuthelah. see HEBREW sha'ah. ...
/hebrew/7803.htm - 6k


... in every direction, wreathing about pillars and architraves, melting the iron of
the roofs and the chains of the great lamps, which fell with crash after crash ...
/.../chapter lii conflagration.htm

... and when there was scarcely more than a hundred persons there, a huge beam gave
way, and down came a portion of the flooring of the gallery with a fearful crash ...
/...// sermons volume 4 1858/providence.htm

A Dialogue with God
... The train is rushing full steam ahead to the broken bridge, and will crash down
the gulph and be huddled, a hideous ruin, on the rocks; surely it is care for ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture a/a dialogue with god 2.htm

Of the Sixth Seal.
... routed, and dispersed; until at length, in complete despair, no one could be found
who would bring assistance to the Roman religion falling with such a crash. ...
// key to the apocalypse/of the sixth seal.htm

The Medes and the Second Chaldaean Empire
... horizon, bursts upon it in destructive squalls, and it is overthrown in the twinkling
of an eye, amid the glare of lightning, the resounding crash of thunder ...
/.../chapter iiithe medes and the.htm

The King --Continued.
... power. It is but accumulating its fiery energy, and already the solid framework
of the world trembles, anticipating the coming crash. ...
// life of david/x the kingcontinued.htm

The End
... Especially does that crash of Jerusalem's fall thunder the lesson to all churches
that their life and prosperity are inseparably connected with faithful ...
// of holy scripture g/the end.htm

Elegance and Grace
... A glittering sword strikes the eyes with some terror, and thunder would not so
shock us if its crash only, and not its lightning, was dreaded. ...
/.../kleiser/the training of a public speaker/elegance and grace.htm

The Two Awakings
... But the emphatic context seems, as already pointed out, to require that they should
be referred to that final crash which irrevocably separates him who has ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture j/the two awakings.htm

A Strain of Jonah the Prophet.
... 75 Their perils to subdue. At every crash. Of the wild deep rise piteous cries;
and out. They stretch their hands to majesties of gods,. ...
/.../fathers of the third century tertullian appendix/1 a strain of jonah.htm

Crash (7 Occurrences)
... enterprise. 6. (n.) Coarse, heavy, narrow linen cloth, used esp. for towels.
Multi-Version Concordance Crash (7 Occurrences). Matthew ...
/c/crash.htm - 8k

Crane (2 Occurrences)

/c/crane.htm - 12k

Dash (30 Occurrences)
... 8. (n.) Violent striking together of two bodies; collision; crash. 9. (n.) A sudden
check; abashment; frustration; ruin; as, his hopes received a dash. 10. ...
/d/dash.htm - 19k

Crush (50 Occurrences)
... an eggshell crushes easily. 7. (n.) A violent collision or compression;
a crash; destruction; ruin. 8. (n.) Violent pressure, as ...
/c/crush.htm - 21k

Crashing (4 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Crash. 2. (n.) The noise of many
things falling and breaking at once. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. ...
/c/crashing.htm - 8k

Crash (7 Occurrences)

Matthew 7:27
The rain came down, the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat on that house; and it fell-and great was its fall."
(See NIV)

Job 30:14
As through a wide breach they come, in the midst of the ruin they roll themselves in.
(See RSV)

Psalms 77:18
The voice of your thunder was in the whirlwind. The lightnings lit up the world. The earth trembled and shook.
(See RSV)

Isaiah 10:33
See, the Lord, the Lord of armies, is cutting off his branches with a great noise, and his strong ones are falling and his high ones are coming down.
(See NAS)

Isaiah 30:13
This sin will be to you like a crack in a high wall, causing its fall suddenly and in a minute.
(See RSV)

Isaiah 37:26
Has it not come to your ears how I did it long before, purposing it in times long past? Now I have given effect to my design, so that by you strong towns might be turned into masses of broken walls.
(See RSV)

Zephaniah 1:10
In that day, says Yahweh, there will be the noise of a cry from the fish gate, a wailing from the second quarter, and a great crashing from the hills.



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