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Easton's Bible Dictionary
A solemn appeal whereby one person imposes on another the obligation of speaking or acting as if under an oath (1 Samuel 14:24; Joshua 6:26; 1 Kings 22:16).

We have in the New Testament a striking example of this (Matthew 26:63; Mark 5:7), where the high priest calls upon Christ to avow his true character. It would seem that in such a case the person so adjured could not refuse to give an answer.

The word "adjure", i.e., cause to swear is used with reference to the casting out of demons (Acts 19:13).

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) An earnest appeal; a solemn charging on oath, or under the penalty of a curse.

2. (n.) The form of oath or appeal.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

ad-ju-ra'-shun: The act of requiring or taking a solemn oath. In a time of military peril Saul adjured the people ('alah, "to take oath") and they took oath by saying "Amen" (1 Samuel 14:24). When Joshua pronounced a ban on Jericho (Joshua 6:26) he completed it with an oath (shabha`, "to cause to swear"). Often used in the sense of a solemn charge without the administration of an oath (1 Kings 22:16 2 Chronicles 18:15 Songs 2:7; Songs 5:8, 9 1 Thessalonians 5:27). With reference to the withholding of testimony, see Leviticus 5:1 and Proverbs 29:24. The high priest sought to put Jesus under oath (exorkizo, "to force to an oath," Matthew 26:63). Adjure also means to solemnly implore (horkizo) as when the man with an unclean spirit appealed to Jesus: "I adjure thee by God, torment me not" (Mark 5:7); or seven sons of Sceva, exorcists, sought in the name of Jesus to expel demons (Acts 19:13).

(1) The exacting of an oath has, from time immemorial, been a customary procedure in conferring civil and ecclesiastical office and in taking legal testimony. Though often allowed to become painfully trivial and a travesty on its inherent solemnity, the taking of an official oath or the swearing of witnesses is still considered essential to the moral integrity of government, secular or spiritual. False sweating, under solemn oath, constitutes the guilt and heinousness of perjury. The universality of oath-taking is humanity's tribute, whether pagan or Christian, to the sacredness of truth.

(2) Civilized nations administer oaths under three heads: political, ecclesiastical, legal. The sovereign of England receives the crown only as he or she responds affirmatively to the solemn adjuration of the archbishop or bishop: "Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern," etc., closing with the affirmation, "So help me God." A fundamental conviction of civilized nations was expressed by Lycurgus: "An oath is the bond that keeps the state together." It is the most solemn appeal to the inviolability of the human conscience, and the sacredness of a vow as witnessed both by God and men. See also OATH.

Dwight M. Pratt

Strong's Hebrew
423. alah -- an oath
... Word Origin from alah Definition an oath NASB Word Usage adjuration (1), curse
(12), curses (6), oath (13). curse, cursing, execration, oath, swearing. ...
/hebrew/423.htm - 6k

The Adjuration Accepted.
... Chapter V."The Adjuration Accepted. ... But if any one, after taking this adjuration,
shall act otherwise, he shall with good reason incur eternal punishment. ...
/.../unknown/epistle of peter to james/chapter v the adjuration accepted.htm

An Adjuration Concerning the Receivers of the Book.
... Epistle of Peter to James. Chapter IV."An Adjuration Concerning the Receivers
of the Book. 1. Therefore James, having read the ...
/.../unknown/epistle of peter to james/chapter iv an adjuration concerning the.htm

Of the Taking of God's Name by Way of Adjuration (Three Articles)
now consider the taking of God's name by way of adjuration ...
// theologica/of the taking of gods.htm

Whether it is Lawful to Adjure a Man?
it is lawful to adjure a man? Objection 1: It would seem ...
/...// theologica/whether it is lawful to 20.htm

Whether it is Lawful to Adjure an Irrational Creature?
it is lawful to adjure an irrational creature? Objection ...
/...// theologica/whether it is lawful to 22.htm

Whether it is Lawful to Adjure the Demons?
it is lawful to adjure the demons? Objection 1: It would ...
/...// theologica/whether it is lawful to 21.htm

1 Thessalonians v. 19-22
... he does not merely command, but adjures them, and this from a fervent mind, that
even though they should despise him, for the sake of the adjuration they may ...
/.../homily xi 1 thessalonians v.htm

Whether the Parts of Prayer are Fittingly Described as ...
... intercessions, and thanksgivings. Supplication would seem to be a kind of adjuration.
Yet, according to Origen (Super Matth. Tract. xxxv), "a ...
/.../ theologica/whether the parts of prayer.htm

The Writings of Iren??us against the Schismatics at Rome.
... to judge the living and the dead, to compare what thou shalt write, and correct
it carefully by this manuscript, and also to write this adjuration, and place ...
/.../pamphilius/church history/chapter xx the writings of irenaeus.htm

At Gerasa - the Healing of the Demonised.
... Similarly, although it was consciousness of subjection and fear in His Presence,
on the part of the demons, which underlay the adjuration not to inflict ...
/.../edersheim/the life and times of jesus the messiah/chapter xxv at gerasa -.htm

Adjuration (2 Occurrences)
... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. ADJURATION. ad-ju-ra'-shun: The act of requiring
or taking a solemn oath. ... Multi-Version Concordance Adjuration (2 Occurrences). ...
/a/adjuration.htm - 10k

Witness (295 Occurrences)
... On the other hand, anyone who, being present at the adjuration (Leviticus 5:1 the
Revised Version (British and American)), refused to come forward as a witness ...
/w/witness.htm - 44k

Adjure (16 Occurrences)

/a/adjure.htm - 11k

Uttereth (30 Occurrences)
... (KJV ASV DBY WBS). Proverbs 29:24 Whoso is partner with a thief hateth his own soul;
He heareth the adjuration and uttereth nothing. (See JPS ASV). ...
/u/uttereth.htm - 14k

Glory (590 Occurrences)
... 13:16) is a Hebrew idiom meaning, "Confess your sins." The words of the Jews to
the blind man, "Give God the praise" (John 9:24), are an adjuration to confess. ...
/g/glory.htm - 71k

Information (14 Occurrences)
... Leviticus 5:1 And if any one sin, and hear the voice of adjuration, and he is a
witness whether he hath seen or known it, if he do not give information, then ...
/i/information.htm - 11k

Regarding (33 Occurrences)
... Leviticus 5:1 "'If anyone sins, in that he hears the voice of adjuration, he being
a witness, whether he has seen or known, if he doesn't report it, then he ...
/r/regarding.htm - 16k

Maranatha (1 Occurrence)
... It was used by early Christians to add solemn emphasis to previous statement,
injunction or adjuration, and seems to have become a sort of watchword; possibly ...
/m/maranatha.htm - 8k

Bewray (1 Occurrence)
... by word of mouth): Proverbs 29:24, "heareth cursing and bewrayeth it not" (the American
Standard Revised Version "heareth the adjuration and uttereth nothing ...
/b/bewray.htm - 9k

... by word of mouth): Proverbs 29:24, "heareth cursing and bewrayeth it not" (the American
Standard Revised Version "heareth the adjuration and uttereth nothing ...
/b/bewrayer.htm - 8k

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