Lamentations 1:22
Text Analysis
935 [e]תָּבֹ֨א
Let comeV-Qal-Imperf-3fs
3605 [e]כָל־
7451 [e]רָעָתָ֤ם
their wickednessN-fsc | 3mp
6440 [e]לְפָנֶ֙יךָ֙
before YouPrep-l | N-cpc | 2ms
5953 [e]וְעוֹלֵ֣ל
and doConj-w | V-Piel-Imp-ms
to themPrep | 3mp
834 [e]כַּאֲשֶׁ֥ר
to them asPrep-k | Pro-r
5953 [e]עוֹלַ֛לְתָּ
You have doneV-Piel-Perf-2ms
to mePrep | 1cs
5921 [e]עַ֣ל
3605 [e]כָּל־
6588 [e]פְּשָׁעָ֑י
my transgressionsN-mpc | 1cs
3588 [e]כִּֽי־
7227 [e]רַבּ֥וֹת
585 [e]אַנְחֹתַ֖י
my sighs [are]N-fpc | 1cs
3820 [e]וְלִבִּ֥י
and my heart [is]Conj-w | N-msc | 1cs
1742 [e]דַוָּֽי׃

Hebrew Texts
איכה 1:22 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
תָּבֹ֨א כָל־רָעָתָ֤ם לְפָנֶ֙יךָ֙ וְעֹולֵ֣ל לָ֔מֹו כַּאֲשֶׁ֥ר עֹולַ֛לְתָּ לִ֖י עַ֣ל כָּל־פְּשָׁעָ֑י כִּֽי־רַבֹּ֥ות אַנְחֹתַ֖י וְלִבִּ֥י דַוָּֽי׃ פ

איכה 1:22 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
תבא כל־רעתם לפניך ועולל למו כאשר עוללת לי על כל־פשעי כי־רבות אנחתי ולבי דוי׃ פ

איכה 1:22 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
תבא כל־רעתם לפניך ועולל למו כאשר עוללת לי על כל־פשעי כי־רבות אנחתי ולבי דוי׃ פ

איכה 1:22 Hebrew Bible
תבא כל רעתם לפניך ועולל למו כאשר עוללת לי על כל פשעי כי רבות אנחתי ולבי דוי׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
"Let all their wickedness come before You; And deal with them as You have dealt with me For all my transgressions; For my groans are many and my heart is faint."

King James Bible
Let all their wickedness come before thee; and do unto them, as thou hast done unto me for all my transgressions: for my sighs are many, and my heart is faint.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
Let all their wickedness come before You, and deal with them as You have dealt with me because of all my transgressions. For my groans are many, and I am sick at heart.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

all their

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Luke 23:31 For if they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry?

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my heart

Lamentations 1:13 From above has he sent fire into my bones, and it prevails against …

Lamentations 5:17 For this our heart is faint; for these things our eyes are dim.

Isaiah 13:7 Therefore shall all hands be faint, and every man's heart shall melt:

Jeremiah 8:18 When I would comfort myself against sorrow, my heart is faint in me.

Ephesians 3:13 Why I desire that you faint not at my tribulations for you, which is your glory.

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