Zechariah 14
Orthodox Jewish Bible
1 Hinei, a day cometh for Hashem, when the plunder taken from thee shall among thee be divided. 2 For I will gather kol HaGoyim against Yerushalayim for milchamah (battle, war); and HaIr (the city, Yerushalayim) shall be taken, and the batim (houses) plundered, and the women ravished; and half of HaIr shall go forth into the Golus (exile), and the rest of the people shall not be cut off from HaIr. 3 Then shall Hashem go forth, and fight against those Goyim, as He fights in the Yom Krav (day of battle). 4 And in Yom HaHu, His raglayim (feet; T.N. see Ac 1:11-12) shall stand upon the Mount of Olives, which is east of Yerushalayim, and the Mount of Olives shall be split in two from east to west by a gey gedolah me'od (a very great valley), with half of the mountain moving to the north, and half of it to the south. 5 And ye shall flee to the gey (valley) in the mountains; for the gey (valley) of the harim (mountains) shall extend unto Atzel; yea, ye shall flee, just as ye fled from before the ra'ash (earthquake) in the days of Uziyah Melech Yehudah; and Hashem Elohai shall come, and kol Kedoshim (all the holy ones) with Thee [T.N. see Daniel 7:13-14].

6 And it shall come to pass in Yom HaHu, that there shall no longer be cold or frost: 7 But it shall be Yom Echad, known to Hashem, with no Yom, nor Lailah; but it shall come to pass, that at erev it shall be ohr.

8 And it shall be in Yom HaHu, that mayim chayyim (living waters) shall go out from Yerushalayim; half toward the eastern sea [T.N. i.e., Dead Sea], and half toward the western sea [T.N. i.e., Mediterranean Sea]; in kayitz (summer) and in khoref (winter) shall it be.

9 And Hashem shall be Melech Al Kol HaAretz (King over all the earth); in Yom HaHu (in that day) shall Hashem be echad, and Shmo Echad.

10 And kol ha'aretz shall be made like the Aravah from Geva to Rimmon in the Negev. Yerushalayim shall be lifted up, and inhabited in her place, from Sha'ar Binyamin unto the place of the Sha'ar Harishon (the first gate), unto the Corner Gate; and from the Migdal Chanan'el unto the king's wine presses. 11 And men shall inhabit her, and there shall be no more cherem (utter destruction, holy war); but Yerushalayim shall be inhabited labetach (in confidence, security).

12 And this shall be the magefah (plague [produced by Hashem]) wherewith Hashem will strike kol ha'amim (all the peoples) that have fought against Yerushalayim; their basar shall rot while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall rot in their sockets, and their tongue shall rot in their mouth. 13 And in Yom HaHu it shall come to pass, that there shall be among them a mehumat Hashem (a panic from Hashem), and they shall seize every one the hand of his neighbor, and the hand of each shall rise up against the hand of his neighbor. 14 And Yehudah also shall fight at Yerushalayim; and the wealth of kol HaGoyim round about shall be gathered together, zahav, and kesef, and apparel, in great abundance. 15 And so shall be the magefat hasus (plague on the horse), on the mule, on the camel, and on the donkey, and on all the beasts that shall be in those camps, like this magefah (plague).

16 And it shall come to pass, that all who are left of kol HaGoyim which came against Yerushalayim shall even go up from year to year to worship HaMelech, Hashem Tzva'os, and to keep Chag HaSukkot. 17 And it shall be, that whosoever will not make this aliyah from the mishpekhot ha'aretz unto Yerushalayim to worship HaMelech, Hashem Tzva'os, even upon them shall be no geshem (rain). 18 And if the mishpakhat Mitzrayim go not up, and come not, upon them shall fall the magefah (plague) wherewith Hashem will strike the Goyim that come not up to keep Chag HaSukkot. 19 This shall be the punishment of Mitzrayim, and the punishment of kol HaGoyim that come not up to keep Chag HaSukkot.

20 In Yom HaHu shall there be upon the metzillot (bells) of the susim, KODESH L'HASHEM; and the sirot (cooking pots) in the Beis Hashem shall be like the mizrakim (libation bowls) before the mizbe'ach. 21 Yea, every siyr (pot) in Yerushalayim and in Yehudah shall be KODESH L'HASHEM TZVA'OS: and all the zovechim (the ones sacrificing) shall come and take of them, and they shall cook in them; and in Yom HaHu there shall be no more Kena'ani (Canaanite, merchant; T.N. see Mt 21:12-13; Mk 11:15-18]) in the Beis Hashem Tzva'os.

The Orthodox Jewish Bible fourth edition, OJB. Copyright 2002,2003,2008,2010, 2011 by Artists for Israel International. All rights reserved.
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