1 Chronicles 1
The New Messianic Version of the Bible
1Adam (Man, ground; red; earthling), Shet [Compensation], Enosh [man], 2Keinan [possession], Mahalal’el [praise of God], Yered [descent], 3Henokh [dedicated], Metushelach [man of the dart], Lemekh (poor; made low), 4No’ah [Motion], Shem [name], Ham [hot], and Yefet [opened].

5The sons of Yefet [opened]; Gomer [complete], and Magog [land of God], and Madai [middle land], and Yavan (Greece) [Ionia], and Tuval [you shall be brought], and Meshekh [drawing out], and Tiras [desire]. 6And the sons of Gomer [complete]; Ashchenaz [a man as sprinkled: fire as scattered], and Rifat [spoken], and Togarmah [you will break her]. 7And the sons of Yavan (Greece) [Ionia]; Elishah [God of the coming one], and Tarshish [yellow jasper], Kittim [bruisers], and Dodanim [leaders].

8The sons of Ham [hot]; Kush [black] (Ethiopia) [black], and Mitzrayim [land of the Copts], Put [a bow], and Kena’an [Merchant]. 9And the sons of Kush [black] (Ethiopia) [black]; S’va [drink you], and Havilah (Stretch of Sand), and Savta [striking], and Ra’mah [horse’s mane], and Savt’kha [striking]. And the sons of Ra’mah [horse’s mane]; Sheva [Seven], and D’dan [low country]. 10And Kush [black] (Ethiopia) [black] begat (to be father of; be ancestor of) Nimrod [rebellion, or the valiant]: he began to be mighty upon the earth.

11And Mitzrayim [land of the Copts] begat (to be father of; be ancestor of) Ludim [to the firebrands: travailings], and ‘Anamim [affliction of the waters], and L’havim [flames], and Naftuchim [openings], 12And Patrusim [region of the south (Pathros)], and Kasluchim [fortified], (of whom came the P’lishtim [Immigrants],) and Kaftorim [a crown (Caphtor)].

13And Kena’an [Merchant] begat (to be father of; be ancestor of) Tzidon [Hunting] his firstborn, and Het [terror], 14The Y’vusi [Threshers] also, and the Emori [Rebellious Highlanders], and the Girgashi [dwelling on a clayey soil], 15And the Hivi [Wicked Villagers], and the ‘Arki [gnawing], and the Sini [thorn, or clay], 16And the Arvadi [I shall break loose], and the Tz’mari [double woolens], and the Hamati [fortress].

17The sons of Shem [name]; ‘Eilam [eternity], and Ashur [A Level Plain], and Arpakhshad [I shall fail as the breast: he cursed the breast-bottle], and Lud [strife], and Aram [exalted], and ‘Utz [wooded], and Hul [circle], and Geter [fear], and Meshekh [drawing out]. 18And Arpakhshad [I shall fail as the breast: he cursed the breast-bottle] begat (to be father of; be ancestor of) Shelah [A Petition], and Shelah [A Petition] begat (to be father of; be ancestor of) ‘Ever [The Region Beyond]. 19And unto ‘Ever [The Region Beyond] were born two sons: the name of the one [was] Peleg [division]; because in his days the earth was divided: and his brother's name [was] Yoktan [smallness]. 20And Yoktan [smallness] begat (to be father of; be ancestor of) Almodad [not measured], and Shelef [a drawing forth], and Hatzar-Mavet [village of death], and Yerach [new moon], 21Hadoram [noble honour] also, and Uzal [I shall be flooded], and Diklah [palm grove], 22And ‘Eival [Stone], and Avima’el [my father is El (God)], and Sheva [Seven], 23And Ofir [reducing to ashes], and Havilah (Stretch of Sand), and Yovav [A Desert]. All these [were] the sons of Yoktan [smallness].

24Shem [name], Arpakhshad [I shall fail as the breast: he cursed the breast-bottle], Shelah [A Petition], 25‘Ever [The Region Beyond], Peleg [division], Re’u [friend], 26S’rug [branch], Nachor [snorting], Terach [station], 27Avram [exalted father]; the same [is] Avraham [Exalted Father of a Multitude].

28The sons of Avraham [Exalted Father]; Yitz’khak [Laughter], and Yishma’el [God will hear]. 29These [are] their generations: The firstborn of Yishma’el [God will hear], N’vayot [heights]; then Kedar [dark], and Adbe’el [chastened of God], and Mivsam [sweet odour], 30Mishma [a hearing], and Dumah [Silence], Massa, Hadad [mighty], and Teima [desert], 31Y’turn [enclosed], Nafish [refreshment], and Kedemah [original]. These are the sons of Yishma’el [God will hear]. 32Now the sons of K’turah [incense], Avraham’s [Exalted Father] concubine: she bore Zimran [musician], and Yokshan [snarer], and Medan [strife], and Midyan [Strife], and Yishbak [he releases], and Shuach [wealth]. And the sons of Yokshan [snarer]; Sheva [Seven], and D’dan [low country]. 33And the sons of Midyan [Strife]; ‘Eifah [gloomy], and ‘Efer [a calf], and Henokh [dedicated], and Avida [my father knows], and Elda’ah [God has known]. All these [are] the sons of K’turah [incense].

34And Avraham [Exalted Father] begat (to be father of; be ancestor of) Yitz’khak [Laughter]. The sons of Yitz’khak [Laughter]; ‘Esav [Hairy] and Yisra’el [He Holds Onto The Heel Of God]. 35The sons of ‘Esav [Hairy]; Elifaz [my God is (fine) gold], Re’u [friend]’el [friend of God], and Ye’ush [He hurries to aid], and Ya’lam [concealed], and Korakh [Bald]. 36The sons of Elifaz [my God is (fine) gold]; Teman [south], and Omar [speaker, or eloquent], Tzefi [watchtower], and Ga’tam [a burnt valley], K’naz [Hunter], and Timna [restrained], and ‘Amalek [Dweller in a Valley]. 37The sons of Re’u [friend]’el [friend of God]; Nachat [rest], Zerach [Rising], Shammah [astonishment], and Mizah [fear]. 38And the sons of Se’ir [Shaggy]; Lotan [covering], and Shoval [flowing], and Tziv’on [coloured], and ‘Anah [answer], and Dishon [thresher], and ‘Ezer [treasure], and Dishan [thresher]. 39And the sons of Lotan [covering]; Hori [Cave Dweller], and Homam [confusion]: and Timna [restrained] [was] Lotan’s [covering]'s sister. 40The sons of Shoval [flowing]; ‘Alyan [tall], and Manachat [rest], and ‘Eival [Stone], Sh’fi [bold], and Onam [vigorous]. And the sons of Tziv’on [coloured]; Ayah [falcon], and ‘Anah [answer]. 41The sons of ‘Anah [answer]; Dishon [thresher]. And the sons of Dishon [thresher]; ‘Amram [exalted people], and Eshban [fire of discernment], and Yitran [advantage], and K’ran [lyre]. 42The sons of ‘Ezer [treasure]; Bilhan [their decrepitude], and Za’avan [troubled], [and] Ya’akan [let him oppress them]. The sons of Dishan [thresher]; ‘Utz [wooded], and Aran [joyous].

43Now these [are] the kings that reigned in the land of Edom [Red] before [any] king reigned over the people of Yisra’el [He Holds Onto The Heel Of God]; Bela [Destruction] the son of B’or [Burning]: and the name of his city [was] Dinhavah [give you judgement]. 44And when Bela [Destruction] was dead, Yovav [A Desert] the son of Zerach [Rising] of Botzrah [sheepfold or fortress] reigned in his stead. 45And when Yovav [A Desert] was dead, Husham [haste] of the land of the Temani [southward] reigned in his stead. 46And when Husham [haste] was dead, Hadad [mighty] the son of B’dad [solitary], which struck Midyan [Strife] in the field of Mo’av [Seed of my Father], reigned in his stead: and the name of his city [was] ‘Avit [ruins]. 47And when Hadad [mighty] was dead, Samlah [garment] of Masrekah [vineyard of nable vines] reigned in his stead. 48And when Samlah [garment] was dead, Sha’ul [Desired] of Rehoboth by the river reigned in his stead. 49And when Sha’ul [Desired] was dead, Ba’al-Hanan [Ba’al the gracious] the son of ‘Akhbor [mouse] reigned in his stead. 50And when Ba’al-Hanan [Ba’al the gracious] was dead, Hadad [mighty] reigned in his stead: and the name of his city [was] Pa’i [bleating]; and his wife's name [was] M’heitave’el [favoured of God], the daughter of Matred [pushing forward], the daughter of Mei-Zahav [waters of gold]. 51Hadad [mighty] died also. And the dukes of Edom [Red] were; chieftain Timnah [Portion], chieftain ‘Alvah [evil], chieftain Y’tet [a nail], 52Chieftain Oholivamah [tent of the high place], chieftain Elah [an oak], chieftain Pinon [darkness], 53Chieftain K’naz [Hunter], chieftain Teman [south], chieftain Mitzvar [fortress], 54Chieftain Migdi’el [prince of God], chieftain ‘Iram [belonging to a city]. These [are] the dukes of Edom [Red].

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