Jeremiah 7
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1The word that has been to Jeremiah from YHWH, saying, 2“Stand in the gate of the house of YHWH, and you have proclaimed this word there, and have said, Hear a word of YHWH, all you of Judah, who are coming in at these gates, to bow before YHWH.” 3Thus said YHWH of Hosts, God of Israel: “Amend your ways, and your doings, "" And I cause you to dwell in this place. 4Do not trust for yourselves "" To the words of falsehood, saying, "" The temple of YHWH! The temple of YHWH! These [are] the temple of YHWH! 5For if you thoroughly amend your ways and your doings, "" If you thoroughly do judgment "" Between a man and his neighbor, 6You do not oppress sojourner, fatherless, and widow, "" And innocent blood is not shed in this place, "" And [you] do not walk after other gods, for evil to yourselves, 7Then I have caused you to dwell in this place, "" In the land that I gave to your fathers, "" From age even to age.

8Behold, you are trusting for yourselves "" On the words of falsehood, so as not to profit. 9Stealing, murdering, and committing adultery, "" And swearing to falsehood, and giving incense to Ba‘al, "" And going after other gods whom you did not know. 10And you have come in and stood before Me, "" In this house on which My Name is called, "" And have said, We have been delivered, "" In order to do all these abominations. 11Has this house, "" On which My Name is called, "" Been a den of burglars in your eyes? Even I, behold, have seen,” "" A declaration of YHWH.

12“But go now to My place that [is] in Shiloh, "" Where I caused My Name to dwell at first, "" And see that which I have done to it, "" For the wickedess of My people Israel. 13And now, because of your doing all these works,” "" A declaration of YHWH, "" “And I speak to you, rising early and speaking, "" And you have not listened, "" And I call you, and you have not answered, 14I also have done to the house on which My Name is called, "" In which you are trusting, "" And to the place that I gave to you, and to your fathers, "" As I have done to Shiloh. 15And I have cast you from before My face, "" As I have cast out all your brothers, "" The whole seed of Ephraim.

16And you do not pray for this people, "" Nor lift up crying and prayer for them, "" Nor intercede with Me, for I do not hear you. 17Are you not seeing what they are doing "" In cities of Judah, and in streets of Jerusalem? 18The sons are gathering wood, "" And the fathers are causing the fire to burn, "" And the women are kneading dough, "" To make cakes to the queen of the heavens, "" And to pour out drink-offerings to other gods, "" So as to provoke Me to anger. 19Are they provoking Me to anger?” A declaration of YHWH, “Is it not themselves, "" For the shame of their own faces?” 20Therefore, thus said Lord YHWH: “Behold, My anger and My fury is poured out on this place, "" On man, and beast, and on tree of the field, "" And on fruit of the ground, "" And it has burned, and it is not quenched.”

21Thus said YHWH of Hosts, God of Israel: “Add your burnt-offerings to your sacrifices and eat flesh. 22For I did not speak with your fathers, "" Nor did I command them in the day of My bringing them out of the land of Egypt, "" Concerning the matters of burnt-offering and sacrifice, 23But this thing I commanded them, saying, "" Listen to My voice, "" And I have been to you for God, "" And you are to Me for a people, "" And have walked in all the way that I command you, "" So that it is well for you. 24And they have not listened, nor inclined their ear, "" And they walk in the counsels, "" [And] in the stubbornness, of their evil hearts, "" And are backward and not forward. 25Even from the day when your fathers "" Went out of the land of Egypt until this day, "" I send all My servants the prophets to you, "" Daily rising early and sending, 26And they have not listened to Me, "" Nor inclined their ear—and they harden their neck, "" They have done evil above their fathers.

27And you have spoken all these words to them, "" And they do not listen to you, "" And you have called to them, "" And they do not answer you. 28And you have said to them: This [is] the nation that has not listened, "" To the voice of its God YHWH, "" Nor have they accepted instruction, "" Steadfastness has perished, "" Indeed, it has been cut off from their mouth.

29Cut off your crown, and cast [it] away, "" And lift up lamentation on high places, "" For YHWH has rejected, "" And He leaves the generation of His wrath.

30For the sons of Judah "" Have done evil in My eyes,” "" A declaration of YHWH, "" “They have set their abominations in the house "" On which My Name is called—to defile it, 31And have built the high places of Tophet, "" That [are] in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom, "" To burn their sons and their daughters with fire, "" Which I did not command, "" Nor did it come up on My heart.

32Therefore, behold, days are coming,” "" A declaration of YHWH, "" “And it is no longer said, The Tophet, "" And, Valley of the Son of Hinnom, "" But, Valley of the Slaughter, "" And they have buried in Tophet—without place. 33And the carcass of this people has been for food "" To a bird of the heavens, and to a beast of the earth, "" And there is none troubling. 34And I have caused to cease from cities of Judah, "" And from streets of Jerusalem, "" The voice of joy, and the voice of gladness, "" Voice of bridegroom, and voice of bride, "" For the land becomes a desolation!”

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