Isaiah 29
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1Woe [to] Ariel, Ariel, || The city of the encampment of David! Add year to year, let festivals go around.

2And I have sent distress to Ariel, || And it has been lamentation and mourning, || And it has been to me as Ariel.

3And I encamped, O babbler, against you, || And I laid siege against you—a camp. And I raised up bulwarks against you.

4And you have been low, || You speak from the earth, || And make your saying low from the dust, || And your voice has been from the earth, || As one having a familiar spirit, || And your saying whispers from the dust,

5And as small dust has been || The multitude of those scattering you, || And as chaff passing on the multitude of the terrible, || And it has been in an instant—suddenly.

6You are inspected by YHWH of Hosts, || With thunder, and with an earthquake, || And great noise, windstorm, and whirlwind, || And flame of devouring fire.

7And as a dream, a vision of night, || Has been the multitude of all the nations || Who are warring against Ariel, || And all its warriors, and its bulwark, || Even of those distressing her.

8And it has been, as when the hungry dreams, || And behold, he is eating, || And he has awoken, || And his soul [is] empty, || And as when the thirsty dreams, || And behold, he is drinking, || And he has awoken, || And behold, he is weary, || And his soul is longing, || So is the multitude of all the nations || Who are warring against Mount Zion.

9Linger and wonder, look, indeed, look, || Be drunk, and not with wine, || Stagger, and not with strong drink.

10For YHWH has poured out a spirit of deep sleep on you, || And He closes your eyes—the prophets, || And your heads—the seers—He covered.

11And the vision of the whole is to you, || As words of the sealed scroll, || That they give to one knowing scrolls, || Saying, “Please read this,” || And he has said, “I am not able, for it [is] sealed”; 12And the scroll is given to him who has not known scrolls, || Saying, “Please read this,” || And he has said, “I have not known scrolls.”

13And the Lord says: “Because this people has drawn near with its mouth, || And they have honored Me with its lips, || And it has put its heart far off from Me, || And their fear of Me is a precept taught by men!

14Therefore, behold, I am adding to do wonderfully with this people, || A wonder, and a marvel, || And the wisdom of its wise ones has perished, || And the understanding of its intelligent ones hides itself.”

15Woe [to] those going deep from YHWH to hide counsel, || And whose works have been in darkness. And they say, “Who is seeing us? And who is knowing us?”

16Your perversion! Is the potter esteemed as clay, || That the work says of its maker, “He has not made me?” And the framed thing said of its framer, “He did not understand?”

17Is it not yet a very little [while], || And Lebanon has turned into a fruitful field, || And the fruitful field is reckoned for a forest?

18And the deaf have heard the words of a scroll in that day, || And out of thick darkness, and out of darkness, || The eyes of the blind see.

19And the humble have added joy in YHWH, || And the poor among men || Rejoice in the Holy One of Israel.

20For the terrible one has ceased, || And the scorner has been consumed, || And all watching for iniquity have been cut off,

21Who cause men to sin in word, || And lay a snare for a reprover in the gate, || And turn aside the righteous into emptiness.

22Therefore, thus said YHWH, || Who ransomed Abraham, || Concerning the house of Jacob: “Jacob is not ashamed now, || Nor does his face now become pale,

23For in his seeing his children, || The work of My hand, in his midst, || They sanctify My Name, || And have sanctified the Holy One of Jacob, || And they declare the God of Israel fearful.

24And the erring in spirit have known understanding, || And murmurers learn doctrine!”

Literal Standard Version
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