Acts 9
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1But Shaul was full of menace and the fury of murder against the disciples of Our Lord. 2And he requested a letter for himself from The High Priest and to give it for Darmsuq for the synagogues, that if he were to find those following in this way, men or women, he may bind and bring them to Jerusalem. 3And as he was going, he began to approach Darmsuq; suddenly there was light from the Heavens shining upon him, 4And he fell upon the ground and he heard a voice which said to him: “Shaul, Shaul, why do you persecute me? It is hard for you to kick against the goads.” 5He answered and said, “Who are you my lord?” And our Lord said, “I AM THE LIVING GOD, Yeshua the Nazarene, He whom you are persecuting.” 6“But arise and enter the city, and there it will be told you what you must do.” 7And the men who were traveling with him on the road were standing amazed because they were hearing the sound only, but The Man was not visible to them. 8And Shaul got up off the ground and could not see anything, while his eyes were open. And while they held his hands they brought him to Darmsuq. 9And he could see nothing for three days, and he did not eat or drink.

10But there was a disciple in Darmsuq and his name was Khanan-Yah and THE LORD JEHOVAH had said to him in a vision, “Khanan-Yah”, and he said, “Behold, it is I, my Lord.” 11And our Lord said to him, “Arise, go to the street which is called Straight and inquire at the house of Yehuda for Shaul, who is from the city Tarsus, for behold, he is praying.” 12“He sees in a vision a man whose name is Khanan-Yah entering and laying a hand upon him so that his eyes will be opened.” 13And Khanan-Yah said, “My Lord, I have heard from many about this man, how much evil he has inflicted on the Saints in Jerusalem.” 14“And behold, he also has authority here from The Chief Priests to imprison all those who call upon your name.” 15And THE LORD JEHOVAH said to him, “Arise, go, because he is a chosen vessel to me to take my name to the Gentiles and Kings and among the children of Israel.” 16“For I shall show him how much he is going to suffer for my name.” 17Then Khanan-Yah went to the house to him and laid a hand upon him and said to him, “Shaul, my brother, our Lord Yeshua who appeared to you on the road, when you came, has sent me so that your eyes would be opened and you would be filled with The Spirit of Holiness.” 18And immediately, some things that were like scales fell from his eyes and his eyes were opened, and he arose and he was baptized. 19And he received food and was strengthened and he was with those disciples who were in Darmsuq for some days.

20And within an hour he was preaching in the synagogue of the Jews about Yeshua, that he is The Son of God. 21And all those who heard him were astounded and they were saying, “Was this not he who was persecuting all those who are calling on this Name in Jerusalem? And he was even sent here to bind them to convey them to The Chief Priests!” 22But Shaul was strengthened even more and was agitating those Jews who were dwelling in Darmsuq as he was showing that This One is The Messiah.

23And as the days progressed, the Jews produced a plot against him to kill him. 24But the plot was shown to Shaul, what they were seeking to do to him. And they were watching the gates of the city day and night that they might kill him. 25Then the disciples put him in a basket and let him down from the wall by night.

26And he went on to Jerusalem, and he wanted to join the disciples and they were all afraid of him and they did not believe that he was a disciple. 27But BarNaba took him and brought him to the Apostles and he related to them just how he had seen THE LORD JEHOVAH on the road and that he had spoken with him on the road, and how in Darmsuq he had spoken openly in the name of Yeshua. 28And he was entering and exiting with them in Jerusalem. 29And he was speaking in the name of Yeshua openly and disputing with the Jews who knew Greek, but they were seeking to kill him. 30And when the brethren knew, they brought him by night to Qesaria, and from there they sent him to Tarsus.

31However, the church that was in all Judea and in Galilee and in Samaria had peace, and it was built up and was proceeding in the worship of God and was growing in the comfort of The Spirit of Holiness.

32And it happened that when Shimeon was traveling among the cities, he came down also to The Holy Ones who dwelt in the city Lud. 33And he found one man whose name was Annis who was lying in bed and had been paralyzed for eight years. 34And Shimeon said to him, “Annis, Yeshua The Messiah is healing you. Stand and make your bed”, and at that moment he got up.” 35And all of those who dwelt in Lud and in Sarona saw and they were converted to God.

36There was a female disciple whose name was Tabitha, in the city, Joppa. She was rich in good works and in the charity which she was doing. 37But she was sick in those days, and she died. They washed her and placed her in an upper room. 38And the disciples heard that Shimeon was in Lud, that city which is beside Joppa, and they sent two men to request of him, “Do not neglect to come with them.” 39And Shimeon arose and went with them, and when he came they took him up to the upper room and all the widows were gathered standing around him, weeping and showing him the coats and cloaks which Tabitha had given them when she was alive. 40But Shimeon sent all of the people outside and bowed on his knees and prayed, and he turned to the corpse and said, “Tabitha, get up”, but she opened her eyes, and when she saw Shimeon, she sat up. 41And he reached his hand toward her and raised her up, and he called the Saints and the widows and he gave her to them alive. 42And this was made known in the whole city, and many believed in Our Lord. 43But he was in Joppa not a few days while he dwelt in the house of Shimeon a Tanner.

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