2 Kings 4
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1And one woman of the wives of the sons of the Prophets cried out before Elisha and said: “Your Servant my husband has died, and you know that your Servant was in awe of LORD JEHOVAH, and the Creditor came to take my two sons as Servants for himself. 2And Elisha said to her: “What shall I do for you? Show me what is with you in the house.” And she said, “Your Maidservant has nothing in the house except an oil flask of oil.” 3And he said to her: “Go ask for yourself vessels from the streets of all your neighbors, empty vessels. Do not be fainthearted. 4And go in and shut the door on your person and on the persons of your sons, and pour into all these vessels, and the vessel that is full bring up to me.” 5And she went from his presence and she entered and she shut the door on her person and on the persons of her sons who had been bringing those things to her, and she poured it out. 6And when they filled the vessels, she said to her son: “Bring me another vessel.” Her son said to her, “There is not another vessel!” And the oil stopped for her. 7And she came, she told the Prophet of God. And he said to her: “Go sell the oil and pay your debt, and you and your sons will live on what is left over.”

8And it was the day after, and Elisha came, and he passed by to Shiloh, and a great woman was there and she compelled him that he would eat bread, and whenever he passed, he turned aside there to eat bread. 9And she said to her husband: “Behold, I know that he is a holy Prophet of God, and he passes by us constantly. 10Let us prepare for him a small upper room, and we shall put a bed for him there, and a table and a chair and a lamp stand, and whenever he comes to us, he will turn aside there.”

11And it was day, and he came there and he turned aside to the upper room and he lay down there. 12And he said to Gekhazi his disciple: “Call this Shilumite woman.” And he called her, and she stood before him. 13And he said to her: “Behold, you have shown all this reverence toward us. What is proper to do for you? Is there something to say for you to the King, or to the Captain of the army?” And she said: “I dwell beautifully among my people.” 14And he said: ”What shall I do for her?” Gekhazi said to him: “Truly, she has no son, and her husband is old.” 15And he said: “Call her.” And he called her, and she stood at the door. 16And he said to her: “At this time, as you live, you are embracing a son.” And she said: “No, my Lord, Prophet of God! You shall not lie to your Maidservant!”

17And the woman conceived and she bore a son at this time, as she lived, just as Elisha said to her.

18And the boy grew, and it was daytime and he went out to his father with the reapers. 19And he said to his father: “My head! My head!” And he said to a boy Servant: “Pick him up! Bring him to his mother!” 20And he picked up the boy. He brought him to his mother, and he sat on her lap until noon, and he died. 21And she went up, she laid him on the bed of the Prophet of God and she shut his door, and she came out. 22And she called her husband and she said: “Send me one of the Boy Servants and one donkey. I shall come unto the Prophet of God.” 23He said to her: “Why are you going to him today, for it is not the beginning of the month and not the Sabbath?” And the Shilumite spoke 24And they put her on the donkey, and she said to the Boy Servant: “Drive, and go! Do not hinder me from sitting unless I have told you!” 25And she went to the Prophet of God to the Mountain of Karmela, and when the Prophet of God saw her from a distance, he said to Gekhazi his disciple: “Behold, this is the Shilumite! 26Now run to meet her and say to her: ‘Peace to you and peace to your husband and peace to the boy!’” And she said: “Peace!” 27And she came to the Prophet of God at the Mountain of Karmela, and she seized on his feet, and Gekhazi came to remove her, and the Prophet of God said to him: “Leave her, because her soul is bitter to her, and LORD JEHOVAH has hidden from me and has not shown me” 28And she said: “Did I request a son from my Lord? Did I not say to you that you would not request him for me?!”

29And he said to Gekhazi: “Wrap up your loins and take my staff in your hand and go. If you find a man, you will not bless him, and if a man will bless you, you shall not answer him. And put my staff on the face of the boy.” 30And the mother of the boy said: “As LORD JEHOVAH is living and your soul is living, I will not leave you!” And he arose and he went on after her. 31And Gekhazi passed on before them and put his staff on the face of the boy, and there was not a voice, neither one hearing. And he returned to meet him and he told him and said to him: “The boy has not awakened!”

32And Elisha came to the house and he saw, and behold, the boy was dead and lying on his bed. 33And he went in and he shut the door in the presence of both of them, and he prayed before LORD JEHOVAH. 34And he went up and he fell over the boy, and put his mouth on his mouth and his eyes on his eyes and his hands on his hands, and he bowed upon him, and the body of the boy became warm. 35And he returned and walked in the house, once here and once there, and he went up and he bowed upon him, and the boy yawned seven times, and the boy opened his eyes. 36And he called Gekhazi and said to him: “Call this Shilumite woman.” And he called her, and she went into him, and he said to her: “Pick up your son.” 37And she fell at his feet, and she bowed to him on the floor, and the Shilumite took her son and she went out.

38And Elisha returned to Galgala, and famine was in the land, and the sons of the Prophets were dwelling before him. And he said to his disciple: “Cook a great pot and boil stew for the sons of the Prophets.” 39And one went out to the field to collect herbs and he found a vine in a field and collected wild gourds from it. He filled his garment and he came and cast them into the caldron of stew, because he was ignorant. 40And he poured for them, to a man, to eat, and when they ate from the stew, they said: “Death is in the pot, Prophet of God!” And they could not eat. 41And he said: “Take flour and add into the caldron!” And he said: “Pour for the people, and they shall eat.” And nothing bad was in the caldron.

42And a man came from the City of Giants, and he brought to the Prophet of God bread of first fruits, twenty loaves of barley bread, and new corn rubbed from the ears, in fine linen, and he said: “Give to the people and they shall eat!” 43And his Minister said to him: “What! Shall I give this before a hundred men?” And Elisha said to him: “Give to the people and they shall eat, because thus says LORD JEHOVAH: ‘They shall eat and they shall have a surplus.’” 44And he set before them and they ate and there was a surplus, according to the word of LORD JEHOVAH.

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