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’um·lə·lāh — 4 Occurrences

Isaiah 24:4
HEB: נָֽבְלָה֙ הָאָ֔רֶץ אֻמְלְלָ֥ה נָבְלָ֖ה תֵּבֵ֑ל
NAS: the world fades [and] withers,
KJV: the world languisheth [and] fadeth away,
INT: withers the earth fades withers the world

Isaiah 24:7
HEB: אָבַ֥ל תִּיר֖וֹשׁ אֻמְלְלָה־ גָ֑פֶן נֶאֶנְח֖וּ
NAS: The vine decays, All
KJV: the vine languisheth, all the merryhearted
INT: mourns the new decays the vine sigh

Isaiah 33:9
HEB: אָבַ֤ל אֻמְלְלָה֙ אָ֔רֶץ הֶחְפִּ֥יר
NAS: mourns [and] pines away, Lebanon
KJV: mourneth [and] languisheth: Lebanon
INT: mourns pines the land is shamed

Jeremiah 15:9
HEB: אֻמְלְלָ֞ה יֹלֶ֣דֶת הַשִּׁבְעָ֗ה
NAS: seven [sons] pines away; Her breathing is labored.
KJV: seven languisheth: she hath given up
INT: pines bore seven

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