1968. Heman
Strong's Concordance
Heman: an Israelite name
Original Word: הֵימָן
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Transliteration: Heman
Phonetic Spelling: (hay-mawn')
Definition: an Israelite name
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from aman
an Isr. name
NASB Translation
Heman (16).

הֵימָן proper name, masculine Heman (faithful, compare Aramaic מְהֵימָן, ) a wise man with whom Solomon is compared 1 Kings 5:11, where app. son of Mahol (Klo sons of the dance); named with 3 others, one being Ethan the Ezrahite; 1 Chronicles 2:6 a Heman is named with same 3+1 other, & all called sons of Zerah of Judah; Heman appears Psalm 88:1 also as the Ezrahite (see below זרח), compare Ethan above; in other passages Heman is a Levite; specifically Kohathite, son of Joel, called the singer (הַמְשׁוֺרֵר) 1 Chronicles 6:18 ("" Asaph v.1 Chronicles 6:24, Ethan v.1 Chronicles 6:29); Heman, Asaph & Ethan named as the singers (הַמְשֹׁרְרִים) 1 Chronicles 15:17,19; compare Heman & Jeduthun 1 Chronicles 16:41,42 ("" Asaph 1 Chronicles 16:37); Heman, Asaph & Jeduthun 1 Chronicles 25:6; 2Chronicles 5:12; 35:15; elsewhere בְּנֵי אָ סָף וְהֵימָן וִידוּתוּן 1 Chronicles 25:1 compare 1 Chronicles 25:4; 1 Chronicles 25:4; 1 Chronicles 25:5; 1 Chronicles 25:5; בְּנֵי הֵימָן2Chronicles 29:14 ("" בְּנֵי ידוּתוּן); — 2 Chronicles 25:5 Heman is called חֹזֵה הַמֶּלָח בְּדִבְ רֵי הַאֱלֹהִים (compare Asaph 2 Chronicles 29:30, Jeduthun 2 Chronicles 35:15). — On question of identity of Heman in these various connections, see Thes Comm.

הֵימָן proper name see אמן.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

Probably from 'aman; faithful; Heman, the name of at least two Israelites -- Heman.

see HEBREW 'aman

Forms and Transliterations
הֵימָ֖ן הֵימָ֡ן הֵימָ֣ן הֵימָ֥ן הֵימָ֨ן הֵימָן֙ הימן וְהֵימָ֛ן וְהֵימָ֣ן וְהֵימָ֤ן וְהֵימָ֧ן וְהֵימָֽן׃ והימן והימן׃ לְהֵימָ֑ן לְהֵימָ֗ן לְהֵימָ֣ן לְהֵימָ֥ן להימן hê·mān heiMan hêmān lə·hê·mān leheiMan ləhêmān veheiMan wə·hê·mān wəhêmān
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Englishman's Concordance
1 Kings 4:31
HEB: מֵאֵיתָ֣ן הָאֶזְרָחִ֗י וְהֵימָ֧ן וְכַלְכֹּ֛ל וְדַרְדַּ֖ע
NAS: the Ezrahite, Heman, Calcol
KJV: the Ezrahite, and Heman, and Chalcol,
INT: Ethan the Ezrahite Heman Calcol and Darda

1 Chronicles 2:6
HEB: זִ֠מְרִי וְאֵיתָ֧ן וְהֵימָ֛ן וְכַלְכֹּ֥ל וָדָ֖רַע
NAS: Ethan, Heman, Calcol
KJV: and Ethan, and Heman, and Calcol,
INT: Zimri Ethan Heman Calcol and Dara

1 Chronicles 6:33
HEB: מִבְּנֵי֙ הַקְּהָתִ֔י הֵימָן֙ הַמְשׁוֹרֵ֔ר בֶּן־
NAS: of the Kohathites [were] Heman the singer,
KJV: of the Kohathites: Heman a singer,
INT: the sons of the Kohathites Heman the singer the son

1 Chronicles 15:17
HEB: הַלְוִיִּ֗ם אֵ֚ת הֵימָ֣ן בֶּן־ יוֹאֵ֔ל
NAS: appointed Heman the son
KJV: appointed Heman the son
INT: appointed the Levites Heman the son of Joel

1 Chronicles 15:19
HEB: וְהַמְשֹׁ֣רְרִ֔ים הֵימָ֥ן אָסָ֖ף וְאֵיתָ֑ן
NAS: So the singers, Heman, Asaph and Ethan
KJV: So the singers, Heman, Asaph,
INT: the singers Heman Asaph and Ethan

1 Chronicles 16:41
HEB: וְעִמָּהֶם֙ הֵימָ֣ן וִֽידוּת֔וּן וּשְׁאָר֙
NAS: With them [were] Heman and Jeduthun,
KJV: And with them Heman and Jeduthun,
INT: With them Heman and Jeduthun and the rest

1 Chronicles 16:42
HEB: וְעִמָּהֶם֩ הֵימָ֨ן וִֽידוּת֜וּן חֲצֹצְר֤וֹת
NAS: And with them [were] Heman and Jeduthun
KJV: And with them Heman and Jeduthun
INT: and with them Heman and Jeduthun trumpets

1 Chronicles 25:1
HEB: לִבְנֵ֤י אָסָף֙ וְהֵימָ֣ן וִֽידוּת֔וּן [הַנְּבִּיאִים
NAS: of Asaph and of Heman and of Jeduthun,
KJV: of Asaph, and of Heman, and of Jeduthun,
INT: the sons of Asaph Heman Jeduthun prophecy

1 Chronicles 25:4
HEB: לְהֵימָ֑ן בְּנֵ֣י הֵימָ֡ן
NAS: Of Heman, the sons of Heman:
KJV: Of Heman: the sons of Heman;
INT: of Heman the sons of Heman

1 Chronicles 25:4
HEB: לְהֵימָ֑ן בְּנֵ֣י הֵימָ֡ן בֻּקִּיָּ֡הוּ מַתַּנְיָ֡הוּ
NAS: the sons of Heman: Bukkiah,
KJV: the sons of Heman; Bukkiah,
INT: of Heman the sons of Heman Bukkiah Mattaniah

1 Chronicles 25:5
HEB: אֵ֨לֶּה בָנִ֜ים לְהֵימָ֗ן חֹזֵ֥ה הַמֶּ֛לֶךְ
NAS: [were] the sons of Heman the king's
KJV: All these [were] the sons of Heman the king's
INT: these the sons of Heman seer the king's

1 Chronicles 25:5
HEB: וַיִּתֵּ֨ן הָאֱלֹהִ֜ים לְהֵימָ֗ן בָּנִ֛ים אַרְבָּעָ֥ה
NAS: and three daughters to Heman.
KJV: And God gave to Heman fourteen sons
INT: gave God to Heman sons four

1 Chronicles 25:6
HEB: אָסָ֥ף וִידוּת֖וּן וְהֵימָֽן׃
NAS: Jeduthun and Heman [were] under
KJV: to Asaph, Jeduthun, and Heman.
INT: Asaph Jeduthun and Heman

2 Chronicles 5:12
HEB: לְכֻלָּ֡ם לְאָסָ֡ף לְהֵימָ֣ן לִֽ֠ידֻתוּן וְלִבְנֵיהֶ֨ם
NAS: Asaph, Heman, Jeduthun,
KJV: all of them of Asaph, of Heman, of Jeduthun,
INT: and all Asaph Heman Jeduthun and their sons

2 Chronicles 29:14
HEB: וּמִן־ בְּנֵ֥י הֵימָ֖ן [יְחוּאֵל כ]
NAS: and from the sons of Heman, Jehiel
KJV: And of the sons of Heman; Jehiel,
INT: and from the sons of Heman Jehiel and Shimei

2 Chronicles 35:15
HEB: דָּוִיד֙ וְאָסָ֞ף וְהֵימָ֤ן וִֽידֻתוּן֙ חוֹזֵ֣ה
NAS: Asaph, Heman, and Jeduthun
KJV: and Asaph, and Heman, and Jeduthun
INT: of David Asaph Heman and Jeduthun seer

Psalm 88:1
HEB: לְעַנּ֑וֹת מַ֝שְׂכִּ֗יל לְהֵימָ֥ן הָאֶזְרָחִֽי׃ יְ֭הוָה
KJV: Maschil of Heman the Ezrahite.>>
INT: Leannoth Maschil of Heman the Ezrahite LORD

17 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 1968
17 Occurrences

hê·mān — 7 Occ.
lə·hê·mān — 5 Occ.
wə·hê·mān — 5 Occ.

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