Hosea 5
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1Hear this, priests!a

Pay attention, house of Israel!

Listen, royal house!

For the judgment applies to you

because you have been a snare at Mizpahb

and a net spread out on Tabor.

2Rebelsc are deeply involved in slaughter;d

I will be a punishment for all of them.e

3I know Ephraim,f

and Israel is not hidden from Me.

For now, Ephraim,g

you have acted promiscuously;

Israel is defiled.

4Their actions do not allow them

to return to their God,h

for a spirit of promiscuity is among them,i

and they do not know the LORD.j

5Israel’s arrogance testifies against them.k, l

Both Israel and Ephraim stumble

because of their wickedness;m

even Judah will stumble with them.n

6They go with their flocks and herds

to seek the LORDo

but do not find Him;p

He has withdrawn from them.q

7They betrayed the LORD;r

indeed, they gave birth to illegitimate children.s

Now the New Moont will devour them

along with their fields.u

8Blow the horn in Gibeah,v

the trumpet in Ramah;w

raise the war cry in Beth-aven:x

After you, Benjamin!y

9Ephraim will become a desolationz

on the day of punishment;aa

I announce what is certain

among the tribes of Israel.ab

10The princes of Judah are like those

who move boundary markers;ac

I will pour out My furyad on them like water.ae

11Ephraim is oppressed, crushed in judgment,af

for he is determined to follow what is worthless.ag

12So I am like rot to Ephraimah

and like decay to the house of Judah.

13When Ephraim saw his sickness

and Judah his wound,

Ephraim went to Assyriaai

and sent a delegation to the great king.aj, ak

But he cannot cure you or heal your wound.al

14For I am like a lion to Ephraimam

and like a young lion to the house of Judah.

Yes, I will tear them to pieces and depart.an

I will carry them off,

and no one can rescue them.ao

15I will depart and return to My place

until they recognize their guilt and seek My face;ap

they will search for Me in their distress.aq

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