5344. Phélix
Strong's Concordance
Phélix: "fortunate," Felix, a governor of Judea
Original Word: Φῆλιξ, ικος, ὁ
Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
Transliteration: Phélix
Phonetic Spelling: (fay'-lix)
Definition: "fortunate", Felix, a governor of Judea
Usage: Felix, third name of (Marcus) Antonius Felix, procurator of the Roman province Judea from an uncertain date (before A.D. 52 ?) till A.D. 59.
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5344 PhḗliksFelix, the governor of Judea (ad 52-60) who persecuted the Jews and flagrantly used bribes, unethical informers, and torture.

For example, he methodically hunted down the leaders of the Zealots to severely punish them, as well as any Jewish group he considered "seditious" (Ac 21:38).

[One group, called the Assassins (literally "dagger men"), were true to their nam!]

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
of Latin origin
"fortunate," Felix, a governor of Judea
NASB Translation
Felix (9).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 5344: Φῆλιξ

Φῆλιξ (Lachmann Φῆλιξ (so Tr in Acts 24:22 (by mistake?)); cf. Lipsius, Grammat. Untersuch., p. 37; Buttmann, 13 (12); (Tdf. Proleg., p. 104; and references under the word κῆρυξ)) (literally, 'happy', 'fortunate'), Φήλικος, (Claudius (but in Tacitus, hist. 5, 9 called Antonius)) Felix, the eleventh procurator of Judaea (apparently between A.D. 52 and 60). He was a freedman of Claudius and his mother Antonia, and the brother of Pallas, the powerful favorite of the emperor. He first married Drusilla ((?) see Dict. of Greek and Rom. Biogr. under the word, 4), the granddaughter of Cleopatra and Antony; and afterward Drusilla, the daughter of Derod Agrippa. According to Tacitus, "per omnem saevitiam ac libidinem jus regium servili ingenio exercuit," and by his cruelty and injustice he stimulated the rage of the turbulent Jews against the Roman rule. When he had retired from the province and come to Rome, the Jews of Caesarea accused him before the emperor, but through the intercession of his brother Pallas he was acquitted by Nero (cf. Tacitus, hist. 5, 9, 5f; annal. 12, 54; Suetonius, vit. Claudii, 28; Josephus, Antiquities 20, 7, 1f and 8, 5f; 7, 9; b. j. 2, 13): Acts 23:24, 26; Acts 24:3, 22, 24f, 27; Acts 25:14. Cf. Winers RWB, under the word; Paret in Herzog iv. 354; (V. Schmidt in Herzog edition 2, iv. 518f); Overbeck in Schenkel ii., 263f; Schürer, Neutest. Zeitgesch., p. 303f § 19, 4; (Farrar, St. Paul, chapter xli.).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

Of Latin origin; happy; Phelix (i.e. Felix), a Roman -- Felix.

Forms and Transliterations
Φηλικα Φήλικα Φηλικι Φήλικι Φηλικος Φήλικος Φηλιξ Φῆλιξ Phelika Phēlika Phḗlika Pheliki Phēliki Phḗliki Phelikos Phēlikos Phḗlikos Phelix Phêlix Phēlix Phē̂lix
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Englishman's Concordance
Acts 23:24 N-AMS
GRK: διασώσωσι πρὸς Φήλικα τὸν ἡγεμόνα
NAS: on and bring him safely to Felix the governor.
KJV: unto Felix the governor.
INT: they might carry [him] safely through to Felix the governor

Acts 23:26 N-DMS
GRK: κρατίστῳ ἡγεμόνι Φήλικι χαίρειν
NAS: governor Felix, greetings.
KJV: governor Felix [sendeth] greeting.
INT: most excellent governor Felix greetings

Acts 24:3 N-VMS
GRK: ἀποδεχόμεθα κράτιστε Φῆλιξ μετὰ πάσης
NAS: most excellent Felix, with all
KJV: most noble Felix, with
INT: we gladly accept [it] most excellent Felix with all

Acts 24:22 N-NMS
GRK: αὐτοὺς ὁ Φῆλιξ ἀκριβέστερον εἰδὼς
NAS: But Felix, having a more exact
KJV: And when Felix heard these things,
INT: them Felix more precisely knowing

Acts 24:24 N-NMS
GRK: παραγενόμενος ὁ Φῆλιξ σὺν Δρουσίλλῃ
NAS: later Felix arrived
KJV: certain days, when Felix came with
INT: having arrived Felix with Drusilla

Acts 24:25 N-NMS
GRK: γενόμενος ὁ Φῆλιξ ἀπεκρίθη Τὸ
NAS: to come, Felix became
KJV: to come, Felix trembled,
INT: having become Felix answered the

Acts 24:27 N-NMS
GRK: διάδοχον ὁ Φῆλιξ Πόρκιον Φῆστον
NAS: had passed, Felix was succeeded
KJV: Festus came into Felix' room: and
INT: successor Felix Porcius Festus

Acts 24:27 N-NMS
GRK: Ἰουδαίοις ὁ Φῆλιξ κατέλιπε τὸν
NAS: the Jews a favor, Felix left Paul
KJV: room: and Felix, willing to shew
INT: Jews Felix left

Acts 25:14 N-GMS
GRK: καταλελειμμένος ὑπὸ Φήλικος δέσμιος
NAS: who was left as a prisoner by Felix;
KJV: in bonds by Felix:
INT: left by Felix a prisoner

Strong's Greek 5344
9 Occurrences

Φήλικα — 1 Occ.
Φήλικι — 1 Occ.
Φήλικος — 1 Occ.
Φῆλιξ — 6 Occ.

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