Isaiah 7:24
Men will go there with bow and arrow, for the land will be covered with thorns and briers.
Cross References
Isaiah 7:19
And they will all come and settle in the steep ravines and clefts of the rocks, in all the thornbushes and watering holes.

Isaiah 7:23
And on that day, in every place where there used to be a thousand vines worth a thousand shekels of silver, there will be only thorns and briers.

Isaiah 7:25
For fear of the thorns and briers, you will no longer traverse the hills once tilled by the hoe; they will become places for oxen to graze and sheep to trample.

Isaiah 55:13
Instead of the thornbush, a cypress will grow, and instead of the brier, a myrtle will spring up; they will make a name for the LORD as an everlasting sign, never to be destroyed."

Ezekiel 12:20
The inhabited cities will be laid waste, and the land will become desolate. Then you will know that I am the LORD.'"

Isaiah 7:23
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