Psalm 135:13
Your name, O LORD, endures for ever; and your memorial, O LORD, throughout all generations.
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(13) This verse is from Exodus 3:15.

Psalm 135:13-14. Thy name, O Lord, endureth for ever — These wonderful works of thine shall never be forgotten. They, together with the land which thou gavest us through them, and which we yet enjoy, are an everlasting monument of thy power and goodness, and an obligation upon, and an encouragement to us, to trust in thee, in all our present or future difficulties. For the Lord will judge his people — Will, in due time, plead the cause of his people, or give judgment for them. And he will repent himself, &c. — He will recall that severe sentence which for their sins he had passed upon them.135:5-14 God is, and will be always, the same to his church, a gracious, faithful, wonder-working God. And his church is, and will be, the same to him, a thankful, praising people: thus his name endures for ever. He will return in ways of mercy to them, and will delight to do them good.Thy name, O Lord, endureth for ever - Thou art the ever-living, the unchanging God. The generations of people pass away; the kingdoms of the earth change; the idols perish, but thou art the same. The object here seems to be to bring the image or the idea of God before the mind as he was when he performed these great works, as a God interposing in behalf of his people, and as worthy of praise. The idea is that he is the same now that he was then; and as he then impressed the world with a sense of his majesty and power, and as he then interposed in behalf of his people by mighty signs and wonders, we should feel that, being an unchangeable God, he can do it now, and is now equally worthy. of confidence, adoration, and praise.

And thy memorial - Thy remembrance; the memory of thyself. That is, What thou hast done to secure a remembrance among people is of such a nature as to make the same impression to all coming time. The events were such that the memory of them should never pass away from mankind.

Throughout all generations - Margin, as in Hebrew, To generation and generation. There never will be a generation on the earth, in the latest periods, to which the memory of these things should not be transmitted.

13. heritage—or, "possession."

name … memorial—Each denote that by which God is made known.

These wonderful works of thine shall never be forgotten. The land which thou gavest us, Psalm 135:12, and which we yet enjoy, is an everlasting monument of thy power and goodness, and an obligation and encouragement to trust in thee in all our present or future difficulties. Thy name, O Lord, endureth for ever,.... The Lord himself endures for ever, in his nature, being, and perfections; and the fame of him, the fame of those acts of power and goodness before mentioned: the name of Christ endures for ever; his person and offices, his Gospel, which is his name; his children and people, who are called by his name, and in whom his name is perpetuated; the fame of his wondrous works in nature, providence, and grace; and especially of his great work of redemption and salvation;

and thy memorial, O Lord, throughout all generations; or "the remembrance of them to, generation and generation"; to every age; the love of Christ is remembered by his people in every age, the blessings of his grace in redemption, justification, pardon, &c. and cannot be forgotten as long as his Gospel is preached, the ordinances of baptism and the Lord's supper administered, and he has a people in the world, all which will be as long as the sun and moon endure, there will be a memorial of him.

Thy name, O LORD, endureth for ever; and thy memorial, O LORD, throughout all generations.
13. Cp. Exodus 3:15; Psalm 30:4; Psalm 102:12. Jehovah’s Name is called His memorial, as bringing to mind all that He is and does. Such as He has once revealed Himself to be He will continue for ever. Cp. Hebrews 13:8.

13–18. Jehovah is eternally the same, and will not forget His people; whereas the impotent gods of the heathen cannot protect their worshippers.Verse 13. - Thy Name, O Lord, endureth forever. The result of God's marvelous doings (vers. 6-12) is that "his Name endureth forever" - can never be forgotten - attracts to itself eternal praise and honor. And thy memorial (or, "thy remembrance") throughout all generations (comp. Psalm 102:12). The praise itself now begins. כּי in Psalm 135:4 set forth the ground of the pleasant duty, and the כי that begins this strophe confirms that which warrants the summons out of the riches of the material existing for such a hymn of praise. Worthy is He to be praised, for Israel knows full well that He who hath chosen it is the God of gods. The beginning is taken from Psalm 115:3, and Psalm 135:7 from Jeremiah 10:13 (Psalm 51:16). Heaven, earth, and water are the three kingdoms of created things, as in Exodus 20:4. נשׂיא signifies that which is lifted up, ascended; here, as in Jeremiah, a cloud. The meaning of בּרקים למּטר עשׂה is not: He makes lightnings into rain, i.e., resolves them as it were into rain, which is unnatural; but either according to Zechariah 10:1 : He produces lightnings in behalf of rain, in order that the rain may pour down in consequence of the thunder and lightning, or poetically: He makes lightnings for the rain, so that the rain is announced (Apollinaris) and accompanied by them. Instead of מוצא (cf. Psalm 78:16; Psalm 105:43), which does not admit of the retreating of the tone, the expression is מוצא, the ground-form of the part. Hiph. for plurals like מחצרים, מחלמים, מעזרים, perhaps not without being influenced by the ויּוצא in Jeremiah, for it is not מוצא from מצא that signifies "producing," but מוציא equals מפיק. The metaphor of the treasuries is like Job 38:22. What is intended is the fulness of divine power, in which lie the grounds of the origin and the impulses of all things in nature.
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