Luke 19:35
And they brought him to Jesus: and they cast their garments upon the colt, and they set Jesus thereon.
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(35) They cast their garments upon the colt.—St. Luke agrees with St. Mark in speaking of the “colt” only, not of the “ass.”

19:28-40 Christ has dominion over all creatures, and may use them as he pleases. He has all men's hearts both under his eye and in his hand. Christ's triumphs, and his disciples' joyful praises, vex proud Pharisees, who are enemies to him and to his kingdom. But Christ, as he despises the contempt of the proud, so he accepts the praises of the humble. Pharisees would silence the praises of Christ, but they cannot; for as God can out of stones raise up children unto Abraham, and turn the stony heart to himself, so he can bring praise out of the mouths of children. And what will be the feelings of men when the Lord returns in glory to judge the world!See the notes at Matthew 21:1-16. 35. set Jesus on—He allowing this, as befitting the state He was for the first and only time assuming.Ver. 35-38. See Poole on "Matthew 21:7" and following verses to Matthew 21:9. See Poole on "Mark 11:7" and following verses to Mark 11:10. Both which evangelists (Mark most fully) describe this great triumph.

And they brought him to Jesus,.... That is, the colt:

and they cast their garments upon the colt; that is, the disciples, who brought him to Jesus; the Persic version here, as in Matthew 21:7 renders it very wrongly, "Jesus put his own garment on its back, and sat on it"; it follows,

and they set Jesus thereon; in order to ride upon him, as he did to Jerusalem.

And they brought him to Jesus: and they cast their garments upon the colt, and they set Jesus thereon.
Luke 19:35. ἐπιρρίψαντες: the participle is used to relieve the monotony of the paratactic construction (καὶ, καὶ, καὶ in Mt. and Mk.); the word occurs here only and in 1 Peter 5:7, q.v.ἐπεβίβασαν, helped to mount, as in Luke 10:34, Acts 23:24; a technical term, possibly used here to add pomp to the scene.

35. cast their garments upon the colt] to do Jesus royal honour. Comp. 2 Kings 9:13.

they set Jesus thereon] It is clear that He rode upon the unused foal, which was probably led by the bridle, while it is possible that the mother went by its side. St Matthew, however, alone (apparently) mentions two animals (Luke 21:2; Luke 21:7), and possibly this may have been due to some confusion arising out of the Hebrew parallelism (Zechariah 9:9, “riding upon an ass, even upon a colt, son of she-asses”) in the translation into Greek from an Aramaic document. The ass in the East is not a despised animal (Genesis 49:14; Genesis 22:3; Jdg 5:10), and it is only because it was despised by Gentiles that Josephus substitutes for it ‘horse’ or ‘beast of burden,’ and the Seventy (LXX.) soften it down into ‘foal,’ &c. The Gentile world abounded in sneers against this narrative, and had all sorts of absurd stories about the Jews and the ass, or ass’s head, which they were supposed to worship (Jos. e. Ap. ii. 10; Tac. Hist. v. 3. 4). The Christians were also called ass-worshippers (Tert. Apol. 16; Minuc. Fel. Oct. 9), and this calumny is alluded to in one of the hideously blasphemous wall caricatures (Graffiti). (See however King’s Gnostics, p. 90; Lundy, Monumental Christianity, p. 60.)

Verse 35. - They cut their garments upon the colt. "An extemporized housing in default of the purple trappings. Doubtless the fittest of the proffered robes would be selected by the disciples" (Morrison). Luke 19:35Their garments

More strictly, their own garments (ἑαυτῶν), in their reverence and love for their Lord. See oil Matthew 25:7.

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