1 Chronicles 28:16
And by weight he gave gold for the tables of show bread, for every table; and likewise silver for the tables of silver:
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(16) And by weight he gave gold.And the gold he gave (assigned in the schedule or written plan) a certain weight.

For the tables of shewbread.—Only one table of shewbread is spoken of in the Law. (See Exodus 25:23-30, and comp. 1Kings 7:48.) The chronicler was well aware of this, as appears from 2Chronicles 29:18; and as he states elsewhere that Solomon made ten golden tables, and put them five on the right and five on the left in the holy place (2Chronicles 4:8), those tables may be intended here. It may even be the case that the term “shewbread” (hamma‘arèketh) is a gloss which has displaced the word “gold” (hazzāhāb), and that the original text was “for the tables of gold.” (Comp. “for the tables of silver,” at the end of the verse.) The table of shewbread would then be included among the golden tables. (But comp. 1Chronicles 6:57; 2Chronicles 28:16.)

For the tables of silver.—The silver tables are not again spoken of in the Old Testament. The rabbis assert that they stood in the court of the Temple, and that the prepared flesh of the sacrificial victims was laid upon them.

28:11-21 The temple must be a sacred thing, and a type of Christ; it must be framed by Divine teaching. Christ is the true temple, the church is the gospel temple, and heaven the everlasting temple; all are framed according to the Divine counsels, and the plan laid in the Divine wisdom, ordained before the world, for God's glory and our good. David gave this pattern to Solomon, that he might go by rule. Materials were provided for the most costly utensils of the temple. Directions were given which way to look for help in this great undertaking. Be not dismayed; God will help thee, and thou must look up to him in the first place. We may be sure that God, who owned our fathers, and carried them through the services of their day, will, in like manner, never leave us, while he has any work to do in us, or by us. Good work is likely to go on, when all concerned are hearty in furthering it. Let us hope in God's mercy; if we seek him, he will be found of us.The pattern ... - literally, "the pattern of all that was with him in the spirit;" perhaps to be paraphrased, "the form of all that floated before his mind." It seems to be David's spirit, not God's Spirit, that is here spoken of. 15, 16. the candlesticks of silver—Solomon made them all of gold—in this and a few minor particulars departing from the letter of his father's instructions, where he had the means of executing them in a more splendid style. There was only one candlestick and one table in the tabernacle, but ten in the temple. The tables of shew-bread: by this, and 2 Chronicles 4:19, it appears that there were divers tables to be used either successively or together about the shew-bread; but one of them seems to have been of more eminency and use than the rest, and therefore it is most commonly called

the table of the shew-bread, in the singular number. But of this and the rest of the utensils here named, see the notes on Exodus. And by weight he gave gold for the tables of shewbread, for every table,.... For though there were but one table for the shewbread in the tabernacle of Moses, there were ten in the temple of Solomon, 2 Chronicles 4:8 and each of them contained one hundred pounds in weight (u):

and likewise silver for the tables of silver; these were placed in the court, as Jarchi thinks, on which they flayed the sacrifices; or, as Kimchi, on which they slew them, and laid the flesh of the burnt offerings on them, which he gathers from Ezekiel 40:39.

(u) Jacob Leon, ibid. (Relation of Memorable Things in the Tabernacle and Temple, ch. 4. p. 20.)

And by weight he gave gold for the tables of shewbread, for every table; and likewise silver for the tables of silver:
16. by weight he gave gold] R.V. the gold by weight. Cp. R.V. of 1 Chronicles 28:14.

tables of shewbread] Elsewhere only one table for the shewbread is mentioned; cp. 2 Chronicles 29:18; Exodus 35:13; Exodus 37:10; Exodus 40:22.

and likewise silver] R.V. and silver. The silver tables are not mentioned elsewhere; probably they stood in some of the chambers (1 Chronicles 28:12) of the Temple courts for the use of the Levites in their work.Verse 16. - So tot, as regards the tables of shewbread, whether in sort of gold or of silver, he assigned the due weight of metal for either sort. We should have been at a loss to understand the plural here employed, showing more than one table (Exodus 25:23; 1 Kings 7:48; 2 Chronicles 29:18), but for 2 Chronicles 4:8, 19; in the former of which verses we read of "ten tables" being made and placed on "the right side and on the left, in the temple," and in the latter verse, yet more distinctly, of "tables, whereon the shewbread was set." "And now before the eyes of all Israel, of the congregation of Jahve (collected in their representatives), and into the ears of our God (so that God should hear as witness), (scil. I exhort you), observe and seek ... that ye may possess (that is, keep as possession) the good land (cf. Deuteronomy 4:21.), and leave it to your sons after you for an inheritance" (cf. Leviticus 25:46). - In 1 Chronicles 28:9 he turns to his son Solomon in particular with the fatherly exhortation, "My son, know thou the God of thy father (i.e., of David, who has ever helped him, Psalm 18:3), and serve Him with whole (undivided) heart (1 Chronicles 29:9, 1 Chronicles 29:19; 1 Kings 8:61) and willing soul." To strengthen this exhortation, David reminds him of the omniscience of God. Jahve seeks, i.e., searches, all hearts and knows all the imagination of the thoughts; cf. Psalm 7:10; 1 Samuel 16:7; Jeremiah 11:20; Psalm 139:1. מחשׁבות יצר as in Genesis 6:5. With the last clauses cf. Deuteronomy 4:29; Isaiah 55:6, etc. יזניח, only here and 2 Chronicles 11:14; 2 Chronicles 29:19. - With 1 Chronicles 28:10 the discourse turns to the building of the temple. The exhortation ועשׂה חזק is interrupted by the giving over of the sketches and plans of the temple, and is taken up again only in 1 Chronicles 28:20.
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