6903. qobel
קֳבֵל29 substantive front, as

preposition in front of, before, because of; followed by דִּי as

conjunction because that (perhaps in form a diminutive, BevDaniel 2:8; ᵑ7 קְבֵיל, with לְ, לִקְבֵיל, suffix לְקִבֵלִי, etc., in front of (Dalm§ 47, 7); Syriac , aspect, in front, , suffix in front (of), opposite (to), compare Genesis 15:10 ᵑ7 ᵑ6; Palmyrene לקבל before (Cooke321, compare193)); — construct לָקֳבֵל Daniel 2:8 +, suffix לְקָבְלָךְ Daniel 2:31; —

1 with לְ

a. Daniel 3:3 צַלְמָא ׳לק before the image, Daniel 2:31; Daniel 5:1,5; in view of, by reason of, Daniel 5:10 מַלְכָּא ׳מִלֵּ ׳לק by reason of the words, etc., Ezra 4:16 לָקֳבֵל דְּנָה (compare Egyptian Aramaic לקבל זנה זי, RES361B5).

b. followed by דִּי as

conjunction because that Ezra 6:13 (so Palmyrene CISii. 164).

2 with כֹּל, כָּלקֳֿבֵל in view of, because of (but read probably כְּלָקֳבֵל according to the front of, i.e. having regard to, because of : LuzzChald. Gr. § 123 LambertRÉJ, 1895, 47 f. Marti§ 95 dLCB, 1896, 703 NesOLZ, 1902, 487 Str56 and others; compare Biblical Hebrew I. עֻמָּה


a. as

preposition כָּלקֳֿבֵל דְּנָה because of this, therefore, Daniel 2:12,24; Daniel 3:7,8; Daniel 6:10; Ezra 7:17; Daniel 3:22 pointing forwards, ׳כָּלקֳֿבֵל דִּנָה דִּנָה מִןדִּֿי וג on this account, (namely) because that, etc.

b. followed by דִּי as

conjunction because that, inasmuch as, Daniel 2:8 כָּלקֳֿבֵל (כְּלָקֳבֵל) דִּי חֲזֵיתוּן because ye see, Daniel 2:10; Daniel 2:41; Daniel 2:45 +, Ezra 4:14; Ezra 7:14; Daniel 5:22 = although. In Daniel 2:40; Daniel 6:11 taken by ᵐ5 (ὂν τρόπον, καθώς), Ges (Thes, not Lex), Ew Hi as = according as (as Ecclesiastes 5:15 ᵑ7 כל קבל דאתא according as he came), but not Bev Behrm Marti. [Occasionally in ᵑ7, usually = before; compare in ᵑ7J Genesis 28:17; Genesis 31:32, D§§ 47.7; 50].

Forms and Transliterations
וְלָקֳבֵ֥ל ולקבל לְקָבְלָ֑ךְ לָקֳבֵ֗ל לָקֳבֵ֣ל לָקֳבֵ֨ל לקבל לקבלך קֳבֵ֕ל קֳבֵ֖ל קֳבֵ֗ל קֳבֵ֡ל קֳבֵ֣ל קֳבֵ֤ל קֳבֵל֙ קבל koVel lā·qo·ḇêl lāqoḇêl lə·qā·ḇə·lāḵ lekaveLach ləqāḇəlāḵ lokoVel qo·ḇêl qoḇêl velokoVel wə·lā·qo·ḇêl wəlāqoḇêl
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