Acts 5
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1One man whose name was Khanan-Yah, with his wife, whose name was Shappira, had sold his field. 2And he took some of its price and concealed it while his wife was aware of it, and he brought some of the money and placed it before the Apostles' feet. 3And Shimeon said to Khanan-Yah, “Why has Satan filled your heart to cheat The Spirit of Holiness and to hide some money of the proceeds of the field?” 4Was it not yours until it was sold? And after it was sold, again you had power over its proceeds. Why have you set your heart to do this thing? You have not cheated men but God.” 5And when Khanan-Yah heard these words, he dropped dead and great fear came upon all those who heard. 6And young men among them arose and gathered him up, and they took him out and buried him.

7And after three hours had passed, his wife also entered, not knowing what had happened. 8Shimeon said to her, “Tell me if for these proceeds you sold the field.” But she said, “Yes, for these proceeds.” 9Shimeon said to her, “Because you have agreed to tempt The Spirit of THE LORD JEHOVAH, behold the feet of those who buried your husband are at the door and they will take you out.” 10And at that moment she fell before their feet and died, and those young men came in and found her dead. And they took her up and brought her out and buried her beside her husband. 11And there was great fear upon the entire church among all those who heard.

12And there were occurring by the hands of the Apostles signs and many mighty acts among the people and they were all assembled together at the porch of Solomon. 13And none of the other people dared to come near them, but the people were magnifying them. 14And those who were believing in THE LORD JEHOVAH were added all the more, multitudes of men and women, 15So that they were bringing the sick out into the streets lying in litters, that when Shimeon would come, at least his shadow might overshadow them. 16And many were coming to them from the other cities which were around Jerusalem, as they were bringing the sick and those who had foul spirits, and they were all being healed.

17And The High Priest and all who were with him, who were of the doctrine of the Sadducees, were filled with jealousy. 18And they laid hands on the Apostles and seized and bound them in prison. 19Then in the night The Angel of THE LORD JEHOVAH opened the door of the prison and brought them out, and he said to them: 20“Go stand in The Temple and speak to the people all these words of life.” 21And they went out at dawn and entered The Temple and they were teaching; but The High Priest, and those with him, called their associates and the Elders of Israel and they sent to the prison to bring the Apostles. 22And when those who were sent went from them, they did not find them in prison and they returned and came, 23And they were saying, “We found the prison locked securely by the guards who were standing at the door, and we opened it and we found no one there.”

24And when The Chief Priests and the Leaders of The Temple heard these words, they were astonished at them and they were considering what this was. 25And a man came informing them: “The same men whom you shut up in the prison, behold, they are standing in The Temple teaching the people.” 26And the Leaders went with the attendants to bring them, not with force, for they were afraid lest the people would stone them.

27And when they brought them, they stood them before the whole Council and The High Priest began to say to them: 28“Have we not emphatically commanded you that you teach no one in this name? But behold, you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching and you wish to bring the blood of this man upon us.” 29Shimeon answered with the Apostles and said to them, “God ought to be obeyed more than men.” 30“The God of our forefathers raised up Yeshua, The One whom you murdered, when you hanged him on a tree.” 31“God has appointed This One The Head and The Life Giver and he has exalted him to his right hand, so as to give repentance and forgiveness of sins to Israel.” 32“And we are witnesses of these accounts, and so is The Spirit of Holiness, whom God gives to those who believe in him.”

33And when they heard these words, they were enraged with a passion, and they were considering killing them. 34And one of The Pharisees there stood up whose name was Gamaliel. He taught The Law, and he was honored by all the people, and he commanded to take the Apostles out for a short time. 35And he said to them, “Men, sons of Israel, take heed to yourselves and see what is right for you to do concerning these men.” 36“Before this time Theuda arose and said that he was something great and about four hundred men went after him; he was killed and those who were going after him were scattered and they became as nothing.” 37“And Yehudah the Galilean arose after him in the days when the people were registered for the head tax and he seduced many people after him and he died and all those who were following him were scattered.” 38“And I say to you, separate yourselves from these men and leave them, for if this counsel and work is from men, they will dissolve and pass away.” 39“But if it is from God, you have no power to destroy it, lest you be found opposing God.”

40And they were persuaded by him and called the Apostles and scourged them and commanded them not to speak in the name of Yeshua, and they dismissed them. 41And they departed from before them, rejoicing that they were worthy to be disgraced for The Name. 42And they did not cease to teach every day in The Temple and in houses, and to evangelize about our Lord Yeshua The Messiah.

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