Ephesians 4
Wycliffe's Bible
1Therefore I bound for the Lord beseech you, that ye walk worthily in the calling, in which ye be called, 2with all meekness and mildness, with patience supporting each other in charity, (in all humbleness and humility, with forbearance supporting each other in love,) 3busy to keep (the) unity of (the) Spirit in the bond of peace. 4One body and one Spirit, as ye be called in one hope of your calling; 5one Lord, one faith, one baptism, 6one God and Father of all, which is above all men, and by all things, and in us all.

7But to each of us grace is given by the measure of the giving of Christ; (But each of us is given his gift by the measure of the giving of the Messiah;)

8for which thing he saith, He ascending on high, led captivity captive, he gave gifts to men.

9But what is it, that he ascended up, no but that also he came down first into the lower parts of the earth? 10He it is that came down, and that ascended [up] on, (or above), all (the) heavens, (so) that he should fill all things. 11And he gave some apostles (And he made some of us apostles), some prophets, others evangelists, others shepherds and teachers, 12to the full ending of (the) saints, into the work of (the) ministry, into [the] edification of Christ's body, (unto the perfection, or the completion, of God’s people, unto the work of the ministry, unto the instruction of the Messiah’s body,) 13till we run all, into (the) unity of (our) faith and of (our) knowing of God's Son [till we run all, in unity of faith and of knowing of God’s Son], into a perfect man, after the measure of the age of the plenty of Christ (according to the measure of the stature of the fullness of the Messiah); 14(so) that we be not now little children, moving as (the) waves, and be not borne about with each wind of teaching, in the waywardness of men, in subtle wit, to the deceiving of error. 15But do we (the) truth in charity, and wax in him by all things, that is Christ our head; (But speak we the truth in love, and grow in him in every way, who is the Messiah our head;) 16of whom all the body set together, and bound together by each jointure of under-serving, by (the) working into the measure of each member, maketh increasing of the body, into [the] edification of itself in charity, (or in love).

17Therefore I say and witness (to) this thing in the Lord, that ye walk not now, as heathen men walk, in the vanity of their wit; (And so I say and testify to this in the Lord, that ye walk not now, like the Gentiles walk, in the emptiness and uselessness of their reasoning, or of their thinking;) 18that have understanding darkened with darknesses (who have their understanding darkened with darkness), and be aliened, (or made far), from the life of God, by (the) ignorance that is in them, for the blindness of their heart(s). 19Which despairing betook, (or delivered), themselves to unchastity, into the working of all uncleanness in covetousness. 20But ye have not so learned Christ, (But ye have not so learned the Messiah,) 21if nevertheless ye heard him, and be taught in him, as is (the) truth in Jesus. 22Do ye away by the old living, (or after the first living), the old man, that is corrupt by the desires of error; 23and be ye renewed, (or made new again), in the spirit of your soul; 24and clothe ye the new man, which is made after God in rightwiseness and (in the) holiness of truth. [and clothe ye the new man, which after God is made of nought, (or out of nothing), in rightwiseness and holiness of truth.]

25For which thing put ye away leasing, (or lying), and speak ye (the) truth each man with his neighbour, for we be members each to (the) other, (or together) (for we be members with one another of one body). 26Be ye wroth, and do not do sin [and do not ye sin]; the sun fall not down on your wrath. 27Do not ye give stead, (or a place), to the devil. 28He that stole, now steal he not; but more rather travail he in working with his hands that that is good, (so) that he have whereof he shall give to the needy. 29Each evil word go not out of your mouth; but if any (word) is good to the edification of (the) faith, (so) that it give grace to men that hear (it). 30And do not ye make the Holy Ghost of God sorry, (or heavy), in which ye be marked in the day of redemption. (And do not make the Holy Spirit of God sorrowful, in whom, and by whom, ye be sealed unto the Day of Redemption.) 31All bitterness, and wrath, and indignation, and cry, and blasphemy be taken away from you, with all malice; 32and be ye together benign, (or of good will), merciful, forgiving together, as also God forgave to you in Christ. (and be benign, or have good will, with one another, merciful, and forgiving each other, as also God forgave you in the Messiah.)


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Wycliffe’s New Testament
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