Revelation 16
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The First Six Bowls of Wrath

1And I herde a great voyce out of ye temple sayinge to the seven angels: goo youre wayes poure out youre vialles of wrath apon the erth.

2And the fyrst went and poured out his viall apo the erth and there fell anoysom and a sore botche apo the me which had the marke of the best and ap on the which worshipped his ymage.

3And the seconde angell shed out his viall apon ye see and it turned as it were into the bloud of a deed ma: and every lyvinge thynge dyed in the see.

4And ye thyrde angell shed out his vyall apon the ryvers and fountaynes of waters and they turned to bloud. 5And I herde an angell saye: lorde which arte and wast thou arte ryghteous and holy because thou hast geve soche iudgmentes 6for they shed out the blo ude of sayntes and prophettes and therfore hast thou geven them bloud to drynke: for they are worthy. 7And I herde another out of the aultre saye: even soo lorde god almyghty true and righteous are thy iudgementes.

8And the fourth angell poured out his viall on the sunne and power was geve vnto him to vexe men with heate of fyre. 9And the men raged in gret heate and spake evyll of the name of God which had power over those plages and they repented not to geve him glory.

10And the fifte angell poured out his vyall apon the seate of the beste and his kyngdome wexed derke and they gnewe their tonges for sorowe 11and blasphemed the god of heven for sorowe and payne of their sores and repented not of their dedes.

12And the sixte angell poured out his vyall apon the gret ryver Euphrates and the water dryed vp that the wayes of the kyngss of the este shulde be prepared.

13And I sawe thre vnclene sprettes lyke frogges come out of the mouthe of the dragon and out of the mouthe of the beeste and out of the mouthe of the falce prophett. 14For they are the sprettes of devyls workynge myracles to go out vnto the kynges of the erth and of the whole worlde to gaddre them to the battayle of that gret daye of God allmyghty. 15Beholde I come as a thefe. Happy is he that watcheth and kepeth his garmentes Lest he be founde naked and men se his filthynes. 16And he gaddered them togedder into a place called in the hebrue tonge Armagedon.

The Seventh Bowl of Wrath

17And the seventhe angell poured out his viall in to the ayre. And there came a voyce out of heven from the seate sayinge: it is done. 18And there folowed voyces thondringes and lightnynges and there was a grett erthquake soche as was not sence men were apon the erth so myghty an erthquake and so grett. 19And the greate cite was devyded into thre parties And the cities of nacions fell. And grett Babilon came in remembraunce before God to geve vnto hyr the cuppe of wyne of the fearcenes of his wrathe. 20Every yle fled awaye and the mountaynes were not founde. 21And ther fell a gret hayle as it had bene talentes out of heven apon the men and the men blasphemed God be cause of the plage of the hayle for it was grett and the plage of it sore.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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