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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) One who travels; one who has traveled much.

2. (n.) A commercial agent who travels for the purpose of receiving orders for merchants, making collections, etc.

3. (n.) A traveling crane. See under Crane.

4. (n.) The metal loop which travels around the ring surrounding the bobbin, in a ring spinner.

5. (n.) An iron encircling a rope, bar, spar, or the like, and sliding thereon.

4898. sunekdemos -- a fellow traveler
... a fellow traveler. Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine Transliteration: sunekdemos Phonetic
Spelling: (soon-ek'-day-mos) Short Definition: a fellow traveler ...
// - 6k

4625. skandalon -- a stick for bait (of a trap), generally a snare ...
... ["4625 () is rising up through the earth, the traveler, hence, of Jesus the Messiah,
to the Jews who refused him" (Souter); "properly, the of a trap," (); the ...
// - 8k

3596. hodoiporeo -- to travel
... a way, journey. Word Origin from hodoiporos (a traveler) Definition to travel
NASB Word Usage way (1). go on a journey. From a compound ...
// - 6k

4082. pera -- a leather pouch
... provisions. 4082 -- a traveler's bag, used for carrying food and money;
a traveling pouch ("a bread bag"). Word Origin a prim. word ...
// - 6k

Strong's Hebrew
1982. helek -- traveler
... 1981, 1982. helek. 1983 . traveler. Transliteration: helek Phonetic Spelling:
(hay'-lek) Short Definition: flow. Word Origin from ...
/hebrew/1982.htm - 6k

733. Arach -- perhaps "traveler," an Israelite name
... 732, 733. Arach. 734 . perhaps "traveler," an Israelite name. Transliteration:
Arach Phonetic Spelling: (aw-rakh') Short Definition: Arah. ...
/hebrew/733.htm - 6k

732. arach -- to wander, journey, go
... Word Origin a prim. root Definition to wander, journey, go NASB Word Usage goes
(1), traveler (1), traveler* (1), wayfarer (1), wayfarers' (1). wayfaring. ...
/hebrew/732.htm - 5k

5674a. abar -- to pass over, through, or by, pass on
... we have gone (1), passed (1), took (1), transfer (3), transgress
(4), transgressed (11), transgressing (3), travel (1), traveler (1), turn away ( ...
/hebrew/5674a.htm - 7k

734. orach -- a way, path
... Origin from arach Definition a way, path NASB Word Usage caravans (1), childbearing*
(1), course (1), highways (1), path (13), paths (19), traveler (1), way (15 ...
/hebrew/734.htm - 6k

376. ish -- man
... 1), this one (1), this one and that one (1), those (1), those who (3), tiller*
(1), together* (1), traders* (2), tradition* (1), traveler* (1), troop (1 ...
/hebrew/376.htm - 7k


Commercial Traveler.
... Commercial Traveler. I remember when preaching in New York City, at the Hippodrome,
a man coming up to me and telling me a story that thrilled my soul. ...
/.../moody/moodys anecdotes and illustrations/commercial traveler.htm

A Traveler's Note-Book
... III A TRAVELER'S NOTE-BOOK. A tourist who roams for a brief while through
some great country like England or Russia may jot down ...
/.../merriam/the chief end of man/iii a travelers note-book.htm

Come, O Thou Traveler Unknown
... II. THE CHRISTIAN YEAR Sundays After Trinity: The Divine Love 230. Come, O thou
Traveler unknown. Six 8's ... Charles Wesley, 1742. Come, O thou Traveler unknown,. ...
/.../sundays after trinity the divine 5.htm

Watchman, Tell us of the Night
... What its signs of promise are. Traveler, o'er yon mountain's height,. ... Aught of joy
or hope foretell? Traveler, yes; it brings the day,. Promised day of Israel. ...
/.../sundays after epiphany 106 watchman.htm

On the Road to Jerusalem
... Past this grisly line, a camel with a single rider swept in from seaward. The traveler
lifted an arm and signaled to the party. ... The traveler raced alongside. ...
// city of delight/chapter ii on the road.htm

Abraham's Guest
... Abraham received into his tent one day an aged traveler. After ... God. But the
traveler would not join him in prayer and thanksgiving. ...
/.../chidley/fifty-two story talks to boys and girls/abrahams guest.htm

The Good Shepherd.
... A traveler in the Holy Land says: "Two flocks were moving slowly up the
slope of the hill, one of sheep, and the other of goats. ...
/.../johnson/the new testament commentary vol iii john/the good shepherd.htm

The Intercessory Prayers of Christians
... It obviously was not the man's own personal need that compelled him to request the
three loaves; it was the imperative need of the tired traveler that moved ...
/.../anderson/prayer availeth much/chapter 8 the intercessory prayers.htm

The Good Samaritan
... Christ's words. In journeying from Jerusalem to Jericho, the traveler had
to pass through a portion of the wilderness of Judea. The ...
/.../white/the desire of ages/chapter 54 the good samaritan.htm

At Jacob's Well
... In the East, water was called "the gift of God." To offer a drink to the thirsty
traveler was held to be a duty so sacred that the Arabs of the desert would go ...
// desire of ages/chapter 19 at jacobs well.htm

Traveler (5 Occurrences)
...Traveler (5 Occurrences). ... Job 31:32 (the foreigner has not lodged in the street,
but I have opened my doors to the traveler); (WEB WBS NAS NIV). ...
/t/traveler.htm - 8k

Mountain (298 Occurrences)
... mountains. Most of the valleys are dry wadies, and the roads often follow
these wadies, which are to the traveler veritable ovens. ...
/m/mountain.htm - 48k

Journey (214 Occurrences)
... must of course differ largely according to the difficulties of the way, and it is
more important to know where night will overtake the traveler than the actual ...
/j/journey.htm - 42k

Guest (24 Occurrences)
... A householder is expected to entertain a traveler, and in turn the traveler may
accept with perfect ease the hospitality shown without any obligation to pay. ...
/g/guest.htm - 15k

Wayfarer (4 Occurrences)
... (n.) One who travels; a traveler; a passenger. ... Job 31:32 (the foreigner has not lodged
in the street, but I have opened my doors to the traveler); (See RSV). ...
/w/wayfarer.htm - 7k

Wayfaring (7 Occurrences)
... arach, "to journey." In Isaiah 33:8 of `obher 'orach, "one passing on a path," and
in Isaiah 35:8 of holekh derekh, "one walking on a road." "Traveler" is the ...
/w/wayfaring.htm - 9k

Day's (19 Occurrences)
... must of course differ largely according to the difficulties of the way, and it is
more important to know where night will overtake the traveler than the actual ...
/d/day's.htm - 17k

Chios (1 Occurrence)
... The place where Homer is said to have collected his pupils around him is still pointed
out to the traveler at the foot of Mt. Epos, near the coast. ...
/c/chios.htm - 11k

Galatia (6 Occurrences)
... and it must not be assumed without proof that "Galatic region" is synonymous with
"Galatia." If eg a modern narrative mentioned that a traveler crossed British ...
/g/galatia.htm - 23k

Praetorian (2 Occurrences)
... Akad. Sitzungsber., 1895, 501; Ramsay, Paul the Traveler and the Rein Citizen,
357; Workman, Persecution in the Early Church, 35). ...
/p/praetorian.htm - 15k

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Traveler (5 Occurrences)

Judges 19:17
And he lifteth up his eyes, and seeth the man, the traveller, in a broad place of the city, and the aged man saith, 'Whither goest thou? and whence comest thou?'

2 Samuel 12:4
A traveler came to the rich man, and he spared to take of his own flock and of his own herd, to dress for the wayfaring man who had come to him, but took the poor man's lamb, and dressed it for the man who had come to him."

Job 31:32
(the foreigner has not lodged in the street, but I have opened my doors to the traveler);

Isaiah 33:8
The highways are waste, no man is journeying there: the agreement is broken, he has made sport of the towns, he has no thought for man.

Jeremiah 14:8
O Hope of Israel -- its saviour in time of trouble, Why art Thou as a sojourner in the land? And as a traveller turned aside to lodge?



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