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To beat the tabret, a small drum or tambourine. The word is used in Nahum 2:7 of women beating their breasts in sign of grief.

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(v. i.) Same as Tabor.
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

ta'-ber (taphaph, "to strike a timbrel" ((Psalm 68:25)): The word is used only once in the King James Version, namely, in the exceedingly graphic account of the capture of Nineveh given in Nahum 2:7. The queen (perhaps the city personified) is dishonored and led into ignominious captivity, followed by a mourning retinue of "maids of honor" who taber upon, that is, beat violently, their breasts. Such drumming on the breasts was a gesture indicative of great grief (Luke 18:3).

Strong's Hebrew
8608. taphaph -- to sound the timbrel, beat
... taber, play with timbrels. A primitive root; to drum, ie Play (as) on the tambourine --
taber, play with timbrels. 8607, 8608. taphaph. 8609 . ...
/hebrew/8608.htm - 6k

John Chapter vii. 13-Jan
... I have explained what this feast of tabernacles was: it was a celebration of taber
nacles, because the people, after their deliverance from Egypt, while ...
/.../augustine/homilies on the gospel of john/tractate xxviii john chapter vii.htm

... Noah Webster's Dictionary (vi) Same as Tabor. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia.
TABER. ta'-ber (taphaph, "to strike a timbrel" ((Psalm ...
/t/taber.htm - 7k

Gershon (23 Occurrences)
... In the wilderness the sons of Gershon had charge of the fabrics of the taber.
Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. GERSHON; GERSHONITES. ...
/g/gershon.htm - 16k


/t/tabellius.htm - 6k

Taberah (2 Occurrences)

/t/taberah.htm - 7k

Purge (35 Occurrences)
... the King James Version, with the changes made in the Revised Version (British and
American), are as follows: 1. In the Old Testament: (1) Taber, literally, "to ...
/p/purge.htm - 22k

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