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a measure for grain; vail

Smith's Bible Dictionary

"So, king of Egypt," is once mentioned in the Bible -- (2 Kings 17:4) So has been identified by different writers with the first and second kings of the Ethiopian twenty-fifth dynasty, called by Manetho, Sabakon (Shebek) and Sebichos (Shebetek).

ATS Bible Dictionary

King of Egypt, made an alliance with Hoshea king of Israel, and promised him assistance; but was unable to prevent Shalmaneser king of Assyria from taking Samaria and subverting the kingdom, B. C. 721, 2 Kings 17:4. See PHARAOH.

So is believed to have been the Servetus or Sabaco II of secular history, the second king of the Ethiopian or twenty-fifth dynasty, and the predecessor of Trihakah. A singular fact has been brought to light by the recent explorations at Nineveh, corroborating the Scripture record the more forcibly, because unexpected and direct. The Bible shows that Egypt and Assyria, though remote, were often in conflict during the height of the Assyrian ruins power, and that So was at war with Shalmaneser. After war comes the treaty of peace; and as the Bible prepares us to suppose such treaties were made, the Assyrian ruins furnish evidence of their existence. In the remains of Sennacherib's palace recently disentombed, a small room was found which seems to have been a hall of records; and among the seals it contained was the seal of So, well known to students of Egyptian antiquities.

It was impressed, as was then the custom, on a piece of fine clay, which also bore the impress of a royal signet of Assyria; thus showing the probability that such a treaty between the two nations had here been deposited. If so, when the two monarchs affixed their seals to a document, which like themselves has turned to dust, the Most High by their act affixed an additional seal to his holy word, which is true and abideth forever.

Easton's Bible Dictionary
(Nubian, Sabako), an Ethiopian king who brought Egypt under his sway. He was bribed by Hoshea to help him against the Assyrian monarch Shalmaneser (2 Kings 17:4). This was a return to the policy that had been successful in the reign of Jeroboam I.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (adv.) In that manner or degree; as, indicated (in any way), or as implied, or as supposed to be known.

2. (adv.) In like manner or degree; in the same way; thus; for like reason; with equal reason; -- used correlatively, following as, to denote comparison or resemblance; sometimes, also, following inasmuch as.

3. (adv.) In such manner; to such degree; -- used correlatively with as or that following; as, he was so fortunate as to escape.

4. (adv.) Very; in a high degree; that is, in such a degree as can not well be expressed; as, he is so good; he planned so wisely.

5. (adv.) In the same manner; as has been stated or suggested; in this or that condition or state; under these circumstances; in this way; -- with reflex reference to something just asserted or implied; used also with the verb to be, as a predicate.

6. (n.) The case being such; therefore; on this account; for this reason; on these terms; -- used both as an adverb and a conjunction.

7. (adv.) It is well; let it be as it is, or let it come to pass; -- used to express assent.

8. (adv.) Well; the fact being as stated; -- used as an expletive; as, so the work is done, is it?

9. (adv.) Is it thus? do you mean what you say? -- with an upward tone; as, do you say he refuses? So?

10. (adv.) About the number, time, or quantity specified; thereabouts; more or less; as, I will spend a week or so in the country; I have read only a page or so.

11. (conj.) Provided that; on condition that; in case that; if.

12. (interj.) Be as you are; stand still; stop; that will do; right as you are; -- a word used esp. to cows; also used by sailors.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

so (co', although the Hebrew might be pointed cewe'; Assyrian Sib'u; Septuagint Segor, Soa; Manetho, Seuechos; Latin Sevechus; Herodotus (ii. 137;), Sabakon): In all probability the "Sabaeo" of Herodotus, the Shabaka, who founded the Ethiopian dynasty, the XXVth of Egyptian kings. His date is given as 715-707 B.C. (Flinders Petrie, History of Egypt, III, 281;), but we may suppose that before his accession to the throne he was entitled to be designated king, as being actually regent. To this So, Hoshea, king of Israel, made an appeal for assistance to enable him to throw off the yoke of the Assyrian Shalmaneser IV (2 Kings 17:3). But Hoshea's submission to So brought him no advantage, for Shalmaneser came up throughout all the land and laid siege to Samaria. Not long after the fall of Samaria, So ventured upon an eastern campaign, and was defeated by Sargon, the successor of Shalmaneser, in the battle of Raphia in 720 B.C.


Flinders Petrie, History of Egypt, III, 281;; McCurdy, HPM, I, 422; Schrader, COT, I, 261.

T. Nicol.

5118. tosoutos -- so great, so much, pl. so many
... 5117, 5118. tosoutos. 5119 . so great, so much, pl. so many. Part of Speech:
Demonstrative Pronoun Transliteration: tosoutos Phonetic ...
// - 8k

5082. telikoutos -- such as this, of persons so old, of things so ...
... such as this, of persons so old, of things so great. Part of Speech: Demonstrative
Pronoun Transliteration: telikoutos Phonetic Spelling: (tay-lik-oo'-tos ...
// - 7k

5620. hoste -- so as to, so then, therefore
... so as to, so then, therefore. Part of Speech: Conjunction Transliteration: hoste
Phonetic Spelling: (hoce'-teh) Short Definition: so that, therefore Definition ...
// - 7k

2443. hina -- in order that, that, so that
... in order that, that, so that. Part of Speech: Conjunction Transliteration: hina
Phonetic Spelling: (hin'-ah) Short Definition: in order that, so that Definition ...
// - 7k

3767. oun -- therefore, then, (and) so
... therefore, then, (and) so. Part of Speech: Conjunction Transliteration: oun Phonetic
Spelling: (oon) Short Definition: therefore, then Definition: therefore ...
// - 6k

3766. oukoun -- therefore, so then
... therefore, so then. Part of Speech: Adverb, Negative Transliteration: oukoun Phonetic
Spelling: (ook-oon') Short Definition: not therefore Definition: therefore ...
// - 6k

2504. kago -- and, even so, me also.
... 2503, 2504. kago. 2505 . and, even so, me also. Part of Speech ... I. Word
Origin see kai and ego. and, even so, me also. From kai ...
// - 6k

5024. tauta -- even thus, so.
... 5023, 5024. tauta. 5025 . even thus, so. Transliteration: tauta Phonetic Spelling:
(tow-tah') Short Definition: so. ... of ho, and autos, qv. even thus, so. ...
// - 6k

5105. toigaroun -- wherefore then, so therefore
... wherefore then, so therefore. Part of Speech: Particle, Disjunctive Particle
Transliteration: toigaroun Phonetic Spelling: (toy-gar-oon') Short Definition ...
// - 7k

4722. stego -- to cover closely (so as to keep water out) ...
... to cover closely (so as to keep water out), generally to bear up under. Part of
Speech: Verb Transliteration: stego Phonetic Spelling: (steg'-o) Short Definition ...
// - 7k

Strong's Hebrew
5471. So -- an Eg. king
... 5470, 5471. So. 5472 . an Eg. king. Transliteration: So Phonetic Spelling:
(so) Short Definition: so. Word Origin of foreign origin Definition an Eg. ...
/hebrew/5471.htm - 5k

3651. ken -- so, thus
... 3650, 3651. ken. 3652 . so, thus. Transliteration: ken Phonetic Spelling:
(kane) Short Definition: so. Word Origin a prim. adverb ...
/hebrew/3651.htm - 6k

7721. so -- arise
... 7720, 7721. so. 7722 . arise. Transliteration: so Phonetic Spelling: (so) Short
Definition: arise. Word Origin the same as nasa, qv. ... 7720, 7721. so. 7722 ...
/hebrew/7721.htm - 5k

2063. zoth -- hereby in it, likewise, the one other, same, she, so ...
... hereby in it, likewise, the one other, same, she, so much, such deed, that,.
Transliteration: zoth Phonetic Spelling: (zothe') Short Definition: likewise. ...
/hebrew/2063.htm - 6k

5668. abur -- for the sake of, on account of, so that
... 5667, 5668. abur or abur. 5669 . for the sake of, on account of, so that.
Transliteration: abur or abur Phonetic Spelling: (aw-boor') Short Definition: sake ...
/hebrew/5668.htm - 6k

3602. kakah -- thus
... Word Origin from koh Definition thus NASB Word Usage even so (1), just so (3), like
this (1), so (5), this (1), this manner (2), this regard (1), thus (21). ...
/hebrew/3602.htm - 6k

4480. min -- from
... 7), recently* (1), regard (1), regarding* (1), removed (1), responsible* (1), result
(1), said* (1), same (2), shared* (1), since (20), since* (2), so (12), so ...
/hebrew/4480.htm - 8k

1571. gam -- also, moreover, yea
... neither* (5), neither (1), nevertheless (1), nor (4), nor yet (1), nor* (4), now
(3), now* (2), only (1), or (4), part also (1), previously* (1), so (1), spite ...
/hebrew/1571.htm - 6k

7455. roa -- badness, evil
... 1), wickedness (2). be so bad, badness, be so evil, naughtiness, sadness, sorrow,
wickedness. From ra'a'; badness (as marring), physically ...
/hebrew/7455.htm - 6k

3966. meod -- muchness, force, abundance
... 4), immense (1), louder (1), measure (2), might (2), more (2), more* (1), most
(1), much* (1), quickly (1), richly (1), serious* (1), severely (1), so (2), so ...
/hebrew/3966.htm - 7k


And So it is that Often Something is Imperfectly Revealed to the ...
... Book II. Chapter 5. " 6. And so it is that often something is imperfectly
revealed to the more? "6. And so it is that often ...
/.../writings in connection with the donatist controversy /chapter 5 6 and.htm

As God, So Worshipper
... MICAH AS GOD, SO WORSHIPPER. '... ... 'They that make them are like unto them; so
is every one that trusteth in them.' That is a universal truth. ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture a/as god so worshipper.htm

Be it So; Let it be Conceded that These Most Unfortunate Cattle ...
... Book VII. 24 Be it so; let it be conceded that these most unfortunate cattle are
not sacrificed? ... Footnotes: [4876] So the edd., reading farciminumfor the ms. ...
/.../arnobius/the seven books of arnobius against the heathen/24 be it so let.htm

So it is that I Should Mightily Fear...
... Section 8. So it is that I should mightily fear? 8. So it is that I should
mightily fear, with terror and trembling, this judgment ...
/.../patrick/the confession of st patrick/section 8 so it is.htm

So, How is it that in Ireland, Where they Never had any Knowledge ...
... Section 41. So, how is it that in Ireland, where they never had any knowledge
of? 41. So, how is it that in Ireland, where they ...
/.../patrick/the confession of st patrick/section 41 so how is.htm

And So Unmindful and Forgetful of what the Substance and Origin of ...
... Book VI. 16 And so unmindful and forgetful of what the substance and
origin of the images are? And so unmindful and forgetful ...
/.../the seven books of arnobius against the heathen/16 and so unmindful and.htm

Ah! Grieve not So.
... AH! GRIEVE NOT SO. AH! GRIEVE NOT SO. 8,6,8,6,8,8. "Godliness with contentment
is great gain.""1:Tim.6:6. "Nicht so traurig, nicht so sehr.". ...
/.../borthwick/hymns from the land of luther/ah grieve not so.htm

Or Haply is it So, that He who Plots in this Way to Find...
... Section 13. Or haply is it so, that he who plots in this way to find?
13. Or haply is it so, that he who plots in this way to ...
// lying/section 13 or haply is.htm

How Samuel when He was So Infirm with Old Age that He could not ...
... CHAPTER 3. How Samuel When He Was So Infirm With Old Age That He Could Not Take
Care Of The Public Affairs Intrusted Them To His Sons; And How Upon The Evil ...
/.../josephus/the antiquities of the jews/chapter 3 how samuel when.htm

And So it is Clear that no Good Ground is Shown Herein Why...
... Book VI. Chapter 4. " 6. And so it is clear that no good ground is shown
herein why? "6. And so it is clear that no good ground ...
/.../writings in connection with the donatist controversy /chapter 4 6 and.htm

So (23977 Occurrences)
... 3. (adv.) In such manner; to such degree; -- used correlatively with as
or that following; as, he was so fortunate as to escape. ...
/s/so.htm - 9k

So-called (10 Occurrences)
So-called. Sobriety, So-called. Socho . Noah Webster's Dictionary (a.) So named;
called by such a name (but perhaps called thus with doubtful propriety). ...
/s/so-called.htm - 9k

So'phereth (1 Occurrence)
So'phereth. Sophereth, So'phereth. Sophistry . Multi-Version
Concordance So'phereth (1 Occurrence). Nehemiah 7:57 The ...
/s/so'phereth.htm - 6k

So'tai (2 Occurrences)
So'tai. Sotai, So'tai. Sottish . Multi-Version Concordance So'tai
(2 Occurrences). Ezra 2:55 The children of Solomon's ...
/s/so'tai.htm - 6k

Vexed (37 Occurrences)
... Exodus 1:12 and as they afflict it, so it multiplieth, and so it breaketh forth,
and they are vexed because of the sons of Israel; (YLT). ...
/v/vexed.htm - 16k

Show (1340 Occurrences)
... sho: "Show" (so always the American Standard Revised Version) is simply a modernized
spelling of "shew" (so always in the King James Version and generally in ...
/s/show.htm - 12k

Sorceries (11 Occurrences)
... Exodus 7:22 And the scribes of Egypt did so with their sorceries; and Pharaoh's
heart was stubborn, neither did he hearken to them, as Jehovah had said. (DBY). ...
/s/sorceries.htm - 9k

Quarrel (22 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) An arrow for a crossbow; -- so named because it
commonly had a square head. 2. (n.) Any small square or quadrangular member. ...
/q/quarrel.htm - 15k

Homes (43 Occurrences)
... (See NIV). Luke 16:4 I know what I will do, so that when I am removed from
management, they may receive me into their houses.' (See NAS). ...
/h/homes.htm - 18k

Quail (5 Occurrences)
... See Turnix. 8. (n.) A prostitute; -- so called because the quail was thought to
be a very amorous bird. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. QUAIL. ...
/q/quail.htm - 13k

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