Ah! Grieve not So.


"Godliness with contentment is great gain." -- 1 Tim.6:6.

"Nicht so traurig, nicht so sehr."

[17]Paul Gerhard

transl., Sarah Findlater, 1854

Ah! grieve not so, nor so lament,

My soul! nor troubled sigh,

Because some joys to others sent

Thy Father may deny;

Take all as love that seems severe --

There is no want if God is near.

There is no right thou canst demand,

No title thou canst claim;

For all are strangers in the land

Who bear the human name:

Earth and its treasures are the Lord's,

And He the lot of each accords.

How thankless art thou, child of man!

For favors that abound;

Thy God has given thee eyes to scan

The glory all around;

Yet seldom for this priceless sight,

Hast thou been heard to praise aright.

Number thy limbs, thy members tell,

And ask thy thankless soul,

If to another thou wouldst sell

The smallest of the whole.

There is not one from which thy heart

Would willingly submit to part.

Now, go and search the depths of mind,

Explore its wondrous power,

New proofs of benefits to find,

That meet thee every hour;

More than the sand upon the shore,

And ever rising more and more.

He knows, who lives on Zion's hill,

What we in truth require;

Knows too how many blessings still

This flesh and blood desire;

And could He safely all bestow,

He would not let thee sorrowing go.

Thou wert not born that earth should be

A portion fondly sought;

Look up to heaven, and smiling see

Thy shining, golden lot!

Honors and joys, which thou shalt share,

Unending and unenvied there!

Then journey on to life and bliss,

God will protect to heaven;

And every good that meets thee is

A blessing wisely given.

If losses come, so let it be --

The God of heaven remains with thee.

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