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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(imp. & p. p.) of Ripen.
4550. sapros -- rotten, worthless
... rotten, useless, corrupt, depraved. 4550 -- properly, (putrid), over-ripe;
(figuratively) (ripened); hence, . "4550 () is (akin ...
// - 7k

3583. xeraino -- to dry up, waste away
... Transliteration: xeraino Phonetic Spelling: (xay-rah'-ee-no) Short Definition: I
dry up, parch, ripen Definition: I dry up, parch, am ripened, wither, waste ...
// - 6k

Strong's Hebrew
1061. bikkurim -- first fruits
... Word Origin from bakar Definition first fruits NASB Word Usage early ripened things
(2), first fruits (12), first ripe (1), first ripe fruits (1), ripe fruit (1 ...
/hebrew/1061.htm - 6k

2590. chanat -- to spice, make spicy, embalm
... Word Origin a prim. root Definition to spice, make spicy, embalm NASB Word Usage
embalm (1), embalmed (2), ripened (1). embalm, put forth. ...
/hebrew/2590.htm - 6k


Development of the Ideas of Jesus Respecting the Kingdom of God.
... He regained Galilee,[1] his true home, ripened by an important experience, and having,
through contact with a great man, very different from himself, acquired ...
/.../renan/the life of jesus/chapter vii development of the.htm

The Unity of Revelation. 1 "Known unto God are all his Works from ...
... But how unlike in outward form are the tender blade, the green stalk, and the
ripened ear! The year constitutes a self-consistent whole. ...
/.../barrows/companion to the bible/chapter xxxvi the unity of.htm

"Him. "
... It was of a woman whose long years had ripened her hair, and sapped her strength.
She was a true saint in her long life of devotion to God. ...
// talks on service/him.htm

The Three Parables of Warning: to the Individual, to the Nation ...
... on the tree for ten months of the year, [4450] the two barren months being probably
April and May, before the first of the three crops which it bore had ripened ...
/.../the life and times of jesus the messiah/chapter xvi the three parables.htm

The Twofold Testimony of John - the First Sabbath of Jesus's ...
... which had passed since Jesus had first come to him, must have been to the Baptist
a time of soul-quickening, of unfolding understanding, and of ripened decision ...
/.../the life and times of jesus the messiah/chapter iii the twofold testimony.htm

The Seed Growing Secretly.
... it accord also with the representation, in the end of the parable, that he who in
spring sowed the seed, thrusts in his sickle and reaps the ripened harvest? ...
/.../arnot/the parables of our lord/xv the seed growing secretly.htm

The Husbandman and his Operations
... IV. All the processes end in garnering the grain. There is a barn or
storehouse for the ripened and threshed crops. The farmer's ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture h/the husbandman and his operations.htm

... It is so, I believe, often; that boyhood, which is, as it were, ripened childhood,
destroys the grace of our earliest years; that again, when youth offers us a ...
// christian life/lecture xxvi whitsunday.htm

The Prayer of Stephen.
... purify his nature and to eradicate from his heart the last root of bitterness against
his brethren; if they have not cleansed his heart and ripened his spirit ...
/.../selected sermons of schleiermacher/xxiii the prayer of stephen.htm

Chapter xl
... see, a vine was before me; and on the vine were three tendrils; and as soon as it
sprouted, blossoms had come upon it and its clusters had ripened out grapes. ...
// of genesis volume 1/chapter xl.htm

Ripened (8 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (imp. & pp) of Ripen. Multi-Version Concordance
Ripened (8 Occurrences). Revelation 14:18 And another angel ...
/r/ripened.htm - 9k

Ripen (2 Occurrences)
... sun. 2. (vi) To approach or come to perfection. 3. (vt) To cause to mature;
to make ripe; as, the warm days ripened the corn. 4. (vt ...
/r/ripen.htm - 7k

Overflowed (14 Occurrences)
... Joel 3:13 Send ye forth a sickle, For ripened hath harvest, Come in, come down,
for filled hath been the press, Overflowed hath wine-presses, For great 'is ...
/o/overflowed.htm - 10k

Green (72 Occurrences)
... 4. (superl.) Not ripe; immature; not fully grown or ripened; as, green fruit,
corn, vegetables, etc. 5. (superl.) Not roasted; half raw. ...
/g/green.htm - 31k

Wine-presses (4 Occurrences)
... Joel 3:13 Send ye forth a sickle, For ripened hath harvest, Come in, come down,
for filled hath been the press, Overflowed hath wine-presses, For great 'is ...
/w/wine-presses.htm - 7k

Fruit (318 Occurrences)
... berries, etc. 3. (n.) The ripened ovary of a flowering plant, with its contents
and whatever parts are consolidated with it. 4. (n ...
/f/fruit.htm - 40k

Flourishing (11 Occurrences)
... Genesis 40:10 and in the vine 'are' three branches, and it 'is' as it were flourishing;
gone up hath its blossom, its clusters have ripened grapes; (YLT). ...
/f/flourishing.htm - 9k

Ripe (29 Occurrences)
... 6. (superl.) Ready for action or effect; prepared. 7. (superl.) Like ripened
fruit in ruddiness and plumpness. 8. (superl.) Intoxicated. ...
/r/ripe.htm - 16k

Ripeness (2 Occurrences)

/r/ripeness.htm - 7k

Eliphaz (14 Occurrences)
... This wisdom is the result of ages of thought and experience (compare Job 15:17-19),
of long and ripened study (compare Job 5:27), and claims the authority of ...
/e/eliphaz.htm - 15k

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Ripened (8 Occurrences)

Revelation 14:18
And another angel came out of the altar, having power over fire, and called with a loud cry to him that had the sharp sickle, saying, Send thy sharp sickle, and gather the bunches of the vine of the earth; for her grapes are fully ripened.

Genesis 40:10
and in the vine were three branches; and it was as though it budded: its blossoms shot forth, its clusters ripened into grapes.

Leviticus 2:14
And if thou bring near a present of first-ripe 'fruits' to Jehovah, -- of green ears, roasted with fire, beaten out 'corn' of a fruitful field thou dost bring near the present of thy first-ripe 'fruits',
(See NAS)

Numbers 17:8
And it came to pass, when on the morrow Moses went into the tent of the testimony, behold, the staff of Aaron for the house of Levi had budded, and brought forth buds, and bloomed blossoms, and ripened almonds.

Song of Songs 2:13
The fig-tree hath ripened her green figs, And the sweet-smelling vines have given forth fragrance, Rise, come, my friend, my fair one, yea, come away.

Isaiah 16:9
For this cause my sorrow for the vine of Sibmah will be like the weeping for Jazer: my eyes are dropping water on you, O Heshbon and Elealeh! For they are sounding the war-cry over your summer fruits and the getting in of your grain;
(See NIV)

Jeremiah 48:32
With more than the weeping of Jazer will I weep for you, vine of Sibmah: your branches passed over the sea, they reached even to the sea of Jazer: on your summer fruits and on your vintage the destroyer is fallen.
(See NIV)

Joel 3:13
Send ye forth a sickle, For ripened hath harvest, Come in, come down, for filled hath been the press, Overflowed hath wine-presses, For great 'is' their wickedness.



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