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Early wheels were solid wooden discs. These were replaced around 1500 B.C. by lighter, spoked wheels. The most common use of wheels is on chariots and carts; they were also used by potters and in machinery for drawing water from a well. The chariot throne of God has wheels which are vividly described.

Chariot wheels

Exodus 14:25; Nahum 3:2 The sound of chariot wheels announces the approach of the enemy. See also 2 Kings 7:6; Isaiah 5:28; Jeremiah 47:3; Joel 2:5; Revelation 9:9

Wagon wheels

The Hebrew word for “wheel” is here used for “wagon”:

Ezekiel 23:24; Ezekiel 26:10

Threshing wheels

Proverbs 20:26 Threshing was carried out by driving a sledge or a cart with heavy wheels over the grain. See also Isaiah 28:27-28

Other examples of wheels

1 Kings 7:32-33 The stands for basins in Solomon's temple were mounted on wheels. See also 1 Kings 7:30; Ecclesiastes 12:6 A wheel formed part of the machinery for drawing water from a well; Jeremiah 18:3 Potters turned their clay on a wheel.

The wheels of God's chariot throne

Ezekiel 11:22-23; Daniel 7:9 See also 2 Kings 2:11; Isaiah 66:15; Ezekiel 1:15-21; Ezekiel 3:12-13; Ezekiel 10:1-19

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