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Jesus Christ belonged to a human family and experienced family relationships during his earthly ministry. Such relationships underline the fact of Christ's humanity.

Jesus Christ was born into a family

He is placed in a family tree

Matthew 1:1-17; Luke 1:34-37; Luke 3:23-38

His birth was a natural one

Luke 2:5-7 Jesus Christ's conception was miraculous, his birth natural. See also Luke 2:21-22 see Lev 12:2-4 for the instructions concerning purification after childbirth

He grew up within a family

Luke 2:48 See also Luke 2:51-52

Jesus Christ's family is mentioned during his earthly ministry

Matthew 13:55-56 pp Mark 6:3 See also Matthew 12:46-47 pp Mark 3:31-32 pp Luke 8:19-20; John 2:1,12

Jesus Christ's natural brothers


Galatians 1:19 This verse gives support to the traditional view that James, elder at Jerusalem and writer of the NT letter which bears his name was the Lord's brother. (Other references to him include Ac 15:13; 21:18; 1Co 15:7; Jas 1:1.). See also Matthew 13:55 pp Mark 6:3


Jude 1 See also Matthew 13:55 pp Mark 6:3 Jude is understood to be a variation of Judas.

The nature of Jesus Christ's relationships with his family

He was obedient to and caring towards his parents

Luke 2:51 See also John 19:26-27

The will of his heavenly Father took precedence over the wishes of his natural family

John 2:3-4 In John's Gospel, Jesus Christ's “time” (or “hour”) is his cross. Here Christ insists that only his heavenly Father can dictate the course of his ministry. See also Matthew 12:48-50 pp Mark 3:33-35; Luke 2:48-49; John 7:6-8

His family did not fully understand his ministry

John 7:3-5 See also Mark 3:21

Jesus Christ's natural family were among the first Christians

Acts 1:14 See also 1 Corinthians 9:5

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