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Smith's Bible Dictionary

Among those who were excluded from entering the congregation, even to the tenth generation, was the bastard. (23:2) The term is not, however, applied to any illegitimate offspring, born out of wedlock, but is restricted by the rabbins to the issue of any connection within the degrees prohibited by the law.

Easton's Bible Dictionary
In the Old Testament the rendering of the Hebrew word mamzer', which means "polluted." In Deuteronomy 23:2, it occurs in the ordinary sense of illegitimate offspring. In Zechariah 9:6, the word is used in the sense of foreigner. From the history of Jephthah we learn that there were bastard offspring among the Jews (Judges 11:1-7). In Hebrews 12:8, the word (Gr. nothoi) is used in its ordinary sense, and denotes those who do not share the privileges of God's children.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) A natural child; a child begotten and born out of wedlock; an illegitimate child; one born of an illicit union.

2. (n.) An inferior quality of soft brown sugar, obtained from the syrups that / already had several boilings.

3. (n.) A large size of mold, in which sugar is drained.

4. (n.) A sweet Spanish wine like muscadel in flavor.

5. (n.) A writing paper of a particular size. See Paper.

6. (a.) Begotten and born out of lawful matrimony; illegitimate. See Bastard, n., note.

7. (n.) Lacking in genuineness; spurious; false; adulterate; -- applied to things which resemble those which are genuine, but are really not so.

8. (n.) of an unusual make or proportion; as, a bastard musket; a bastard culverin.

9. (n.) Abbreviated, as the half title in a page preceding the full title page of a book.

10. (v. t.) To bastardize.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

bas'-tard (mamzer; nothos): In Deuteronomy 23:2 probably the offspring of an incestuous union, or of a marriage within the prohibited degrees of affinity (Leviticus 18:6-20; Leviticus 20:10-21). He and his descendants to the tenth generation are excluded from the assembly of the Lord. (See Driver, at the place). Zechariah (Zechariah 9:6), after prophesying the overthrow of three Philistine cities, declares of the fourth: "And a bastard (the Revised Version, margin "a bastard race") shall dwell in Ashdod," meaning probably that a "mixed population" (BDB) of aliens shall invade and settle in the capital of the Philistines. In Heb (Hebrews 12:8) in its proper sense of "born out of wedlock," and therefore not admitted to the privileges of paternal care and responsibility as a legitimate son.

T. Ress

3541. nothos -- a bastard, baseborn
... a bastard, baseborn. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: nothos Phonetic
Spelling: (noth'-os) Short Definition: illegitimate, bastard Definition ...
// - 6k
Strong's Hebrew
4464. mamzer -- a bastard, child of incest
... 4463, 4464. mamzer. 4465 . a bastard, child of incest. Transliteration: mamzer
Phonetic Spelling: (mam-zare') Short Definition: birth. ... bastard. ...
/hebrew/4464.htm - 6k

Parable of the Various Kinds of Fish in the Net. --Of the Wheat ...
... The chief point in the parable is, that while the genuine seed germinates and brings
forth fruit, the bastard seed is also sown among it, and both shooting up ...
/.../section 130 parable of the.htm

Knox in Scotland: Lethington: Mary of Guise: 1555-1556
... feuds. The Rev. the Lord James Stewart, Mary's bastard brother, Prior of
St. Andrews and of Pittenweem, was still very young. He ...
/.../lang/john knox and the reformation/chapter vii knox in scotland .htm

The First Blast of the Trumpet
... they do not admonish the inhabitants of "greate Brittanny" how abominable before
GOD is the Empire or Rule of Wicked Woman, yea, of a traitress and bastard.3. ...
// first blast of the trumpet/title page.htm

The Kingdome Apperteineth to Ovr God.
... that they dare admonishe the inhabitantes of that Ile how abominable before God,
is the Empire or Rule of a wicked woman, yea of a traiteresse and bastard. ...
/.../knox/the first blast of the trumpet/the kingdome apperteineth to ovr.htm

Knox and Queen Mary (Continued), 1561-1564
... In his eyes Anglicanism was "a bastard religion," "a mingle-mangle now commanded
in your kirks." "Peculiar services appointed for Saints' days, diverse ...
/.../lang/john knox and the reformation/chapter xv knox and queen.htm

The Lax and Dangerous views of this Sect Respecting Good Works ...
... and celebrate the mystery always by cleaving to a companion, that, is to a woman;
otherwise (they account any man) degenerate, and a bastard [6892] to the truth ...
/.../tertullian/against the valentinians/chapter xxx the lax and dangerous.htm

Meditations for the Sick.
... 2. God sendeth affliction to seal unto us our adoption, for "every child whom God
loveth, he correcteth; and he is a bastard that is not corrected." (Hebrews 12 ...
/.../ practice of piety/meditations for the sick.htm

By the Circumcision of Abraham, Marriage with Sisters Forbidden ...
... 2518] to those who lust after other women; and we read, "The multiplying brood of
the ungodly shall not thrive, nor take deep rooting from bastard slips, nor ...
/.../chapter iii by the circumcision of.htm

Analysis Necessary.
... spiritual things in the mongrel terms of Anglicized Latin, as tho souls could have
no part with Christ unless they be experts in the use of these bastard words ...
/.../kuyper/the work of the holy spirit/iii analysis necessary.htm

The Scotch Covenants and the Scotch Kirk.
... his five bastard sacraments, with all his rites, ceremonies, and false doctrine
added to the ministration of the true sacraments without the Word of God; his ...
/.../ 90 the scotch covenants.htm

Bastard (2 Occurrences)
... From the history of Jephthah we learn that there were bastard offspring among the
Jews (Judges 11:1-7). In Hebrews 12:8, the word (Gr. ... See Bastard, n., note. ...
/b/bastard.htm - 9k

Natural (49 Occurrences)
... 8. (a.) Connected by the ties of consanguinity. 9. (a.) Begotten without the sanction
of law; born out of wedlock; illegitimate; bastard; as, a natural child. ...
/n/natural.htm - 42k

Illegitimate (4 Occurrences)
... Deuteronomy 23:2 A bastard shall not enter into the assembly of Yahweh; even to
the tenth generation shall none of his enter into the assembly of Yahweh. ...
/i/illegitimate.htm - 8k

Forbidden (20 Occurrences)
... Deuteronomy 23:2 A bastard shall not enter into the assembly of Yahweh; even to
the tenth generation shall none of his enter into the assembly of Yahweh. ...
/f/forbidden.htm - 12k

Base (127 Occurrences)
... 2. (a.) Low in place or position. 3. (a.) of humble birth; or low degree;
lowly; mean. 4. (a.) Illegitimate by birth; bastard. 5 ...
/b/base.htm - 45k

Bastai. Basshebeth, Bastai. Bastard . Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia BASTAI.
bas'-ta-i. See BASTHAI. Basshebeth, Bastai. Bastard . Reference Bible.
/b/bastai.htm - 6k

Bastards (1 Occurrence)

/b/bastards.htm - 6k

Copy (18 Occurrences)
... more copy. 6. (n.) A writing paper of a particular size. Same as Bastard.
See under Paper. 7. (n.) Copyhold; tenure; lease. 8. (n ...
/c/copy.htm - 13k

... 1. (a.) Not proceeding from the true source; not genuine; false; as, spurious charges.
2. (a.) Not legitimate; bastard; as, spurious issue. Int. ...
/s/spurious.htm - 7k

Saffron (1 Occurrence)
... There is a kind of bastard saffron plant, the Carthamus tinctorius (Natural Order,
Compositae), of which the orange-colored flowers yield a dye like saffron. ...
/s/saffron.htm - 8k

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Bastard (2 Occurrences)

Deuteronomy 23:2
A bastard shall not enter into the assembly of Yahweh; even to the tenth generation shall none of his enter into the assembly of Yahweh.

Zechariah 9:6
And a bastard shall dwell in Ashdod, and I will cut off the pride of the Philistines.



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