Leviticus 19:11
Text Analysis
3808 [e]לֹ֖א
1589 [e]תִּגְנֹ֑בוּ
You shall stealV-Qal-Imperf-2mp
3808 [e]וְלֹא־
norConj-w | Adv-NegPrt
3584 [e]תְכַחֲשׁ֥וּ
deal falselyV-Piel-Imperf-2mp
3808 [e]וְלֹֽא־
norConj-w | Adv-NegPrt
8266 [e]תְשַׁקְּר֖וּ
376 [e]אִ֥ישׁ
5997 [e]בַּעֲמִיתֽוֹ׃
to anotherPrep-b | N-msc | 3ms

Hebrew Texts
ויקרא 19:11 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
לֹ֖א תִּגְנֹ֑בוּ וְלֹא־תְכַחֲשׁ֥וּ וְלֹֽא־תְשַׁקְּר֖וּ אִ֥ישׁ בַּעֲמִיתֹֽו׃

ויקרא 19:11 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
לא תגנבו ולא־תכחשו ולא־תשקרו איש בעמיתו׃

ויקרא 19:11 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
לא תגנבו ולא־תכחשו ולא־תשקרו איש בעמיתו׃

ויקרא 19:11 Hebrew Bible
לא תגנבו ולא תכחשו ולא תשקרו איש בעמיתו׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
'You shall not steal, nor deal falsely, nor lie to one another.

King James Bible
Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
You must not steal. You must not act deceptively or lie to one another.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

shalt not

Leviticus 6:2 If a soul sin, and commit a trespass against the LORD, and lie to …

Exodus 20:15,17 You shall not steal…

Exodus 22:1,7,10-12 If a man shall steal an ox, or a sheep, and kill it, or sell it; …

Deuteronomy 5:19 Neither shall you steal.

Jeremiah 6:13 For from the least of them even to the greatest of them every one …

Jeremiah 7:9-11 Will you steal, murder, and commit adultery, and swear falsely, and …

Zechariah 5:3,4 Then said he to me, This is the curse that goes forth over the face …

Zechariah 8:16,17 These are the things that you shall do; Speak you every man the truth …

1 Corinthians 6:8-10 No, you do wrong, and defraud, and that your brothers…

Ephesians 4:28 Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labor, working …

lie one

1 Kings 13:18 He said to him, I am a prophet also as you are; and an angel spoke …

Psalm 101:7 He that works deceit shall not dwell within my house: he that tells …

Psalm 116:11 I said in my haste, All men are liars.

Jeremiah 9:3-5 And they bend their tongues like their bow for lies: but they are …

Acts 5:3,4 But Peter said, Ananias, why has Satan filled your heart to lie to …

Romans 3:4 God forbid: yes, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is …

Ephesians 4:25 Why putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbor: …

Colossians 3:9 Lie not one to another, seeing that you have put off the old man …

1 Timothy 1:10 For fornicators, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for …

Revelation 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, …

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