Ezekiel 32:6
Text Analysis
8248 [e]וְהִשְׁקֵיתִ֨י
And I will waterConj-w | V-Hifil-ConjPerf-1cs
776 [e]אֶ֧רֶץ
the landN-fsc
6824 [e]צָפָתְךָ֛
with the flowN-fsc | 2ms
1818 [e]מִדָּמְךָ֖
of your bloodPrep-m | N-msc | 2ms
413 [e]אֶל־
[Even] toPrep
2022 [e]הֶֽהָרִ֑ים
the mountainsArt | N-mp
650 [e]וַאֲפִקִ֖ים
and the riverbedsConj-w | N-mp
4390 [e]יִמָּלְא֥וּן
will be fullV-Nifal-Imperf-3mp | Pn
4480 [e]מִמֶּֽךָּ׃
of youPrep | 2ms

Hebrew Texts
יחזקאל 32:6 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
וְהִשְׁקֵיתִ֨י אֶ֧רֶץ צָפָתְךָ֛ מִדָּמְךָ֖ אֶל־הֶֽהָרִ֑ים וַאֲפִקִ֖ים יִמָּלְא֥וּן מִמֶּֽךָּ׃

יחזקאל 32:6 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
והשקיתי ארץ צפתך מדמך אל־ההרים ואפקים ימלאון ממך׃

יחזקאל 32:6 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
והשקיתי ארץ צפתך מדמך אל־ההרים ואפקים ימלאון ממך׃

יחזקאל 32:6 Hebrew Bible
והשקיתי ארץ צפתך מדמך אל ההרים ואפקים ימלאון ממך׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
"I will also make the land drink the discharge of your blood As far as the mountains, And the ravines will be full of you.

King James Bible
I will also water with thy blood the land wherein thou swimmest, even to the mountains; and the rivers shall be full of thee.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
I will drench the land with the flow of your blood, even to the mountains; the ravines will be filled with your gore.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


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the land
Egypt, so called because interspersed by numerous canals, and overflowed annually by the Nile.

wherein thou swimmest. or, of thy swimming

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