Job 6
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Job Replies: My Complaint Is Just

1And Job will answer and say,

2I would weighing, my anger shall be weighed, and my falls shall be lifted up in the balances together.

3For now it will be heavy above the sand of the seas: for this my words were rash.

4For the arrows of the Almighty are with me, which their anger drank up my spirit: the terrors of God will be prepared for me.

5Shall the wild ass bray at grass? if the ox will low over his provender?

6Shall that unseasoned be eaten without salt? if there is taste in purslain slime?

7My soul refused to touch these as the loathsomeness of my bread.

8Who will give my asking shall come? and will God give my expectation?

9And God will, and he will crush me; will he let his hand remain, and will he cut me off?

10And it will yet be my consolation, and I shall exult in pain: he will not spare; for I hid not the words of of the Holy One.

11For what my strength that I shall wait and what my end, that I shall prolong my soul?

12If my strength the strength of stones? if my flesh of brass?

13And if not my help in me? and deliverance fled from me?

14To him melting, mercy from his friend; and he will forsake the fear of the Almighty.

15My brethren dealt faithlessly as a torrent; as a channel of torrents they shall pass away;

16Being darkened because of ice, upon them the snow will be hid:

17In the time they will flow of they became extinct: in its heat they were extinguished from their place.

18The paths of their way will turn aside; they will go up into desolation and perish.

19Behold the paths of Tema; the goings of Sheba, wait ye for them.

20They were ashamed for trusting; they came even to it, they will be put to shame.

21For now ye were not: ye shall see the terror and be afraid.

22For did I say, Give to me? and from your strength make ye a present for me?

23And deliver me from the hand of the enemy? and from the hand of the strong ye shall redeem me?

24each ye me, and I will be silent: and what I erred in, cause me to understand.

25How forcible were words of uprightness! and what will reproving from you prove?

26Will ye purpose to reprove words, and for the spirit of the words of him despairing?

27But ye will cause the orphans to fall, and ye will dig for your friend.

28And now be content, look upon me; and before your face if I shall lie;

29Turn ye back now, it shall not be iniquity; and turn back yet, my justice is in it.

30Is there iniquity in my tongue? if my palate shall not understand calamities.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated Literally From The Original Tongues by Julia E. Smith

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