Psalm 35
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1BY DAVID. Strive, YHWH, with my strivers, fight with my fighters,

2Take hold of shield and buckler, and rise for my help,

3And draw out spear and lance, "" To meet my pursuers. Say to my soul, “I [am] your salvation.”

4They are ashamed and blush, those seeking my soul, "" Turned backward and confounded, "" Those devising my evil.

5They are as chaff before wind, "" And a messenger of YHWH driving away.

6Their way is darkness and slipperiness, "" And a messenger of YHWH—their pursuer.

7For without cause they hid their net [in] a pit for me, "" Without cause they dug for my soul.

8Desolation meets him—he does not know, "" And his net that he hid catches him, "" He falls into it for desolation.

9And my soul is joyful in YHWH, "" It rejoices in His salvation.

10All my bones say, “YHWH, who is like You, "" Delivering the poor from the [one] stronger than he, "" And the poor and needy from his plunderer.”

11Violent witnesses rise up, "" That which I have not known they ask me.

12They pay me evil for good, bereaving my soul,

13And I—in their sickness my clothing [is] sackcloth, "" I have humbled my soul with fastings, "" And my prayer returns to my bosom.

14As [if] a friend, as [if] my brother, "" I habitually walked, "" As a mourner for a mother, "" I have bowed down mourning.

15And they have rejoiced in my halting, "" And have been gathered together, "" The strikers were gathered against me, "" And I have not known, "" They have torn, and they have not ceased;

16With profane ones, mockers in feasts, "" Gnashing their teeth against me.

17Lord, how long do You behold? Keep my soul back from their desolations, "" My only one from young lions.

18I thank You in a great assembly, "" I praise You among a mighty people.

19Do not let my enemies rejoice over me [with] falsehood, "" Those hating me without cause wink the eye.

20For they do not speak peace, "" And against the quiet of the land, "" They devise deceitful words,

21And they enlarge their mouth against me, "" They said, “Aha, aha, our eye has seen.”

22You have seen, O YHWH, "" Do not be silent, O Lord—do not be far from me,

23Stir up, and wake to my judgment, "" My God, and my Lord, to my plea.

24Judge me according to Your righteousness, O YHWH my God, "" And they do not rejoice over me.

25They do not say in their heart, “Aha, our desire.” They do not say, “We swallowed him up.”

26They are ashamed and confounded together, "" Who are rejoicing at my evil. They put on shame and confusion, "" Who are magnifying themselves against me.

27They sing and rejoice, who are desiring my righteousness, "" And they continually say, “YHWH is magnified, "" Who is desiring the peace of His servant.”

28And my tongue utters Your righteousness, "" All the day Your praise!

Literal Standard Version
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